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Season Seven - Day 7: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Aired 2/16/09

Ethan Kanin

By Carrie

Police officers and an ambulance arrive on the scene. Renee leads them to Henryís body. Jack tells Renee to check out Dubakuís computer. Henry is losing a lot of blood.

Jack calls President Taylor. Jack says that Henry has a gunshot wound and is being brought to the hospital. Jack says that it is urgent that they find Dubaku. Jack apologizes for Henryís dire condition.

Allison wants to go see Henry, but Kanin says it isnít safe. Bill reminds them that they canít trust anyone at the Bureau. Buchanan suggests that he have one of his team be brought into the FBI. Allison agrees. Kanin doesnít like the idea, but the President insists that they need to locate Dubaku.

Samuel (Dubaku) pays a visit to Marika at her job site. Dubaku says that heís in trouble and needs to leave the country. Marika thinks that her sister is to blame. Dubaku says that he wants Marika to join him. Dubaku tells Marika to go home and start packing. Alone, Dubaku makes a call to Burnett. Burnett maintains that Juma will not be happy that Dubaku is fleeing the country.

Renee canít get any information out of the computerís hard drive. Larry calls Renee to say that Bill updated him on Henryís condition. Larry thinks that Renee is upset about Vossler. Renee doesnít want to get into it. Jack walks in and says he might have a location on Dubaku. Jack asks if Renee is okay, but she quickly brushes him off.

Marika returns home from work. Her sister is napping.

Chloe, Morris, and their son arrive at FBI Headquarters. Chloe explains that she needs to help with finding Dubaku. Chloe asks Morris to keep an eye on Prescott, their son.

Moss tells Janis that heís bringing in a consultant on the case. Chloe is led into the conference room. Moss explains that Jack is checking out a possible location on Dubaku. Moss brings up Chloeís friendship with Jack. Chloe reminds Larry that there are more pressing matters to deal with.

Erica asks Janis why Chloe is there. Janis starts to panic.

Dubaku meets with Burnett. Burnett says that the arrangements are ready for Dubaku to get out of the country. Dubaku says that he doesnít like that he is being watched. Burnett reassures Dubaku that no one wants to hurt him. Dubaku isnít convinced. Dubaku warns that heíll come after them if he is unable to leave the country or Marika gets hurt.

Dubaku leaves. Burnett makes a call to someone. Burnett explains that Dubaku is onto them. Burnett adds that itís paramount that Dubaku get out of the country before he can spill the beans on all of them.

Marika tells Rosa that Dubaku needs to leave the country. Rosa pleads with her sister not to leave. Jack and Renee suddenly break through the front door. Jack shows Marika a picture of Dubaku. Marika says she doesnít recognize him. Rosa blurts out that Dubaku is Samuel. Jack asks what connection Marika has to Dubaku.

Allison is brought through the hospital. The surgeon says that Henry will have a five-hour surgery. The surgeon adds that the outlook isnít good. Henry is being wheeled to surgery when Allison stops him. The President tells Henry that he will survive. Allison watches as the OR team makes preparations. President Taylor asks Bill to find her daughter, Olivia. Allison says that her and Olivia havenít spoken to each other in a long time. Bill says that heíll take care of it.

Renee says that Dubaku is a dangerous man. Marika is horrified and begins to cry. Jack wants Marikaís help in finding Dubaku. Jack asks for Marikaís cell. Jack says that Dubaku lied to her repeatedly. Marikaís cell suddenly rings. Itís Dubaku. Marika explains away her shaky voice.

Jack wants Marika to meet with Dubaku. Renee thinks he has lost his mind. Jack wants Marika to help them. Rosa is furious. Marika decides that sheíll meet with Dubaku. Jack and Renee explain that they will be following Marika the whole time. Marika says that she should have listened to her sisterís warnings about Dubaku.

Jack calls Moss, who hands the phone to Chloe. Jack gives Chloe some numbers to put in the computer to track Marika.

Janis is looking suspicious.

Secret Service Agent Pierce tells Olivia Taylor that she is needed. Olivia says that she is busy. Pierce doesnít want to get into the details of why her mother needs to speak to her. Finally, Pierce admits that Henry has been shot. Olivia quickly agrees to leave with Pierce.

Janis asks for Seanís help. Sean is suspicious of Janisí odd behavior. Janis thinks that Chloe is going to replace her. Janis threatens to tell Moss about Seanís fling with Erica. Sean has no choice but to help her.

Chloe says that everything is set for the tracking device. Marika says goodbye to her sister. Rosa asks Jack and Renee to look out for Marika.

Marika says she is ready. Jack tells Renee that Marika needs to be compliant for them to get Dubaku. Marika gets into the vehicle. Chloe says to Jack that they are tracking her.

Janis goes to the mainframe computer area, where she is able to access unauthorized files.

Marika asks the driver how long until they arrive at the location. The driver stays silent.

Jack and Renee are following Marika.

Janis hacks in to the mainframe. Chloe loses the tracking feed. Suddenly, the feed comes back up. Chloe tells Larry that there was an illegal breach. Larry looks around the office.

Larry updates Jack on the breach. Jack says that the police are setting up a roadblock. Jack asks Larry to take care of it. Larry instructs the officers to let Jack and Renee through. Chloe finds out that there is a warrant out for Jack and Reneeís arrest. Chloe says that someone in the FBI put out the warrant.

Sean makes a call. Sean reassures Burnett that he took care of Jack and Renee. Burnett says that Dubaku needs to get out of the country before he talks. Sean realizes that Dubaku will implicate him if Dubaku doesnít get out of the country immediately.

Dubaku gets a call. Burnett says that the FBI got to Marika. Dubaku is angry. Dubaku says that heíll take care of Marika himself.

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