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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Aired 11/26/02


By Carrie

The CTU building inspector checks out the site.  Mason asks about Paula.  Tony says that he needs to check a lead on Syed Ali.  Mason wants Tony to stay put but Tony says no.  Mason gets a call from Jack.  Jack informs him that Waldís connection to CTU was Nina Myers.  Jack adds that he called Chappelle who is going to transfer Nina to CTU.  Jack wants to question her but Mason refuses.

At the Operations Complex, David and Lynne look at projected areas that could be hit like the Port of Los Angeles.  Lynne says that she will tell the others that Rayburn is gone.

Basheer, Markoís cohort, is driving a van.  Basheer pulls the van into a gas station to fill up.

Kim notices a police car pull up at the hospital.  Kim goes to the back door.  Gary is waiting there.  Gary threatens to have Kim arrested.  Kim asks about Carla.  Gary stresses that Kim canít prove he abused Megan.  Gary tells Kim to stay away from his family.

David briefs Roger Stanton, the NSA chief, about the situation.  David says that twenty-nine are confirmed dead at CTU.  David is concerned that another terrorist attack is imminent.

Michelle tells Mason that Division called.  Jack returns to CTU which is in disarray.  Mason is mad that Jack is not at Division.  Jack insists that he see Nina.  Mason doesnít answer.  Jack tells George that he is ready to be debriefed.  A medical tech says that Paula is awake.  Michelle and George ask Paula for the encryption code.  Paula can barely manage to speak but utters that she made a copy of the code.  Paula gives the info which is on her computer.  Paulaís vitals are dropping.  Michelle is able to retrieve the data.  Paula starts to code.  The medical personnel are unable to resuscitate Paula.

Reza and Kate return to the Warner estate.  Reza brings in lunch bags.  Bob tells Kate that he already knew about Rezaís purchase of a new home.  Bob emphasizes that Kateís PI cannot be trusted.  Agent Almeida shows up to speak to Reza.  Kate wonders what is going on.  Bob explains to Tony that this is bad timing.  Tony insists he talk to Mr Naiyeer.  Kate finds Reza putting groceries away.  Kate informs Reza that he has a visitor from the government.  Reza is adamant that Marie canít know about the matter.  Marie is in another room trying on her wedding dress.

David meets with the Prime Ministerís Ambassador and his security officer, Salim.  David inquires about possible arrests of Second Wave terrorists.  Roger doesnít think that the PM is doing enough.  The Ambassador is worried about retaliation.  The Ambassador suggests sharing Intel and all files on Second Wave.  David is hesitant.  Roger tells David that they canít jeopardize the men who are working undercover.  Lynne firmly agrees with Roger.

Jack gets a call from Kim.  Kim wants to know whatís wrong.  Kim admits that Megan is at the hospital.  Jack urges Kim to head to her auntís house because a bomb could detonate in Los Angeles.  Kim says that sheíll leave right away.

Michelle speaks to Jack.  Jack says that Mason canít make him leave the CTU building.  Shackled, Nina is escorted in.  Nina is being transported through CTU.  Jack glares at Nina.   Nina glances at Jack.  Mason interrogates Nina.  Mason is angered by Ninaís actions.  Nina will talk for a Presidential pardon.  Mason says no way.  Nina is uncompliant.  Jack asks if Nina said anything.  Mason takes a call in his office.

Tony questions Reza at the house.  Reza is impatient.  Reza swears he doesnít know Ali.  Tony produces evidence of Rezaís guilt.  Reza stresses that he doesnít know where itís from.

In another room in the estate, Bob wants to know when Tony will be done with Reza.  Bob insists that the wedding will still go on as planned.

Ryan Chappelle calls David and says that Nina wants a pardon.

Jack gives Michelle his complete debriefing statement.  Jack wonít leave CTU.  The phone rings Ė itís for Jack.   David explains to Jack that he has to give Nina a pardon and then she will be deported.  Jack is furious.

Kim calls a guy named Miguel who works at a music studio.  Kim needs Miguelís help.

Mason takes some pills to alleviate his symptoms.  Jack announces that he wants to interrogate Nina.  Mason says no.  Jack is suspicious of Masonís state-of-mind.  Jack asks Michelle for Masonís log-in sheets.

Marie tells Kate that her dress fits perfectly.  Marie inquires about Reza.  Kate explains that Reza is talking to a government agent.  Marie wants the agents to leave.  Kate comes clean that she did some digging on Reza.  Marie is horrified and feels betrayed.  Bob reassures his daughters that everything will be okay.  Marie is clear that she doesnít want Kate at the wedding.

Miguel takes a cab to the hospital.  Kim wants to get Megan to safety.  Miguel suggests going to the cops.  Kim blurts out that they need to leave the Los Angeles area.

George continues to cough.  Jack is waiting in Masonís office.  Jack tells George that he knows he was exposed to plutonium.  Jack presses for the interrogation of Nina.  Mason finally relents and tells Jack he can question Nina.

Lynne talks to David about the exchange of info with the Ambassador.  Lynne and David are mortified to learn that the Ambassadorís chopper crashed near Los Angeles.

Jack stares at the surveillance feed coming from Interrogation.   Nina, sensing someone is watching, stares right into the camera at Jack.

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