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24 Episode Guide

Season Seven - Day 7: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Aired 2/23/09


By Carrie

Erica tells Sean that she needs to talk to him. Erica questions him about the warrant. Sean admits that he put out the warrant so Dubaku could get out of the country. Sean reassures Erica that heíll take care of everything.

Renee and Jack are arrested. Jack thinks that someone on Dubakuís payroll put out the warrant on them. Renee is worried about Marika.

Dubaku confronts Marika about her working with the FBI. Dubaku grabs Marika. Marika says that she was shown proof that he is a bad man. Dubaku still wants Marika to run away with him. Marika doesnít want to, but Dubaku finally convinces her to leave with him.

The police release Jack and Renee. The police say that there was a misunderstanding. Larry updates Renee that the signal on Marikaís location was lost. Fortunately, Larry finds a live feed showing Dubakuís car.

Burnett talks to Dubaku via cell phone. Burnett is worried that Marika is still in the picture. Dubaku warns that Burnett needs to get him out of the country as soon as possible.

Jack and Renee spot Dubakuís vehicle. They start following him. Dubaku catches on and tells the driver to speed up. Jack and Renee chase Dubaku through the streets of Washington D.C. Marika panics and lunges at Dubaku. Their vehicle crashes. Jack and Renee call and ask for backup. Jack shoots Dubakuís driver. Jack finds Dubaku, who is in bad shape. Renee tries to pull Marika out of the car. Renee realizes that she needs Jackís help. Renee pulls her gun on him. Jack reluctantly helps Renee pull Marika out of the vehicle. Jack, Renee, and Marika barely escape before the car explodes. Jack tells Larry that Dubaku is critically injured and needs an ambulance. Renee realizes that Marika is dead.

Kanin updates President Taylor about the situation in Sangala. Allisonís mind is elsewhere. Kanin suggests that Allison talk about what happened to Henry. Allison admits that she shouldnít have believed that Roger killed himself. Buchanan informs her that Dubaku has been found, but is seriously injured. Allison wants to remain at the hospital, but Bill thinks she should return to the White House. Kanin agrees with Bill. Allison is told that Olivia is being transported to the White House as they speak.

Jack wants answers from Dubaku. The paramedics insist that Dubaku is in grave condition. Dubaku is barely conscious. Jack manages to find out that Dubaku has a list on him. Jack rummages through Dubakuís belongings, but canít find a list. The paramedics comment that there is something embedded under Dubakuís skin. Jack realizes that the list is actually embedded in Dubaku. Jack cuts out a storage device from under Dubakuís skin. Jack radios in to Larry that he has found a storage device. Sean is listening in on the conversation. Sean looks very worried. Jack hands off the device. He tells the man to bring the device directly to Larry Moss at FBI Headquarters.

Sean tells Erica that they are in trouble. Sean adds that the FBI will soon have the list in their possession. Erica is frantic, thinking that they will be caught. Sean has an idea. Sean wants to crash the entire system on their floor. Sean says that he needs Ericaís help. Erica offers a solution to their problem. Sean reassures her that theyíll be okay. Sean kisses Erica.

Jack and Renee wait at the hospital for Dubaku to wake up. Renee brings up Marika. Jack says that he feels bad about what happened to her.

Larry gives Chloe the storage device. Chloe downloads it on the computer. Erica and Sean go to the mainframe computer area. Sean tells Burnett that the FBI has Dubaku. Sean says that he is in the process of erasing the database. Erica says that she canít crash the system. After a minute, Erica thinks that they have been successful in deleting the files.

Chloe says that the files are being erased. Chloe thinks that someone is internally deleting the files. Chloe asks Larry where the mainframe room is located.

As Sean is kissing Erica, he shoots her in the stomach. Erica dies instantly. Sean shoots himself in the arm and puts the gun by Ericaís body.

Larry kicks open the door. Sean tells him not to shoot. Sean explains that he followed Erica to the mainframe room. Sean says that Erica was acting suspicious and that he found out she was the one who called in the warrant. Sean continues on by saying that he finally realized that Erica was trying to crash the system. Sean says that Erica shot at him and he had no choice but to defend himself.

Chloe tells Larry that all the files have been deleted. Larry is furious. Sean is relieved.

Seanís wound has been bandaged up. Sean demands to know answers. Larry reveals that the Bureau has been compromised. Sean says his arm aches, but that he is okay to go back to work.

Larry calls Chloe. Chloe tells him that she was able to recover the files. Larry tells Sean, which makes Sean uneasy. Larry says that Sean needs to speak to a doctor. Sean returns to his desk. Janis asks him a ton of questions. Sean says that he has to leave for a while. FBI agents catch Sean before he can leave. Larry demands to know answers. Sean says he wants to talk to his lawyer. Larry calls the White House.

Rosa shows up at the hospital, asking about her sister. Renee informs her that Marika was killed in a car accident. Rosa is visibly upset. Renee begins to cry. Rosa blames Renee and Jack for Marikaís death. Jack tells Renee that Dubakuís files were restored.

Renee feels back about Marika. Jack says that it was a tragedy what happened to her. Jack says that Dubaku had to be stopped nonetheless. Renee brings up Jackís wife. Renee slaps Jack twice, trying to rouse some emotion out of him. Jack is unresponsive. Jack tells Renee that it will take some time to get over the mission. Jack warns that Renee shouldnít pull a gun on him again. Renee admits that she would have shot him, if needed.

Olivia asks her mother how Henry is doing. Allison says that Henryís prognosis is not good. Olivia wants to know who shot her father. Allison says it isnít safe to go see Henry at the hospital. Allison says that her and Olivia need to talk, but it will have to be later.

Bill talks to President Taylor, updating her on the list. Bill says that Larry is sure that the Bureau is secure now. Allison thanks Bill for his help. Bill comments that Jack was a big help, too. Bill suggests that the President speak to Senator Mayer about Jackís hearing. Allison says that sheíll think about it.

As Jack is staring at the sunset, Tony shows up out of the blue. Tony says that another attack is planned for D.C. Tony says that Juma is behind this attack. Tony says that he has a credible source in Sangala. Jack tells him to notify the FBI, but Tony insists that it will be too late. Tony reveals a name on Dubakuís list: Ryan Burnett, one of Senator Mayerís Chiefs of Staff. Jack says that Burnett is going to start running. Tony says that he desperately needs Jackís help in stopping another attack.

Senator Mayer tells Burnett that he got a call from the President to talk about Jack Bauer. Senator Mayer wants Burnett to go with him to the White House. Burnett gets a text message that the operation is still a go.

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