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Season Seven - Day 7: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Aired 1/11/09

Agent Renee Walker

By Carrie

The FAA is trying to figure out where the aircraft is heading. They are able to hear a communication between Almeida and the airplane. The FAA calls Moss to say that they have lost feed from the aircraft. Almeida tells the pilots that they are changing course. Moss wants answers and demands an end to this situation.

Moss tells Renee about it. Renee says that Schecter is dead. Jack thinks that there is a mole in the FBI. Renee doesnít agree. Jack thinks that no one could get a sniper on Schecter that fast if the Bureau wasn't compromised. Jack has to surrender his gun. An FBI agent escorts Jack back to the van.

Renee asks some FBI agents if the sniper is still in the building. The sniper sees the FBI, so he runs back upstairs. Moss tells Janis that a SWAT team is going to find the sniper.

The FAA calls Moss and says that they have no new info. The FAA wonders what Almeidaís agenda is with the airplane.

One of Almeidaís men intercepts the signal to a different airplane. He instructs the pilot to change course. Almeida calls the FAA. The FAA checks out a feed at JFK airport, where it appears that two planes are approaching each other. Almeida tells the pilot of the 767 to take off. The two planes almost crash into each other. Almeida says that this was just a warning.

The sniper thinks about his getaway. Latham is led away by some goons. Almeida shows a man the CIP device. The man wants to know how the FBI found Schecter. Tony demands to know who wants the device.

Kanin tells the Press Secretary not to answer any of the reportersí questions. The Press Secretary says that Juma will not stop the genocide in Sangala.

Kanin receives a call about the FAA situation. President Taylor meets with the former Sangala Prime Minister who wants to see Juma punished. Kanin tells the President about the near miss at JFK. Kanin says that Tony Almeida is behind this. Allison wants a meeting set up immediately.

The sniper calls Tony, saying heís trapped in a stairwell. While Jack is waiting in a van, an FBI agent replies that the Senate hearing is unjustified. Bauer explains that the hearing was needed. Jack thanks the agent for his sympathetic words.

A member of the SWAT team is close to the sniper. The sniper pulls a gun on him. The SWAT member says that Tony sent him and hands the sniper a uniform to blend in. The SWAT member radios in that everythingís all clear.

Jack notices the sniper leaving. He realizes itís him by the boots heís wearing. Renee wants to call someone at the FBI, but Jack says that isnít a good idea. Renee decides to do it Jackís way. The sniper drives away. Jack and Renee follow him by vehicle.

The men bring Latham to another location where they look at the CIP device. A man is interested in the device. This man happens to be Dubaku, Jumaís second in command.

The President is concerned about the firewall. A Cabinet member says that water treatment facilities could be compromised.

Kanin gets a call from Ryan, who is bringing Henry to see Rogerís girlfriend. The agent says that he is worried about Henryís frame of mind.

The President wants to elevate the alert level. Janis tells Moss that the sniper got away. Janis adds that Renee is missing and was last seen leaving with Bauer.

Jack and Renee are on the sniperís trail. Moss calls Renee. Renee says that she is following up on a lead. Moss doesnít trust Jack. Renee tells Moss not to press the issue any further. Renee is mad that she lied to her boss, but tells Jack that Larry bought her story.

Larry asks Janis to get a location from Reneeís walkie-talkie. Renee asks Jack if he would have hurt Schecter. Jack is adamant that he doesnít want to talk about his torture practices.

Henry goes to see Rogerís girlfriend, Sam. She is escorted outside to talk to Henry. Sam says that she is sorry that she hasnít visited since Rogerís funeral. Henry wants to know how she got the money in her account. Sam says that it is really her auntís money and that she was illegally hiding it for her in an offshore account. Sam denies being involved with anything else. Henry doubts her story and wants to know who killed Roger. Sam still believes that Roger killed himself.

Tony calls the sniper. Jack and Renee continue to follow him. Renee gives Jack a gun. They get out of the car and approach a shipping dock. The sniper hears something. Jack kicks the sniper. Jack asks him if Tony is on the boat. Jack punches the sniper when he doesn't give him any information. Jack and Renee approach the boat. Jack sees that there is a surveillance camera, so he shoots it. Tony tells one of his men to check out the camera. The man sees Jack and shoots at him, hitting the sniper instead. Jack and Renee board the boat. Jack and Renee look around. Renee finds a laptop, which keeps blinking that files are being deleted. Jack opens a door, while Tony is coming out of it. Almeida hits Jack in the hand. Tony runs outside. Jack tells him to stop. Tony tries to escape, but Jack jumps on him. They fight. Renee appears. Moss shows up in a helicopter. Jack is disgusted with Tony's behavior.

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