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Season Seven - Day 7: 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Aired 3/16/09

Ethan Kanin and Olivia Taylor

By Carrie

Jack is in the hospital’s parking garage. He looks around and sees a laptop in one of the vehicles. Jack breaks the car window, hotwires the vehicle, and speeds away.

Morris, Chloe’s husband, shows up at FBI Headquarters asking about Chloe’s whereabouts. Janis says that she can’t divulge anything. Janis asks Morris to wait in the conference room for Moss to get back.

At Headquarters, Agent Walker is being questioned while Janis gets a call from Moss. Moss says that Burnett is dead and that Bauer is missing. Moss asks Janis to put out an APB on Jack. Renee walks up to Janis and asks if Jack was able to get some answers out of Burnett. Janis updates Renee on the situation, but is blatantly rude to her.

Using the stolen laptop, Jack looks at the hospital surveillance. Jack spots the man who killed Burnett. Jack calls Renee. Jack says that he was framed. Renee says that she is suspended and can’t help him. Jack sends the picture to Renee’s e-mail account. Jack begs for Renee’s assistance. Reluctantly, Renee says that she will run a search.

In his vehicle, the man is listening in on the police scanner. The man calls Hodges and tells him that Bauer got away. Hodges’ shipment will be arriving in less than an hour. Hodges goes into a rage. Jonas tells Greg Seaton that what they are doing will help Americans in the long run.

Renee does some searching and finds out the man who killed Burnett is John Quinn. Renee calls Jack. Renee says that Quinn was Black Ops. Renee adds that Quinn worked for Starkwood, a Defense contractor. They both question if Quinn ever worked with General Juma. Renee says that Senator Mayer might be of help.

Returning to Headquarters, Moss asks Janis where Renee is. Renee sends Jack the information on Senator Mayer’s location. Moss finds Renee in her office. Renee is doubtful that Jack was behind Burnett’s death. Moss tells Renee to head home. Renee starts packing up her laptop.

Janis tells Moss that Morris is in the conference room waiting to speak to him. Moss has a feeling that Renee talked to Jack. Moss asks for Renee’s phone records to be checked.

News reports are saying that the White House situation is over.

Olivia gives her input concerning her mother’s speech. Olivia believes that Allison needs to be assertive. Olivia suggests that Allison say that sending troops to Sangala was the right thing to do. The President agrees to add this to her address. Kanin comes into the room and wants to speak to the President alone. Allison tells Olivia to stay. Kanin tells them that Jack thought that another attack was imminent. Burnett had Intel, Kanin explains, so he granted the interrogation request. Kanin sadly reports that Bauer killed Burnett. Allison is shocked. Kanin thinks that another attack was just an untruth made up by Bauer. Kanin says that he was looking out for President Taylor. Olivia makes a comment about Kanin. Allison asks Ethan to keep her updated on the situation.

Janis is keeping an eye on Renee. Renee tries to get away, but Moss and some agents stop her. Renee refuses to say where Jack is. Renee says that Jack is innocent. Moss says that it is inevitable that they will find Bauer. Larry orders Renee to be brought to Holding.

Senator Mayer arrives home. He turns on the lights. Senator Mayer notices a shadow go by and calls out. He checks the phone and there is no dial tone. Bauer appears out of the shadows. Senator Mayer is shocked to find Jack in his home. Mayer says that Jack killed Burnett. Jack orders him to sit down. Mayer won’t stop talking about Jack’s guilt. Jack shows Mayer a picture of John Quinn. Mayer isn’t impressed. Mayer is adamant that Juma was not connected to Starkwood. Mayer says that Starkwood has already been investigated. Jack still thinks that another attack is being planned. Mayer says that he’ll give Jack the files on Starkwood. Mayer hopes that Jack will turn himself in once this crisis is over.

The President addresses the nation. Allison tells the U.S. that they have prevailed over the situation.

During the President’s speech, a member of the press confronts Kanin. He asks about the warrant out for Jack Bauer’s arrest. Kanin refuses to comment. Kanin thinks that Olivia said something to the press. Olivia adamantly denies it was she. Kanin says that Olivia will only end up hurting her mother. Kanin refuses to let go of the issue.

Allison continues with her speech.

There is still an APB out on Bauer. Janis tells Moss that she can’t get the name and address that Renee sent to Jack because the information is encrypted. Moss says that Morris might be able to help.

In the conference room, Morris tells Moss that he wants to see Chloe. Moss shows a live feed of Chloe being detained. Larry says that Chloe is going to be charged with obstruction and evidence tampering. Morris says that Jack was only helping the FBI. Moss wants Morris to help them find Jack. Larry stresses that Chloe is looking at a 15-year prison sentence. Morris finally agrees to help the FBI as long as Chloe gets full immunity. Morris is able to decipher the encryption right away. Morris says that Jack is headed to Senator Mayer’s residence.

At Headquarters, Moss instructs the team to move in at Mayer’s home.

Chloe is escorted to the conference room. Chloe is outraged that Morris betrayed Jack. Morris says that he didn’t have a choice. Chloe maintains that Jack is innocent.

At Senator Mayer’s home, Jack is looking at the computer files. Mayer asks if Jack has any regrets. Jack admits that he has a lot of regrets. Jack says that he feels guilt over what he put his family through. Jack explains he was only trying to help the greater good. Mayer says that America needs to set a good example. On the computer, Jack finds footage of a car accident. Jack spots Quinn at this accident site. Jack thinks that Starkwood is behind all of this. Mayer questions Jack’s reasoning. Jack says that Juma released a biotoxin in a village in Sangala. Jack explains that Juma got rid of all evidence regarding the biotoxin situation. Jack thinks that Starkwood is connected because they have the technology and expertise to get rid of that evidence. Mayer finally agrees with Jack that Starkwood is somehow connected.

Someone knocks on Mayer’s door. Mayer tells Jack to trust him. Jack is unwilling, but finally decides to trust the Senator. Mayer goes to the door. Expecting the FBI, Mayer is shocked when it is Quinn. Quinn shoots Mayer in the chest. Jack yells out. Jack jumps through a window. Quinn leaves the residence and is following Jack.

Olivia goes to see Allison and Kanin. The President asks her if she had something to do with the press leak. Olivia says she has evidence that the leak came from the Federal Marshal’s Office. Olivia stresses that Jack needs to be apprehended. Ethan apologizes for accusing Olivia of the leak. Allison tells Kanin that she wants an update on Bauer. Olivia hopes that they find Bauer soon.

Jack jumps a fence leading to a construction site. His hand is bleeding. Quinn is still looking for Jack. Quinn spots some blood on the ground and fence. Quinn shoots the lock on the fence. Quinn notices the door on a trailer is slightly open. Quinn goes inside and shoots everywhere in the room. All of a sudden, there is a noise coming from outside. It is Jack. Jack is in a bulldozer and pushes the trailer, causing it to turn over. Quinn is able to get out of the trailer. Jack and Quinn fight. Jack jumps on him. Jack gets thrown against a vehicle. Jack finds a screwdriver on the ground. Jack throws the screwdriver and it pierces Quinn’s chest. Quinn is bleeding heavily. Before he dies, Quinn is able to say that the shipment is already here. Jack takes Quinn’s cell phone. Jack notices that there is a shipment location in the phone’s memory.

Larry radios in to Janis that Senator Mayer is dead. Larry orders that Jack is to be shot.

Jack calls Tony for help. Jack asks Tony to bring supplies with him. Jack takes the screwdriver out of Quinn’s chest. Jack uses the screwdriver to start up a truck. Jack speeds away from the construction site.

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