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24 Episode Guide

Season Seven - Day 7: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Aired 3/23/09

Jack Bauer

By Carrie

The FBI is at Senator Mayerís home, collecting evidence. Moss is informed that Jack is nowhere to be found.

Moss calls Kanin. Moss says that the Senator is dead and that Jack is on the run. Kanin is outraged that Moss didnít keep a closer eye on Bauer. Moss reminds Kanin that he warned him about Jack. Kanin demands that Jack be found immediately.

In the car, Jack talks to Tony via cell phone. Jack fills Tony in on everything that went down at Senator Mayerís home. Jack asks Tony to meet him.

From the Oval Office, Allison calls Henry at the hospital. Allison clues him in on what happened at the White House. Allison adds that her and Olivia have reconciled. Henry is grateful to hear this. The President tells her husband that he should rest. Henry says he loves Allison and vice versa.

Kanin comes in just as President Taylor is getting off the phone. Kanin is obviously worried about something. Kanin announces that Jack Bauer has allegedly murdered Senator Mayer. Allison is horrified. Kanin wants to resign, but Allison refuses. Kanin says that it was his fault about Bauer. Kanin adds that he failed the President. Allison thinks that Kanin is going too far by suggesting a resignation. Kanin brings up that Olivia was right all along. Kanin praises the President for her views regarding the future of the nation. Kanin reassures the President that his resignation is whatís best. Kanin walks away, leaving Allison stunned.

Jack and Tony meet at the port where the shipment will be arriving.

A security guard is on the phone, talking to his wife. The guard hears a noise and goes to investigate. Suddenly, Jack grabs him and asks for the portís manifest.

Hodges makes a call to Stokes, the man who will be picking up the shipment. Hodges inquires about Quinn. Once off the phone, Hodges meets with some men in Starkwoodís boardroom. Hodges explains that the government never called for Starkwoodís help regarding the terrorist situation. Hodges adds that they are not going to assist the government anymore. One man is outraged. Hodges reminds him that the Administration is trying to close down Starkwood. Hodges leaves Greg to answer questions in the boardroom.

In private, Hodges talks to the man from the boardroom. Hodges updates him by saying that a rogue agent killed Senator Mayer. The man thinks that Hodges was behind the Senatorís murder. Hodges doesnít answer his question.

Using a laptop, Jack tries to check the manifest. Unfortunately, he needs a password to access it. Carl, the security guard, swears that he doesnít have the password. Carl explains that the men are on their way to pick up the shipment. Carl was told that the shipment was supposed to be electronics coming from South Korea. Carl gets a message on his walkie-talkie. Stokes wants to know where Carl is. Carl tells Jack that he doesnít want to be any part of this. Jack says that he has no choice. Jack instructs Carl to open the gate. Jack promises that he will have Carlís back. Before going outside, Carl admits that he was trying to make some extra money to help his wife and children. Jack reassures Carl that he will be fine.

Carl goes to open the gate. Stokes is waiting with a group of men. Stokes seems suspicious of Carl. Carl lies and says that nothing is wrong. Carl says that he didnít think Stokes would be bringing so many men with him. Carl says that he needs to finish his patrol, but Stokes orders him into a vehicle. Jack and Tony are watching. Jack realizes that Carlís life is in jeopardy. Tony reminds Jack that Carlís life was already in danger.

In his office, Kanin starts packing up his belongings. Olivia walks in and apologizes for her behavior. Kanin apologizes for accusing her of the press leak. Kanin reminds Olivia that ambition is a good quality, but too much of it can be bad. Kanin says that Olivia needs to be careful. Kanin says goodbye. Olivia makes a call to the press. It is revealed that she was the one that released the leak. Olivia tells the man that Jack killed Senator Mayer and Kanin needs to look like the fall guy. Olivia stresses that her motherís name needs to stay out of the story.

Back at Senator Mayerís home, Moss asks a technician how blood ended up in a different room if the Senator died by the front entrance. Moss calls Renee for some input. Moss updates Renee by saying that the Senator is dead and Bauer is gone. Moss has a feeling that a third party was involved at the crime scene. Renee thinks that Jack might still be underground. Moss brings up Starkwood. Renee is silent. Moss apologizes for not trusting Renee. Finally, Renee admits that her and Jack had been checking out John Quinn, who was working for Starkwood. Renee believes that Starkwood was behind the latest terrorist attacks. Renee wants to help, but Moss says he doesnít want her released from Holding.

Stokes orders the shipment to be lowered to the ground. Stokes tells his men that they are waiting for the flatbed. Tony and Jack are watching from a distance. Stokes has Carl escorted out of the truck. Cooper, one of Stokesí men, brings Carl away from the others. Jack doesnít want to leave Carl. Cooper aims a gun at Carl. Jack aims a gun at Cooper, but Tony talks him out of shooting. Carl tells Cooper that he will have to look him in the eye if he is going to shoot him. Cooper is about to shoot, when there is a gunshot. Jack shoots Cooper instead. Carl thanks Jack for saving his life and then runs away.

Stokes orders everyone to get ready to leave with the container. Stokes uses his walkie-talkie to signal to Cooper, but Cooper isnít responding. A man finds Cooper and radios in that he is down. Jack and Tony start shooting at the men. There is gunfire all around. Some of the containers fall to the ground.

Stokes yells that they need to get the container out of there. Jack climbs up on some containers. Jack jumps on the just-arriving flatbed truck. Jack punches the driver, throws him out, and gains control of the truck. Jack radios in to Tony, but Tony isnít answering. Stokes recognizes Tony. Jack is listening to their conversation. Jack canít get through to Tony.

In desperation, Jack calls Moss and tells him about the biotoxin. Jack gives Moss his location. Jack adds that Tony was kidnapped.

Jack pulls over on the road. He notices that there is a timer on the container. Jack sees that there is a puncture in the containerís exterior. Jack looks through the puncture and sees that a canister might be leaking. Jack goes to the back of the truck and pushes the lever open. One of the canisters is definitely leaking. Jack closes the valve. Jack is starting to cough. Suddenly, someone starts shooting at Jack. There is gunfire coming from a helicopter and a vehicle. Jack runs off. Jack sees the biotoxin airlifted by the helicopter. Jack is irate.

Stokes calls Hodges to say that Almeida was nabbed. Stokes tells Hodges that he is on his way with the shipment.

Moss gets a call from Jack. Jack says that the helicopter took the biotoxin. Moss says that he needs proof that a biotoxin exists. Moss says that the CDC is on its way. Jack says that one of the canisters was breached. Jack admits that he was exposed to the biotoxin. Moss reassures him that the CDC will be there soon. Jack appears to be affected by the biotoxin.

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