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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Aired 12/17/02

Sherry Palmer

By Carrie

Another cruiser pulls up at the scene.  A different highway patrolman questions Kim.  Kim explains that Gary killed his wife.  They don’t believe Kim’s story.  Kim and Miguel are read their rights.

Marie, Reza, and Bob show up at CTU.  Michelle tells Tony that thirty people are confirmed dead from the explosion.  Reza and Bob follow Michelle to a private room.

Tony updates Mason on Reza and Bob’s sides of the story.

At the Operations Complex, Roger speaks to Lynne.  Roger asks about Sherry’s status.  Lynne promises to keep an eye on Sherry.

Sherry inquires about Ron Wieland.  David is silent.  Sherry realizes that Ron has been detained.  Sherry tells David to let Ron go.  Sherry adds that she will offer Ron an exclusive after today’s events are over.  Sherry wants to speak to Ron but David says no.

Megan is escorted away.  Kim tells the police to get Megan out of Los Angeles.  Miguel wants to come clean about the bomb threat.  Kim refuses.  Megan is driven away from the scene.  Kim tells the patrolman that her dad works at CTU and needs to be notified.

Nina and Faheen are both questioned.  Faheen won’t talk.  Jack is irritated.  Jack takes Nina out of the room.  Nina asks for alone time with Faheen.

Paul Koplin, Burton’s boss, shows up at the Warner house.  Kate is surprised that Marie and Bob have to be questioned at CTU.  Kate and Paul begin to check out Bob’s computer.

Roger stops Armus who is bringing Sherry to a restricted area at the Complex.  Roger questions if Sherry has clearance.  Sherry is evasive.  Roger apologizes but is still suspicious of Sherry’s motives.  Once Roger is gone, Sherry goes to see Ron.  Ron explains that he’ll be writing a huge story.  Sherry says that she’ll give him access to the interior of the O.C., a place where no reporter has been.  Ron is hesitant to accept the deal.

Marko, Basheer, and Omar are ready to deliver the bomb.  The tire on their van goes out.  They swerve and pull over on the side of the road.  A man pulls up to see if the men need help.

Michelle talks to Nina and asks about the bomb.  Faheen isn’t worried about dying.  Nina keeps pushing him for answers.  Faheen thinks that Nina is a traitor.  Jack tells Nina that they need info on the bomb.  Jack is unsure of how to proceed.  Jack warns Nina that she will be brought back to prison if she can’t get answers out of Faheen.

The Good Samaritan puts on the spare.  Basheer offers the man some money, but he refuses to take it.

The cop doesn’t believe the story about a nuclear bomb.  Kim insists that he call CTU.  The cop is unable to get through to the FBI.

Sherry says that Ron isn’t complying.  David thanks Sherry for her help.  Sherry confronts David on his treatment toward her.  Sherry explains that she has changed and wants to help.

Marko starts to cry while driving.  Marko doesn’t want to go through with the delivery.  Basheer shoots Marko.  Basheer leaves the vehicle.  Marko barely manages to shoot Basheer in the back.  They both die leaving Omar wondering what to do next.

Paul checks out the financial records on Bob’s computer.  Paul finds that Reza made transactions with Ali.  Kate wonders about the connection to her father.  Kate wants to find info to exonerate Bob.  Paul comes across security clearance files.

Tony talks to Bob.  Bob admits that he is a consultant for the CIA.  Tony is shocked.  Bob explains that he was approached five years ago to be a conduit to pass info within his company.  Tony states that he’ll check out the information.

Tony updates Mason on Bob’s connection to the CIA.  Mason wants to look into it.

Kim calls CTU.  Kim is patched through to Jack.  Kim explains what happened to Carla and how she got arrested.  Kim wants Jack to help her.

Nina starts talking to Faheen in Arabic.  Jack puts Kim on hold.  Nina is able to get out of her handcuffs.  Nina cuts Faheen’s throat using the store gift card.  Nina yells that she knows where the bomb is located.  Nina wants to go to San Diego and will give the bomb’s location once they land.  Michelle manages to get a name from Faheen’s last words:  Marko Khatami.  Michelle finds a connection between Khatami and Syed Ali.

Mason hits his breaking point.  George starts choking Reza.  Tony breaks it up.  Mason starts coughing.

Kim and Miguel are waiting to be transferred.  Kim is worried about Megan.  Kim blurts out in front of the cop that a bomb could detonate in Los Angeles.

Michelle is tired.  Tony tells her to eat.  Tony reassures Michelle that they’ll be alright.

Lynne gives David some reports from Roger.  David asks for Lynne’s opinion of Sherry.

On TV, Ron announces that there is a terrorist threat in the Los Angeles area.

Kate doesn’t believe that her father is working for the government.  Kate is confused.  Kate and Paul decide to leave.  As they approach the car, some men grab Kate and Paul.

Faheen is dead.  Jack brings up an old memory of Teri in front of Nina.  Jack says that Nina took Teri away from him.  Suddenly, the airplane begins to nosedive.

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