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24 Episode Guide

Season Seven - Day 7: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Aired 2/2/09

Jack and Chloe in split screen

By Carrie

Sean tells Moss that they have a location on a truck. Janis says that she has info on where Dubaku might be targeting next. Sean is worried about Larry. Janis tells Sean that she has everything under control.

Kanin leaves a voicemail message for Agent Gedge. Kanin talks to Moss and demands that Matobo be found.

Jack and his crew are following the Matobos. The men bring Matobo and his wife to Dubaku. Dubaku brings up a time when he met Matobo. Dubaku wants Matobo to give up info to Juma. Matobo refuses, so Dubaku orders his men to take them away.

The van arrives at Dubakuís meeting point. Jack starts climbing onto the roof of the building. Renee approaches the front desk, saying she is there to see someone. Renee gets past security and goes to the third floor. Chloe leads Renee through the building. Renee lets Bill, Jack, and Tony inside. They search for Matobo. Jack and Renee go to the computer room. Chloe tells them to look for a crawl space, which the two go into.

Matobo and his wife are brought to another room. His wife promises that Jack will find them. Chloe tells Jack where Matobo is located.

Janis gets an alert in her computer system that there has been another firewall breach. This one is coming from Ohio. She calls the plant manager, John Brunner. Janis explains that there are alerts coming from the Ohio plant. John says that they are having problems at the plant. Janis tells him that it could possibly be terrorists. John tells his coworkers to shut down the tanks, but there is a malfunction. Janis tells Sean to contact the President. Janis instructs John to evacuate the whole plant.

Kanin is alerted about the situation at the Ohio plant. The President is worried beyond belief. Kanin and another agent update Allison on the Ohio situation. Kanin says that the tankís gases cannot be released or people will die. Kanin says that they need to find Dubaku and the CIP device.

Chloe tells Jack about Dubaku targeting Ohio. Jack puts a camera through a vent. From there, he can see Dubaku and his men.

Sean explains to Larry that they are doing everything they can. John tells Janis that everyone is being evacuated. John says that he is going to try to manually override the system. Janis warns that the gas will be released in the area where John is. John says that he is wearing a mask. John turns a valve. The gas is released. John starts to cough.

Dubaku realizes that Jack and Almeida have found their location. Dubaku is angry that his men didnít follow orders.

Sean says that the firewall is suddenly secure. Larry is puzzled. Bill and Tony start shooting at Dubaku and his men. Jack and Renee follow suit. A man directs Matobo and his wife to follow him, but Renee shoots the man. All of Dubakuís men are down, but Dubaku is missing. The CIP device has been destroyed.

John tells Janis that the pressure in the area is dropping. John says that he canít make it to the door.

Renee brings Matobo and his wife to the van. Jack, Tony, and Bill are still looking for Dubaku. Dubaku grabs Michael Latham. Dubaku tells Michael to do what he asks.

Jack opens a door. Michael is standing there, not moving. Jack realizes Latham is wired. The crew quickly leaves the room before the explosion. They still canít find Dubaku. Renee tells Jack to get out of there.

Moss is suspicious as to why the CIP device isnít working. Sean asks about Renee. Moss tells Sean to work with Janis and the NSA on the situation. Sean updates Janis. Janis says that the gas has been secured. Janis says that John didnít survive, though.

Allison is told that Brunner was the only casualty at the Ohio plant. The President is wondering why the firewall program is suddenly up and running again.

Kanin is getting impatient because he canít find Ryan. Allison tells the military to have forces ready. Kanin tells the President that Henry is harassing Sam. Kanin adds that he canít get a hold of Ryan or Henry.

Henry wakes up. Ryanís phone is ringing. Henry stands over Samís dead body. He is about to leave the apartment when Vossler starts coming after him. Henry closes the door and runs back into the apartment. Henry tells Vossler that he canít kill him. Dubaku calls Vossler and tells him to keep Henry alive.

Everyone returns to Bill and Chloeís office. Jack says that their mission has been compromised. Matobo says heíll talk to President Taylor. Renee agrees that this is the best option. Bill finally relents.

On TV, it is reported that there was one casualty in the Ohio plant spill. Matobo calls the President. Matobo says that he was rescued and the CIP device was destroyed. Matobo says that he needs to see the President in person. Allison lets Kanin in on the phone call. Jack prepares to go to the White House. Tony refuses to go. Tony is ashamed and promises that after they get Dubaku, he will turn himself in.

Dubaku arrives back at his own apartment. A woman knocks on his door. She talks to him for a few minutes, implying that she is his girlfriend. It is revealed that Dubaku has been leading a double life. Dubaku calls Vossler.

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