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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Aired 12/3/02

President Palmer

By Carrie

Jack stares at the live feeds coming from the interrogation room at CTU.  Mason tells Jack that he can start questioning Nina.  Michelle hands Jack the file on Myers.

The President and Lynne are bombarded with reportersí questions.  David speaks and says the Ambassadorís crash will be investigated.  Jenny tells everyone not to speculate at this time.  Sherry is waiting for David after his speech.  David is mad once he sees Sherry.  Sherry says she has info on his Administration.  Sherry asks if he gave the call to the military for an evacuation.  David asks Lynne about it.  Lynne says she doesnít know anything about it.

Reza tells Tony that he is being racially profiled.  Reza asks for a lawyer.

David wants to talk to the Prime Minister about the crash.  David isnít sure who leaked the info.

Mason warns Jack to be careful with Nina.  Jack opens the door and sees Nina.  Jack puts some documents on the table.  Nina says that she wonít give her source until she is out of Los Angeles.  Jack insists that Nina is worse than a traitor.  Jack throws the table across the room.  George and Michelle tensely watch from another room.  Jack pushes Nina to the wall and threatens to choke her.  Mason runs in and tells Jack to let Nina go.  Jack tells Mason that Nina needs to be scared of something so thatís why he pushed her against the wall.  Jack wants to go back in and advises George to raise the thermostat by ten degrees.

Kate wants to talk to Marie.  Kate informs her sister that the wedding will have to be postponed.  Marie thinks Kate is being insincere.  Kate brings up that she quit school to help raise Marie when their mom died.  Marie yells at her sister and is adamant that the wedding will go on.

Kim and Miguel notice Gary at the hospital.  The doctor tells Gary that Megan has a concussion.  She tells Gary to turn off his cell phone.  Gary doesnít follow the doctorís orders and makes a call to work from Meganís room.  Gary tells his workplace to cancel all his meetings.

Jack asks about Ninaís source.  Jack has a gun and shoots near Ninaís head.  Nina realizes that she must talk so she admits her source is Faheen.  Nina adds that sheíll give Faheenís exact location when they land in Visalia.

David finds out that Roger Stanton made the call for military personnel to be evacuated.  David is outraged.  David confronts Roger.  Roger says he got the info from Rayburn and apologizes for the mistake.

Gary ties Meganís shoes.  Gary tells his daughter that they are leaving the hospital.  Gary gets a call at the nursesí station.  Gary tells Megan to stay put in her room.  Gary heads to the station.  Miguel poses as someone from Accounts Receivable at Garyís workplace.  Kim runs into Meganís room and tells her that they need to leave immediately.  Gary tells Miguel that he needs to get off the phone.  Gary returns to the room but Megan is gone.  Gary alerts a nurse.

Kim and Megan run into Miguel on the stairwell.  Megan is scared.  Kim tries to calm down Megan.  They run to a supply room.

Mason is worried that Jack wonít do his job.  Nina is transported out of the building.  Jack tells George that he should go home.

David confronts Sherry about the evacuation.  Sherry swears that she only wants to help.  David talks about the terrorist attack.  Sherry reveals that someone in the Department of Defense is saying that David canít trust the people in his Administration.  David says that he will need Sherryís help but stresses it is only to save American lives.

Rezaís parents arrive.  Kate greets them.  Rezaís mom makes compliments about the Warnerís home.  Kate explains that Reza is being interrogated by an agent.  Rezaís dad is infuriated.  Bob tries to reassure the couple that the situation will be taken care of.

Miguel doesnít think that they can leave the hospital without being spotted.  Miguel leaves the supply room.  Miguel grabs a computer at the nursesí station to cause a diversion.  Miguel runs and hides outside.  Miguel throws the computer in a dumpster as a security guard searches for him.  Kim and Megan manage to get outside the hospital but not before Gary spots them leaving.

Nina tries to make small talk with Agent Miller inside the transport vehicle.  Nina comments that Jack would not hesitate to kill her.  Jack is silent.

Reza tells Tony that he didnít transfer money to Ali.  Tony doesnít believe him.  Reza sees his parents arguing outside.  Tony believes that Reza is protecting someone.  Reza blurts out that Bob Warner is guilty.

Megan tells Kim that she doesnít feel good.  Gary shows up.  Gary grabs Kim by her hair.  Miguel intervenes and punches Gary.

Kate witnesses Reza reuniting with Marie and his parents.  Tony asks to speak to Bob.  Kate confronts Reza but he wonít say anything.

All tactical teams are ready in Visalia.   Agent Miller passes out in the van.  Nina realizes that Jack drugged the agentís water so he could be alone with her.

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