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Season Seven - Day 7: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Aired 1/26/09

Janis Gold

By Carrie

Moss wants more FBI teams set up to find Agent Walker. Moss says that it is urgent that they find Almeida and Bauer. He lets the team know that they abducted Renee. Sean lets Moss listen in on a conversation. Moss is worried that Renee is dead.

Bill and Chloe show up at the burial site. They dig out Reneeís body. Bill says that Renee isnít breathing. Bill does CPR. Unresponsive, Bill injects Renee as a last resort. Renee wakes up, asking who Bill and Chloe are. Bill says that Jack sent them.

Emerson makes a call about the meeting point. Emerson brings up Christopher Henderson. Jack asks why Tony wasnít released a long time ago. Emerson explains that Tony was mad at the government because of Michelle. Tony discloses that nothing has changed over the years. Tony says that they need to stick together. Jack asks what the plan is. Jack whispers to Tony. Tony says that he is ready for anything. Emerson and his men enter an airfield garage. Emerson takes Jack by surprise by grabbing his gun. David holds the gun to Jackís head. David tells Tony to put down his gun. Jack tells Tony to shoot. Tony shoots Emersonís arm. Jack finishes off David.

Bill explains to Renee that some government agencies have been compromised. Renee wants to call Larry, but Bill refuses. Buchanan says that Matobo will lead them to Dubaku. Jack calls Bill, asking about Renee. Jack releases Matobo and his wife. Jack explains that he is here to help them. Jack says that they want to stop Dubaku and need Matoboís assistance.

Dubaku tells one of his men that Emerson and his crew need to be eliminated. The man asks about President Taylor. Dubaku isnít concerned with the Presidentís thoughts. Dubaku is targeting Washington D.C.

Allison discloses to Kanin that she received a call from NSA. She says that another firewall program has been compromised. Kanin wonít let the withdrawal issue go. Allison says that NSA is working on the problem. Kanin says that heíll keep the President updated on the situation.

David is near death. Tony apologizes. David says that Tony wonít be forgiven. Jack says that he is telling Matobo the truth. Matoboís wife says that the President wonít withdraw troops. Jack says that Dubaku wants Matobo and his wife. Matobo refuses to help, but his wife talks some sense into him. She says that they need to do what Jack says. Matobo finally agrees to help Jack. Tony wants to hide the menís bodies.

Dubaku is targeting the White House. Kanin tells Allison that the firewall breach hasnít been secured. Allison gets an encrypted call from Dubaku. Dubaku is unhappy that withdrawals have not begun. Dubaku threatens that there will be American casualties. Kanin and Allison look outside. There is an explosion in the sky. They realize two planes have crashed into each other. Dubaku says more American lives will be taken. Allison is horrified.

The planesí collision is showing up on TV news stations. The Secretary says that they need to withdraw troops ASAP! The President asks for the Cabinet membersí views. They all say that they canít jeopardize anymore US citizens. Allison wants to wait for Matobo to be found. The Secretary is irate that Allison is okay with not withdrawing. Kanin sticks up for the President. The Secretary apologizes and leaves the room. The President explains that she isnít backing down. She wants to stand up to Dubaku. Allison says that they need to be prepared for the worst.

Bill, Chloe, and Renee meet Jack at the airfield. Renee isnít forgiving. Renee says that Jack should have trusted her. Chloe asks Matobo to take a seat. She plants a transmitter in his teeth. Bill says that they have less than an hour. Jack tells Renee that she needs to sit down. Renee is unconvinced that Jack can stop Dubaku.

A Cabinet member asks Kanin to change the Presidentís mind. Henry is unable to move. Ryan cuts all electrical lines in Samís apartment. Sam approaches her apartment. Ryan gets a call. Sam enters the apartment and checks her mail. She is shocked to see Henry. Henry is unable to talk. Sam wonders whatís going on. Ryan stabs her in the back. Henry watches while Ryan kills Samantha.

Kanin calls Ryan, wondering where Henry is. Ryan tells him that Henry is at Samís. Kanin is mad that Ryan didnít keep an eye on Henry. Ryan puts the knife in Henryís hand. Ryan is convinced that he has Henryís prints on the knife. He sets the knife by Samís body.

Matobo and his wife are put in the truck. Bill, Chloe, and Renee are watching and listening from another vehicle. A man shows up and asks where Emerson is. Tony says that David and Jack are dead. The man is confused. The man wants Matobo and his wife. Tony asks for diamonds in exchange. A man opens their truck. Matobo and his wife are escorted out. There is an ambush. Jack takes out some of the men. Tony tells the man to leave. The man and his crew take Matobo and his wife. Chloe is tracking them.

Ryan drags Henry to an upstairs sitting area. He plans to make it look like Henry hung himself. Henry manages to speak a little. Henry is finally able to make fists. Henry grabs Ryanís throat. They both fall to the next floor. Henry realizes that Ryan is dead.

The news stations are reporting that there was a terrorist attack. Dubaku thinks that the President is nuts. Dubaku is targeting Ohio next, where he expects major casualties.

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