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Season Seven - Day 7: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Aired 1/19/09

Ule Matobo

By Carrie

Moss tells his FBI team that Matobo has a safe house at his compound. Larry says that they need to retrieve Almeida.

Emerson threatens Matoboís bodyguard, but he wonít speak. Emersonís crew is desperately trying to get into the safe house.

Moss gets a file from the Attorney General. He calls Renee. Larry wants to know how Renee got the info about Matobo. Renee admits to torturing Tanner. Larry is furious. Renee says that she is on her way to Matoboís home. Larry wants her to come back to Headquarters, but she refuses.

Christina calls her husband, Sean. She wants to see him, but Sean says heís busy.

Matobo tells his wife that Dubaku is after them. Matobo says he wonít talk. His wife realizes she will be the bargaining chip. The crew hacks into the intercom. David threatens to kill the bodyguard if Matobo doesnít come out. The wife explains that the people of Sangala are counting on Matobo. David is about to shoot the bodyguard when he gets a phone call from the FBI. Sean calls, per Mossí request. David thinks someone talked. Jack says that they have fifteen minutes before the FBI will arrive. Jack says that they need to flush out Matobo. David keeps looking at the surveillance camera. Jack gets into the vent above the safe house. He sprays a solution into the vent, which causes a gas to enter the safe house. David tells Matobo that the gas will be filling the room shortly. The gas starts to come through the vent. Matobo and his wife begin to choke.

A man from the Attorney Generalís office confronts Janis. Moss says that he needs Janisí help pronto. Moss updates Janis on Renee. Sean is intently listening.

Renee arrives at the Prime Ministerís compound. David asks Jack how long the gas will take effect. Matobo and his wife struggle to breathe. His wife pushes the lever to open the safe house. Jack tells Matobo to take a deep breath. Matobo's wife apologizes. Jack escorts Matobo and his wife outside. Renee calls Moss and says that she is witnessing the whole thing. A man grabs Renee. Larry tells Janis to get Renee back on the line. Jack says that Renee is FBI. Jack searches Renee and puts her in the truck. They all leave in the truck.

David calls someone to say that he has Matobo. David tells the man to look into Reneeís FBI file. Renee tells Jack that she canít believe she trusted him. Jack doesnít even flinch.

Henry is sitting on a park bench. Ryan apologizes for not showing up sooner. Ryan says that a friend can help Henry. Ryan sets up a meeting. Henry vows revenge on the people who murdered Roger.

Kanin speaks to Allison. The President says that she is going to continue military action against Juma. Kanin doesnít agree, but Allison says that she wonít back down. The Secretary tells the President that Jack and Almeida abducted Matobo. Allison says that they need to find Matobo ASAP.

Sean apologizes to Erica. Sean says that his wifeís plane has landed. Erica flirts with Sean. It is implied that the two of them are having a fling.

Moss wants a trace on Reneeís cell. Janis asks him if heís okay. Renee apologizes to Matobo. Renee asks how much Jack is being paid. Emerson gets a call about Renee and learns that she tortured Tanner. Emerson tells the driver there is a change in plans. David wants to dump Reneeís body. Tony and Jack are worried.

Moss makes a call about Renee being missing. Janis tells Sean that Moss cares about Renee. Sean is looking around suspiciously.

Dubaku learns from Juma that the President isnít withdrawing troops. Dubakuís counsel urges him to start another attack.

Ryan brings Henry to meet his friend. Henry thanks him for his loyalty. Henry enters a penthouse, followed by Ryan. Henry asks to put up the A/C. Henry realizes that they are in Samís apartment. Ryan puts on rubber gloves. Henry realizes that Ryan killed Roger. Henry collapses. Ryan has drugged his cup of coffee. Ryan says that Roger died quickly. Ryan makes a call to a rogue agent. Ryan says to Agent Vossler that the plan will work. The plan is to get Sam back home, murder her, and pin it on Henry.

Vossler approaches Sam, telling her sheís in danger. He says he is bringing her into protective custody, but suggests they stop by her apartment first.

Sean asks Janis why the Attorney General wants to speak to her. Janis explains that Renee talked to Tanner. Sean says that Janis is an accessory.

The man from the Attorney Generalís office tells Moss that he just found out Renee is missing. The man pushes to speak to Janis. Moss doesnít comply. Janis buzzes Moss on the intercom. Janis says that someone was referencing Renee on NSA. Sean says that the hit came from the metro area. The three listen to the conversation. Moss says to run a trace.

The truck stops. Emerson hands Jack a gun. He tells Renee to step down. Jack brings her to a deserted area. Renee says that she isnít going to beg. Jack tells Renee to trust him. He grazes her neck and covers Reneeís body to save her life. Emerson is watching. Emerson says that Renee needs to be buried, which freaks out Jack. Jack and Tony start throwing dirt over Renee. Jack watches as Renee is completely covered with dirt.

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