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24 Episode Guide

Season Seven - Day 7: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Aired 3/9/09


By Carrie

News stations are continuing to report about the White House situation.

Vice President Hayworth speaks with his counsel. They don’t know if General Juma has the President or not.

Olivia and Allison speak in private. Through tears, Olivia apologizes for her past behavior. Allison tells her she is forgiven. Juma’s men escort Allison out of the room.

Among the other hostages, Jack tells Bill that he was able to open some valves in the lockdown room. Jack mentions that Bill needs to let the President know this. Senator Mayer is listening to them. Mayer wants in on the plan.

In private, Allison agrees to read Juma’s statement if he releases all the hostages. Juma orders one of the hostages to stand. Juma shoots the hostage in the head. Everyone screams. Juma says that the President needs to make a statement or Olivia is next.

The camera is set up for the President to speak. The statement will be sent out to the Internet via a live feed. Allison reads the statement, which says that the US should not have brought troops to Sangala.

Everyone in the nation is watching the live Internet feed. Larry Moss tells the Vice President that Allison won’t be released. Renee stresses the importance of a rescue mission. The Vice President says no.

Bill tells Jack that he needs to find out who Juma’s cohort is. Jack wants to go set off the explosion, but Bill stands up to do it instead. The explosion in the lockdown room takes everyone by surprise. The live feed goes down.

Because of the diversion, Jack is able to get a gun from one of Juma’s men. There is gunfire. Aaron tells the President and Olivia that they’ll be okay. Juma tells his men that the President is his. During all this, Jack saves Senator Mayer’s life. Jack shoots Juma multiple times. The President and Olivia are safely escorted out of the area. Moss radios in that the White House is secure. Jack notices that Bill is dead. Jack kneels by Bill’s body and starts to cry in a corner.

Everyone is being checked for possible injuries. The President refuses to leave the White House. Allison asks to speak to the Vice President. President Taylor also wants to know how her husband is doing.

Allison asks Olivia how she is doing. Olivia is still in shock. The President is grateful that they were rescued. Allison wants to know if Olivia is serious about mending their relationship.

Renee finds Jack huddled in a corner by Bill’s body. Renee says that the President is safe. Renee apologizes for what happened to Bill. Jack says that he was supposed to be the one that set off the explosion instead of Bill. Renee says that Bill is a hero.

Jack tells Moss that Juma is working with someone. Jack desperately wants to speak to Burnett. Jack says that he will get answers out of Burnett. Jack adds that he owes Bill. Moss says that Jack needs to go directly to FBI Headquarters. Jack is handcuffed. Renee protests, but Moss doesn’t want to hear it. Renee plans on speaking to the President about the matter.

Kanin arrives back at the White House. Renee speaks to him about the Intel showing another possible attack.

Hodges is watching the live feeds. Greg, his assistant, tells him that the President is alive. Greg says that the shipment is to be picked up in two hours. Hodges contemplates target locations.

Moss instructs some agents to escort Bauer to FBI. Kanin calls Larry and says that Renee came to him with some Intel. Kanin orders Larry to have Jack interrogate Burnett. Moss advises against it, but Kanin pushes for the interrogation. Kanin adds that the President doesn’t know anything about this. Kanin asks Moss to supervise the interrogation and report back to him.

The President wants to know about the number of casualties. Kanin hugs the President. Allison says the whole experience was unthinkable. Allison brings up that she wants Olivia to come on board as a special advisor. Kanin thinks it is a bad idea since Olivia almost cost Allison the election. The President wants Kanin to offer Olivia the position. Kanin finally agrees. President Taylor asks what Renee Walker wanted. Kanin lies.

Moss glares at Jack. Moss is mad that Renee went behind his back. Renee thinks that Jack is the only one who can help them. Moss refuses to let Renee be at the interrogation. Moss tells Renee that she is suspended. Renee is shocked.

In the chopper, Larry tells Jack that Kanin gave the order for Bauer to interrogate Burnett. Jack tells Moss to leave Renee alone. Moss says that he questions Renee’s current choices, since they go against her principles.

Hodges and one of his men discuss coordinates for his target locations. Greg tells Hodges that Jack will be interrogating Burnett. Greg reassures him that someone will kill Burnett before he can talk.

At the hospital, Jack is told that Burnett is heavily sedated. The doctor doesn’t want Jack to speak to Burnett, but finally relents.

A man posing as a doctor enters a hospital room. He suffocates the patient. The man hacks into the hospital computer system to find out what room Burnett is in. The man goes to a storage room, takes out a ceiling panel, and climbs up.

Jack is continuing to watch Burnett’s room via surveillance camera.

Olivia thanks Aaron for saving her life.

Kanin offers Olivia a position as an advisor. Olivia is stunned. Olivia admits that she is worried about the future of her mother’s administration. Kanin seems puzzled. Olivia maintains that she is going to find out who is responsible for what happened today.

Moss tells Jack that he better not touch Burnett. Jack is led into Burnett’s hospital room. The doctor says that Burnett is awake. Burnett opens his eyes and is terrified to see Jack. Jack says that Juma is dead, as well as Jack’s friend, Bill Buchanan. Burnett yells out for help. Burnett says that he’ll talk. All of a sudden, Moss loses the audio feed.

From the ceiling, the man posing as a doctor throws a nerve agent into Burnett’s room. Jack starts grabbing at his chest. The man jumps down into the room. Moss continues to watch from another room, but he is only watching a tape. The man slits Burnett’s throat. The live feed comes back on, showing Burnett dead. Moss and his men run to Burnett’s room. Jack wakes up. Jack moves the ceiling panel and climbs up.

When they enter the room, Bauer is gone. Moss is irate.

Jack knocks out a hospital security guard. He takes a CD of surveillance feeds from the parking garage and other areas of the hospital.

The man calls to say that Burnett is dead. Hodges is pleased. Hodges is happy that the FBI thinks that Bauer is responsible.

Jack calls Larry. Jack says he is innocent and that whoever is responsible just wants to cause a distraction.

Police cars show up at the hospital’s entrance. Jack runs from the hospital without being seen.

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