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Season Seven - Day 7: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Aired 1/12/09

President Taylor

By Carrie

Janis discloses that a blue van was spotted in the area. Renee wants the FBI team to work harder. Renee apologizes to Moss for believing Bauer. Renee swears that she will find them.

Janis finds the sniperís file. His name is Alan Tanner. Renee wants to know when Tanner wakes up.

Moss explains to the President that Jack got Almeida out. Kanin is furious at the debacle. Moss says that Tanner is still unconscious. Kanin says that they canít rely on the FBI to get answers. Kanin adds that they need to pull out of Sangala. The President is still hesitant. Kanin says that Dubaku will come after them. Allison says that they canít negotiate with terrorists.

Bill brings Jack to his 'office'. Chloe is happy to see Jack again. Tony explains that he was dead for ten minutes, but was given a drug to bring him back to life. The man who saved his life was David Emerson, an independent contractor who wanted to recruit Tony. Almeida discloses that he really worked for Emerson and did some pretty bad things. Tony later changed his mind because of the CIP device. Tony explains that Dubaku is behind this and that to find the mole, they need to get to Dubaku. Jack says that he can help them. Jack wants proof of a conspiracy. Jack finally agrees to work with them, but warns that he will turn them in if he finds they are being dishonest.

Emerson talks to his goons. Tony calls David. Tony explains that he got out of the FBI building. Almeida says that Jack will help them with their mission. Almeida suggests that Jack take Tannerís place. Emerson okays it. Jack asks Tony if Emerson bought his story.

Henry finishes writing a note which he puts in his pocket. Henry asks Ryan for his help. Henry says that Sam called about some new information. Allison is indecisive as to what to tell the media. Henry says that Allison needs to go with her heart.

Christina, Seanís wife, calls from an airplane. Christina says that they are being grounded and is wondering what is going on. Sean tells her everything will be okay.

Erica, an FBI analyst, asks Sean how he is doing. He is condescending to her. Janis tells Renee that Tanner is awake. Renee plans to go to the hospital to speak to him.

Almeida clues Jack in on Emerson. Tony says that heíll take down David if he has to. Tony and Jack go to the meeting point. Jack is brought downstairs so Emerson can talk to Tony alone. Emerson doesnít want to involve Jack Ė he wants to get rid of Bauer. David adds that he wants Tony to kill Jack. Chloe and Bill are listening in. Downstairs, Jack beats up some of Emersonís guys. Jack tells Emerson that he needs help getting out of the country and will do anything. Emerson finally relents. David kills one of his own men to prove a point to Jack. Emerson tells Jack to keep his gun.

Sean calls and asks for an emergency landing for his wifeís plane. He pretends to be his boss, Larry. Allison has the former Prime Minister listen to Dubakuís threat. Prime Minister Matobo asks her not to abandon the people of Sangala. Allison is mad that she wasnít told about the refugees. Kanin asserts that they need to listen to Dubaku and withdraw troops. Kanin adds that they have no other option.

Emerson shakes Jackís hand. Emerson asks Jack where he has been all this time. David is glad that Jack is on board. David tells the men that they need to go and get Matobo. Chloe wants to do something, but Buchanan says that they need to remain silent.

Henry tells Ryan to leave him at the meeting place. Ryan parks in another area. Sam says that Roger was killed. The insider trading charges were fabricated, she says. Sam explains that Roger and his friend found info leading back to Sangala. This information led back to someone in Allisonís administration, Sam stresses. Sam hands Henry a sheet of paper with information on it. Someone is watching Ė Ryan.

Renee and Janis go see Tanner. Renee questions Tanner. Tanner can hardly speak. He starts to laugh. Renee thinks that he is working for Dubaku. Renee grabs Tanner in frustration. Renee and Janis leave the room. Renee asks Janis to stall Tannerís lawyers. Janis is worried that they are breaking laws by doing this. Janis agrees to stall while Renee goes back to Tannerís hospital room. Tanner still refuses to talk. Renee pushes her gun in his wound. Tanner stays silent. Renee threatens to shut off his oxygen. Tanner calls her bluff. Renee cuts off his oxygen supply and Tanner starts to code. Janis creates a diversion, but the lawyers have had enough. The nurses look at their monitor and see that Tanner is coding. The nurses canít get in his room. Suddenly, Renee comes out. Her and Janis quickly leave the hospital.

Moss talks to Renee. Renee says that there is a plan to kidnap Matobo. Larry calls Matoboís people. He says that they need a lockdown at their location ASAP. Emerson and his men are already on the premises. Emerson shoots some guys and Jack looks for Matobo. Matobo and his wife get to a secure location. Matoboís bodyguard wonít tell them where he is. Jack tries breaking through a wall. Matoboís wife asks who is behind this. Their phone wonít work. Jack realizes that Matobo is in a safe house. Emerson is furious. Tony says that they need Matobo.

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