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Season Seven - Day 7: 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Aired 4/6/09

Jack and Renee

By Carrie

Tony tells Moss that they are completely surrounded at the Starkwood compound. Moss radios in to Janis and Renee. Janis says that the FBI team appears to be trapped.

Hodges pulls up in a vehicle. Hodges tells Moss to leave the premises immediately. Moss explains that there are bioweapons on site. Hodges is outraged and denies that there are any weapons at the compound. Hodges orders Moss and his FBI team to leave in five minutes.

Renee is listening in on this conversation. She tells Jack that they have five minutes. Jack leads her to a computer and shows her a profile of Douglas Knowles, the Starkwood chairman of the board. Jack calls Knowles and says that Hodges has WMDs. Knowles refuses to believe it. Jack is adamant that Hodges has weapons on the base. Knowles agrees to look into it.

Hodges tells his men to get into position. Jack and Renee communicate with Larry. Jack explains that Larry’s best option is to leave the compound. Jack’s idea: Larry and the team get on the chopper while Almeida stays behind. Moss punches Greg, which causes a diversion. Tony runs back into the warehouse. Stokes tells Moss to leave. Moss and his men get on the helicopter.

Tony comes upon Knowles in an area of the compound. Knowles has an idea about where the weapons could be. Tony radios in to Jack. Jack is starting to feel the effects of the biotoxin, so he doesn’t answer him. Renee tells Jack that Tony and Knowles are looking for the weapons. Renee is concerned about Jack, but he insists that he is okay.

Jack calls the President at the White House. Jack fills Allison in on the situation at Starkwood. The President is mad about Hodges’ dishonor. Jack says that they are desperately trying to find the weapons. Allison says that Jack will need to verify the canisters to make sure that they are the same ones. Allison inquires about Jack’s health. Jack tells the President that he isn’t feeling the effects of the toxin. Allison praises Jack for his patriotism.

Olivia calls Ken, the man who received Olivia’s latest press leak. Ken wants to know about the Chief-of-Staff meeting. Olivia doesn’t want to divulge anymore. Ken threatens to tell the President about her daughter’s secrets. Ken asks Olivia to meet him in his hotel room.

Tony and Knowles continue to search the area. They come across a building. Knowles tries his key card, but it won’t work. Janis instructs Tony how to decipher the code. Renee warns them that a vehicle is approaching. Jack is obviously in pain. Tony and Knowles hide behind some barrels. Knowles makes a run for it. Knowles shows Hodges’ men his clearance card and explains who he is. Hodges’ goon wants to know why Knowles is on site. Knowles tries to divert attention away from Tony. Luckily, Tony is able to enter the building. Renee radios in that they need verification of the canisters. Suddenly, Jack starts grabbing at things and falls to the ground. It appears that he is having a seizure. Renee yells out. Jack is distressed and unable to speak.

Hodges is told that Knowles was found on site. Hodges orders that Knowles be escorted to his office. Hodges is already suspicious of Knowles.

A technician is working on the bioweapons. The technician tells Hodges that they will be ready in an hour.

Aaron listens to Olivia’s explanation as to why they came to the hotel. Olivia makes up a story that Aaron believes. Olivia enters Ken’s hotel room. Ken asks about the bioweapon rumors. Olivia admits that it’s true. Olivia is resolute that Ken can’t run the story because it would be a threat to national security. Olivia updates Ken on the situation. Olivia says that her mom will issue an airstrike once the weapon is located at Starkwood. Ken says that he will kill the story if Olivia sleeps with him. At first, Olivia refuses, but realizes that Ken won’t back down. They start to kiss.

Jack is given an injection from the CDC woman. The woman suggests an experimental treatment involving stem cells from a relative. The woman brings up Jack’s daughter, but Jack puts an end to that. Renee pushes for the procedure, but Jack says it is his decision.

Jack and Renee return to Janis’ desk. Jack warns Tony that men are following him. Tony is able to take down Hodges’ men. Tony grabs the men’s guns and some supplies. Tony gets on the elevator. Before the door is able to close, one of Hodges’ men enters. He nods at Tony. The man comments that he has never seen Tony before. Tony makes small talk with the man. Once off the elevator, Tony radios in to Jack. Tony explains that he is four floors down. Tony senses that this is where the canisters are being held. Tony gets a visual on the weapons. Tony sends the video feed to Jack. Jack confirms that they are the canisters. Tony explains that the canisters are on the move. Jack instructs Tony to get out of there.

Knowles is waiting for a meeting with Jonas. Knowles is irritated. Hodges questions him on why he was at the compound so late. Knowles wants to know if Hodges has bioweapons. Hodges is evasive. Hodges is mad that the government is coming after Starkwood. Knowles thinks Hodges is crazy. Hodges says he plans to defend Starkwood at any cost. Knowles reminds him that he can’t take on the U.S. Government. Jonas grabs a liquor decanter and hits Knowles’ skull with it. Hodges throws Knowles’ body over the railing. Hodges gets a call from Greg. Greg says that an airstrike is headed for Starkwood.

After sleeping with Ken, Olivia gets dressed. Olivia warns Ken that he cannot run the story. Ken says that he has to run the story. Olivia is irate. Olivia reminds him that the story could jeopardize American lives. Olivia shows Ken a video she recorded on her cell phone of them having sex. Olivia threatens to leak the video if Ken runs the story. Reluctantly, Ken agrees to kill the story. Olivia leaves the hotel room. Olivia gets a call from Allison. The President wants to know where she is. Olivia says that she is on her way back to the White House.

The President meets with her Cabinet members about the Starkwood situation.

Hodges tells Greg that their mission is almost complete. Greg notices the blood on Hodges’ shirt. Hodges implies that Knowles didn’t survive.

During the Cabinet meeting, Allison is told that Starkwood knows about the airstrike. Suddenly, Allison is alerted that Hodges wants to speak to her on a private line. Allison leaves the room. Over the phone, Hodges explains to the President that she needs to turn the planes around. The President is irritated. Hodges threatens to use missiles filled with pathogens. Allison thinks that Hodges is bluffing. Hodges sends her a live feed of the missiles. Allison gasps and realizes that Hodges is serious. The President asks what Hodges wants. Hodges wants to speak to the President in person at the White House. Hodges reminds the President that she needs to comply with his demands or he will launch the missiles. Hodges tells Allison that she has thirty seconds to make a decision. The President runs back to the meeting and yells for the airstrike to be aborted. The Cabinet is clearly confused. Luckily, the airstrike is aborted in time. Everyone looks around the room, puzzled about why the President did this. Without saying a word, the President leaves the room.

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