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Season Seven - Day 7: 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Aired 3/30/09

Jonas Hodges

By Carrie

The CDC arrives at Jackís location. A woman from the CDC asks Bauer how much of the biotoxin was released. Jack is ordered to undress. Jack is sprayed down.

At FBI Headquarters, Larry tells Janis that Jack was exposed to a bioagent and that Almeida was kidnapped.

The helicopter arrives with the canisters at Hodgesí location. Almeida is led into the Starkwood compound. Hodges doesnít think that Tony will talk. Hodges tells a man that the FBI is onto them.

The truck brings the canisters to another area on the premises.

Hodgesí goons punch Almeida in the stomach. Hodges wants to know how much the FBI knows. Greg wants to speak to Jonas alone. Greg says that the government is coming after them, so they need to destroy the shipment. Hodges is outraged and says no. Tony is escorted away.

Jack is being held in Quarantine. The CDC woman thanks Jack for closing up the canister valve just in time.

In the White House, President Taylor and her daughter discuss Kaninís replacement. Olivia suggests a name of someone to replace Kanin. Allison wants Olivia to be the temporary Chief-Of-Staff. Olivia is honored. Allison says that she trusts Olivia completely. Olivia accepts the position.

The President gets a call from Moss. Moss says that Jack is innocent and that Starkwood framed him. Moss explains that Starkwood was working with Juma and made weapons of mass destruction. Moss thinks that the canisters are on their way to Starkwoodís Virginia compound. Allison calls for a meeting with the Cabinet.

Moss goes to see Renee in Holding. Moss says that Jack was right about Starkwood. Moss sadly informs Renee that Jack was exposed to the biotoxin in the canister. Renee begins to cry. Moss apologizes for not believing in Renee.

Olivia asks Aaron to stay at the White House. Olivia wants Aaron to be reinstated. Olivia explains that she will be filling in for Kanin. Olivia thinks that another attack is possible.

The President meets with her Cabinet members. A man from the CDC updates them on the biotoxin. He explains that the tests show that the bioagent came from the East Congo. The pathogen strain kills quickly and there is no cure. Allison says that they need to stop Starkwood immediately. A few members of the Cabinet bring up that Starkwood could use the bioagents to defend itself. Allison says that she wonít stand back and do nothing.

In another area of the compound, Stokes asks Tony what he knows. Stokes is about to shoot Tony when Greg shoots Stokes in the back. Greg takes off Tonyís handcuffs. Greg wants immunity. Tony says that Greg can get immunity from the President in exchange for the recovery of the biotoxins.

Jack tells the CDC people that he isnít showing any symptoms of the bioagent. The woman shows Jack his test results.

Renee goes back to her desk. Janis tells Renee that Jack is out of Quarantine and that he appears to be okay. Jack informs Renee that his test came back positive. Renee is confused. Jack says that he is infected, but not contagious. Renee tells Jack that she is sorry. Jack asks about Tony. Renee says that she needs to debrief Jack. Renee commends Jack on his bravery.

Greg and Tony walk through the Starkwood compound. Greg goes to his office. Hodges calls him. Hodges wants to know if Almeida talked. Hodges is getting antsy. Once off the phone, Greg tells Tony that Hodges is taking things too far. Greg feels bad that he didnít go to the FBI sooner.

Back at Headquarters, Moss tells Renee that heís sorry about Jack. Moss gets a call from Almeida. Almeida fills him in on whatís happening at Starkwood. Almeida asks about Jack. Moss says that Jack was exposed to the bioagent. Moss asks Janis to brief the White House.

Allison is watching footage from Sangala showing people being affected by Jumaís bioweapon experiments. Olivia walks in and is in an uproar about the footage. Allison is disgusted that Starkwood brought WMDs onto U.S. soil. Allison is worried that more attacks are possible.

Moss calls Allison. Moss says that Tony called from the Starkwood compound. Greg Seaton wants immunity for the location of the canisters, Moss explains. Moss adds that the Intel appears to be good. Allison gives the order to move in on Starkwood. The President electronically signs a document granting Seatonís full immunity. Greg gives them the coordinates of the warehouse on the compound. Moss is getting a team ready. Jack wants to be part of it, but Moss refuses. Moss reminds Jack that he canít chance it. Moss says that Jack could start showing symptoms and jeopardize the mission. Jack finally agrees with Mossí reasoning. Renee appears to feel bad about the whole thing.

Greg and Tony walk over to the warehouse. Tony punches the security guard. Greg uses the guardís card to gain clearance.

From another area on the compound, Hodges and his crew are running tests on the bioagent.

Moss and his men are in a helicopter. Almeida radios in that he and Greg are outside the warehouse.

Moss radios into Starkwood that there is an executive order to search its premises.

Hodges can hear the helicopters and knows that the FBI is there.

The helicopters land outside the warehouse. The FBI team surrounds the warehouse. The guards are ordered to get down. The Feds break open the warehouse door. They are surprised when the warehouse appears to be empty. Moss is mad. Greg remains silent. Tony thinks that Greg played him.

Hodges is watching from a live feed and comments that Greg bought them some more time.

There is nothing in the warehouse. Moss and Tony realize that it was just a diversion. Greg is escorted outside. Everyone follows suit. Moss tells his men to check the entire Starkwood compound. Suddenly, vehicles pull up to the warehouse. Moss tells his crew to hold their fire. Stokes gets out of a vehicle, wearing a bulletproof vest. Tony realizes the whole thing was a set-up. Stokes tells Moss and the FBI team to leave. Moss doesnít move. Stokes says that Starkwood is prepared to defend itself.

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