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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Aired 1/7/03

Jack and Nina

By Carrie

Ron is reporting that he was illegally detained by the President.  Sherry makes some calls.  David thinks that Sherry released Ron.  Sherry is adamant that she didnít do it.

After looking at surveillance feeds, David discovers that Armus released Ron.  Mike promises to find Armus.  David is outraged.

The plane rocks back and forth and begins to plummet.  Everyone puts on seat belts for a safe crash landing.  Jack calls George and gives him their coordinates.  Jack wants Nina to give him the location of the bomb.  Nina wonít talk.  Phillips pulls a gun on Nina.  Jack tells Phillips to sit.  The plane continues to go down.  Michelle loses the planeís audio feed.  Mason wants a search and rescue team sent to the planeís coordinates.

David apologizes to Sherry.  David admits that Armus let Ron go.  Sherry thinks that Armus is working for someone else.  David suggests attacking Ronís credibility.  Sherry doesnít think itís a good idea.  Sherry offers for David to come clean to the public.  Mike interrupts with news that Jackís plane went down.

The plane crashes in the Angeles National Forest.  Jack is injured but alive.  Jack pulls debris out of his leg.  Jack looks around the wreckage.  Phillips is not doing well.  Nina is missing.  Nina is about twenty feet away.  Jack unbuckles Nina from her seat.  Jack checks Ninaís pulse and gives mouth to mouth.  Nina starts to cough.

Michelle talks to Mason about the crash.  Masonís nose is bleeding.  Mason tells Michelle to update him on the situation.

Mason decides to put Reza and Bob together in the interrogation room.  Tony is confused by Masonís behavior.  Mason admits that he was exposed to plutonium at the warehouse.  Tony says that he is sorry.

Mason checks in on Reza and Bob.  Reza is clear that he doesnít know Ali.  Mason brings up that they found a connection between the warehouse and Bobís company.  Mason announces that the first to confess will be offered a deal.

At Central Booking, Kim thinks someone will be coming from CTU.  The cop says that he canít get a hold of anyone at CTU.  Kim thinks that they can depend on Jack, but Miguel doesnít believe her.

Bob tells Reza that the agents are listening in on their conversation.  Reza states that Bob authorized the transactions.  Reza doesnít trust Bob.  Bob wants Reza to shut up.  Reza yells that the agents need to check the database in Bobís office.  Bob is irate.

Michelle thinks that Mason is sick.  Tony wants to know why she senses this.  Tony finally discloses that George isnít well.  Michelle wants George to step down.

Lynne is horrified when Sherry makes some changes to Davidís speech.  Lynne confronts Sherry.  Sherry insists that Davidís speech needs to sound just right.

Jack and Nina walk up a hill.  Jack has his gun.  The search and rescue team arrive.  Someone begins to shoot at Nina and Jack.  The shooters are soldiers of some kind.  Nina and Jack run away.  Jack uncuffs Nina.  Jack needs Ninaís help.  Gunfire erupts.

Kate wakes up on a couch.  Syed Ali is standing above her.  Syed asks Kate to talk.

Paul is being interrogated.  Kate is mortified.  Kate insists that she didnít see anything on the computer.  Mohsen, Aliís goon, takes a saw and uses it on Paul.

Nina and Jack continue to be shot at by the soldiers.  A CTU chopper arrives and wipes out the remaining soldiers.  Nina grabs a gun off one of the soldiers and aims it at Jack.  Nina tells Jack to drop his weapon.  Nina wants to speak to the President.

Megan gives Kim a hug.  Meganís relative has arrived and will be taking her to Santa Barbara.  Megan cries.  Kim is relieved that Megan will be safe.

Michelle says that Jack is alive.  Nina demands to talk to David.

At CTU, Reza sees Marie crying.  Reza asks to speak to Marie.  Reza admits that Bob will need a lawyer.  Reza wants to help the agents.  Marie is disgusted and walks away.

Nina speaks to Mike but wants to talk to the President.  Nina is threatening to shoot Jack.  Nina wants immunity and intends on shooting Bauer.  Jack tells David to accept the deal.  David speaks to CTU.  David realizes that he has to grant Ninaís wish.  David speaks directly to Nina and Jack.  David explains that if they stop the bomb, Nina will be granted immunity.  Nina gives the location of Syed Ali.  David says that Nina canít kill Jack until the location is confirmed.  Jack asks David to make sure Kim is safe.  David starts to cry.

Lynne tells David that the Press is waiting for his statement.  Sherry is watching.  Lynne gives David the revised copy with Sherryís changes.

Paul continues to be tortured by Mohsen.  Syed tells Kate that he believes her but shoots Paul in the back.  Syed wants Mohsen to kill Kate.

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