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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Aired 12/10/02

Audrey Raines

By Carrie

Nina is brought to Warden Airbase in Los Angeles.  Jack and Nina get out of the vehicle.  Nina wants Mason to be called and tells an agent at the airbase about Miller.   Jack and Nina board the airplane.  FBI Agent Phillips is already in the plane.

Rezaís parents leave.  Kate apoloigizes to Marie.  Kate is curious as to why Bob is being questioned.  Kate confronts Reza.  Reza says that Bob is guilty.  Marie tells them to stop fighting.

Mike Novick, Davidís Chief-of-Staff, arrives at the Operations Complex.  Mike is surprised to see Sherry.  Sherry says that she is trying to adjust to her new life.

Lynne says to David that Ron Wielandís TV station is asking about him.  Ron is still being sequestered.  Mike suggests telling the Press that Ron took a leave.  Lynne leaves the room.  Mike inquires about Sherry.

Michelle tells Mason that Agent Miller was drugged by Jack.  Mason defends Jackís actions.  Mason is starting to show symptoms from his exposure to plutonium.

Mike says that David should not believe Sherry.  David thinks that Sherry is telling the truth about a conspiracy.  Mike offers to look into it.  David suggests Roger as a suspect.  David thinks that Rayburn and Roger may be working together.

Nearing Davenport Airfield in Visalia, Jack asks about Faheenís location.  Phillips doesnít want Jack to threaten Nina.  Jack watches as Nina changes her clothes.

Michelle tells Mason that the plane is about to land.  Mason makes a call to his son John.  George wants to see John whom he hasnít seen in over two years.  George advises John to come to CTU.  John bluntly says no.

The plane lands at the airfield.  Nina is escorted out.  Nina is asked for Faheenís location.  Jack intends on keeping a close eye on Nina.

Roger meets with Mike.  Roger tries to brush him off.  Mike asks Roger for the most recent Intel data.

Lynne updates David about the warehouse containing biological matter.  David finds out that Jack is escorting Nina to Faheenís location.

Nina warns that she canít go in the front entrance or Faheen will be suspicious.  Nina comments that Faheen will not hesitate to kill himself.  Jack wants Nina to meet with Faheen but she is reluctant.  Jack wonít back down.

Tony calls CTU.  Tony says that Reza ratted out Bob.  Tony is ordered to bring both men in.  Kate is eavesdropping.  Tony tells Reza and Bob that they are going to CTU.  Bob tells Reza to comply with the agents.  Marie wants to come with.  Bob tells Kate that the wedding has to be postponed.  Bob asks Kate to call their tax attorney.

David introduces Sherry to Lynne.  David announces that Sherry has a provisional security clearance.  David reveals his suspicions of Roger to Lynne.  Sherry interjects.  Sherry defends Roger.  Lynne doesnít trust Sherry.

Kate logs into her fatherís home computer.  Kate calls Ralph but he has left for the day.  Kate wants to get into her fatherís private files.

Sherry speaks to Lynne.  Lynne is concerned about David.  David tells Sherry to back off.

Jack pulls up to the curb.  Nina gets out and approaches a building.  Jack is watching nearby.  Nina enters the store.  The clerk says that Mamud is not there but Nina insists she speak to him.  The woman leads Nina to the back room as Jackís audio goes out.  Michelle radios in to Jack that they can still see video.  Nina tells a man that she escaped prison.  The man is hidden in shadows so Michelle is unable to make a clear visual.  Nina speaks in a different language.  Jack realizes something is wrong.  Jack and the other agents come into the building and run to the back room.  The man is on the floor.  It is Faheen.  Nina is gone.  Jack searches for Nina.  Nina runs to a locked gate and has nowhere to go.  Jack aims a gun at Nina.  Nina surrenders.  It appears that Jack is going to shoot but only handcuffs Nina.  Unbeknownst to Jack, Nina is gripping a gift card she swiped at the store.

From the car, Kim calls her aunt.  Miguel gets pulled over.  Kim is worried because they stole Garyís car.  The highway patrolman says that Miguel was speeding.

John is brought into CTU wearing handcuffs.  George admits that he doesnít have long to live.  George tells John about an off-shore account and wants his son to have the money.  George says he is dying.  John starts to cry.  George wants John to get out of Los Angeles immediately.  They hug.  Once John leaves, George begins to cry.

Miguel and Kim start to worry.  The highway patrolman asks about Megan.  The patrolman advises Miguel to slow down driving.  They get by with only a warning until the patrolman spots blood dripping from the trunk of the car.  He asks Miguel to open the trunk.  Miguel and the patrolman are sickened to see a dead womanís body inside.  Kim runs to the trunk and screams, realizing it is Carla.  Megan wakes up.  Kim stops Megan from seeing her momís body.

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