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24 Episode Guide

Season Seven - Day 7: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Aired 3/2/09

Jack Bauer

By Carrie

Dubaku is still recovering in ICU. The ICU nurse gets a phone call, which causes a diversion. Someone posing as an orderly injects Dubaku, causing him to code.

President Taylor is watching a tape of General Juma on TV. Allison speaks to Kanin about Jumaís reign over Sangala.

Juma is in Washington D.C. Dubakuís son asks if his father will meet them. The orderly calls to say that Dubaku is dead. The doctors are unable to revive Dubaku. Renee canít believe that Dubaku is dead.

Larry speaks to his entire FBI team.

Jack calls Chloe. Jack says that Juma is planning another attack. Jack wants Chloe to delete Ryan Burnettís name from the list. Reluctantly, Chloe deletes Burnettís name. Janis asks Chloe if she needs any help.

Jack and Tony arrive at the White House. Tony doesnít think it is a good idea for Jack to go alone. Jack reinforces that Tony canít help with the mission because Tony is a wanted man.

Burnett tells Juma that heís being held up at the White House and that he will be leaving shortly.

Kanin goes to speak to Senator Mayer. Mayer wants to know why he was summoned to the White House. Kanin says that Jack Bauer saved American lives and also the life of Henry Taylor. Mayer still plans on going after Jack. Kanin asks for a postponement for Jackís hearing. Kanin implies that Jack should be pardoned.

Jack goes into the room where Bill is located. Jack suddenly punches the guard. Bill demands to know what is going on. Jack points his gun at Bill. Jack wants to know where Burnett is. Jack handcuffs Bill. Bill says that he put in a good word for Jack. Jack knocks out Bill. Jack takes a stun gun from the unconscious guard.

Renee tells Larry that Dubaku is dead. Renee thinks that his death is suspicious. Renee says that there was an unidentified man in the ICU. Larry makes a comment about Jack, which Renee takes offense to. Larry asks Renee to come back to the office. Renee says that she wants to check out a lead. A security guard hands Renee some pictures of the unidentified orderly and a license plate.

Janis thinks something is wrong with the list. Chloe acts as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Janis isnít convinced.

Chloe calls Jack. Chloe says that someone is onto her. Chloe says it is imperative that Jack find Burnett.

Burnett and Senator Mayer discuss the Presidentís frame of mind. Burnett calls Juma to say he is leaving the White House.

Bauer finds Burnett alone. Bauer uses the stun gun on Burnett.

Janis tells Larry that something is wrong with the list. Janis thinks Chloe is tampering with the files. Janis and Larry listen to a taped conversation between Chloe and Jack. Chloe is detained. Larry calls the White House.

President Taylor, Senator Mayer, and Kanin discuss Bauerís future. The President wants Senator Mayer to be lenient on Jack. Mayer is outraged. Mayer says that Allison is opening a can of worms regarding interrogation practices.

Larry talks to Allison via speakerphone. Larry says that Jack is looking for Burnett.

Burnett tells Jack that he doesnít know anything. Jack uses the stun gun a few more times. Burnett still refuses to comply. Jack knows that he is lying. Jack demands to know what Jumaís target is. Allison pages Jack. Jack tells her that Juma is planning an attack. Jack refuses to listen to the Presidentís orders.

The guards break into the room where Jack and Burnett are located. Mayer walks in and tells Jack that he is finished. President Taylor wants to know about the planned terrorist attack. Jack says that his source is Tony. Mayer thinks that Almeida isnít credible. The President and Kanin leave the room to talk about the attack. Kanin reminds Allison that Juma had Roger killed and Henry almost died. Allison tells Jack that he is being arrested. Jack is led out of the room. Senator Mayer tells the President that she made the right call. Allison says that she wants to talk to Burnett herself. President Taylor adds that the Senator doesnít really know who Burnett is.

The President and Kanin talk about the Intel regarding the potential attack. President Taylor tells Burnett that he will be charged with treason. Burnett refuses to talk. The President offers him full immunity if he cooperates. Burnett asks to speak to his lawyer.

Renee traces the orderlyís license plate to a warehouse. Renee thinks she has stumbled onto something.

In the warehouse, Juma tells Dubakuís son that his father is dead. Dubakuís son wants to fill his fatherís role. Renee is listening. Renee calls Larry. Renee informs him that Juma is at the warehouse. Larry canít believe that Dubaku is in D.C. Larry says he will notify the White House immediately.

Renee follows Juma and his men as they leave the warehouse. The men get on a boat. Renee barely manages to jump on the boat. Renee checks her cell phone. Unfortunately, her phone gets wet.

Buchanan calls Tony. He says that Bauer is under arrest. Bill wants to know how good the Intel is. Bill questions Tony as to why Jack didnít trust him.

Larry is in a helicopter on the way to the warehouse. Janis tells Larry that Reneeís phone isnít working.

Renee listens in as Juma shows his men a blueprint. Each man picks up some scuba equipment. They all get into the water. Renee grabs a blueprint. She realizes that Juma is targeting the White House. Unfortunately, Dubakuís son sees Renee. Renee dives into the water. He shoots at Renee as she tries to swim away.

The men are swimming underwater. Dubakuís son is following Renee. Renee gets to shore. The men start drilling underwater, in an area right under the White House.

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