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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Aired 11/19/02

George Mason

By Carrie

Ambulances are rushing to the scene at CTU.  Eddie, Jack, and the men listen in to the police radio signals.

At CTU, Michelle begins searching for survivors.  Michelle thinks that Tony is trapped under the wreckage, but hears Almeida’s voice nearby.  Tony shouts to Michelle that she should begin setting up a triage.  Paula is trapped under some debris.  Paula is badly hurt.  Tony says that they need to carefully remove the debris or Paula could die.

Megan tells Kim that she doesn’t feel good.  Megan begins to seizure.  A paramedic wants to bring Megan to the hospital.

David doesn’t have much to say to Eric.  Lynne blames Eric for the deaths at CTU.  Rayburn says that Lynne doesn’t have any proof that she tried to alert David about the situation.

Mason talks to a paramedic about what symptoms he should expect.  The man says that Mason’s hair will begin to fall out, skin lesions will form, and bleeding will occur.  Tony calls Mason and announces that CTU was bombed.  Tony adds that nineteen people are confirmed dead.  Tony explains that NSA has the info but that they don’t have the security code that Paula was working on.  George admits that he isn’t sure when he can get back to CTU.

The van pulls up to another vehicle near the bluffs.  Eddie calls Joe.  Eddie writes down an address on a matchbook.  Jack takes Eddie by surprise by pointing a gun at him.  Jack divulges that he is a government agent.  Eddie thinks that Jack is making a mistake.  Jack shoots Wald’s men.  Eddie drives the car toward Jack.  Jack shoots at Eddie.  Eddie dies.  Jack grabs the matchbook.  Jack drives away in Eddie’s car.

Michelle answers the phone at CTU.  Michelle informs Jack that twenty-one people have died.  Jack asks why they weren’t evacuated sooner.  Jack is heading to Joseph Wald’s home.  Jack gives Michelle the address.  Jack asks about Kim.  Michelle says that she needs to speak to Tony.

Michelle tells Tony about Jack.  Tony realizes that Kim was on her way to CTU and is worried if she was caught in the explosion.

Kim is at the hospital.  The doctor explains that Megan has a head injury that occurred before the CTU blast.  The doctor adds that Megan’s other injuries show a pattern of abuse.  Kim is adamant that she didn’t cause the injuries.

At the Operations Complex, news reports are showing coverage about the CTU explosion.  There is talk about evacuating Los Angeles.  Rayburn doesn’t think that people will panic.  David doesn’t agree.  Rayburn admits that he is looking out for David politically.  David decides to postpone the evacuation for now.

Jack calls David.  Lynne answers.  Jack is irate that CTU wasn’t evacuated sooner.  Lynne explains that she tried to contact the President.  Jack comments that Lynne is responsible for the deaths at CTU.

Kate talks to her father about Reza.  Kate explains that she was suspicious of Reza from the start and had him checked out.  Kate blurts out that Reza is in contact with a terrorist.  Bob thinks that there has to be a reasonable explanation for the meetings.  Bob admits that he checked out Reza too but didn’t find anything.  Bob wants Kate to let it go.  Reza appears and states that his cousin likes Kate.  Kate says that she has to go pick up lunch.  Reza offers to go with.  Kate seems uncomfortable but agrees to leave with Reza.

Mason is in the ambulance.  Mason talks to Tony.  Tony needs George’s password.  George inquires about Paula’s condition.  George asks the EMT if he is contagious.

Jack shows up at Wald’s home.  Jack knocks on the front door.  Wald asks where Eddie is.  Jack wants to be let in.  Wald opens the door.  Once inside, Jack pulls a gun on Joe.  Jack asks Joe to drop his weapon.  Jack inquires about the CTU bombing.  Jack demands to know who ordered the hit.  Joe is unwilling to talk.  A dog comes out of nowhere.  Jack is distracted while Wald gets away.  Jack runs to a shed.  Wald has locked himself in a room with steel doors.  Jack notices a video camera in the corner.

Kim calls Carla from the hospital.  Kim explains that Megan had a seizure.  Carla is mad at Kim and states that Gary should be given the benefit of the doubt.  Kim discloses that Megan has past injuries.  Carla is upset and asks for the name of the hospital.  Carla is just leaving when Gary returns home.

Jack can’t get into the room.  Jack tells Joe that the police are on their way.  Jack tries to reason with Wald.  Jack brings up that one million people could die because of the choices Joe has made.  Jack wants Wald to make the right decision.

Reza and Kate are in the car.  Reza doesn’t think that Kate likes him.  Reza says that he wants to show Kate something.  Kate is frightened and tells Reza to pull over.  Reza replies that he just wanted to show Kate the new house that he bought for Marie and himself.

The men are trying to get debris off of Paula.  The paramedics check her vitals.  Paula is hemorrhaging internally and needs to get to the hospital.  Paula is carried out on a stretcher.  George returns to CTU.  Tony is surprised to see him.  Paula needs surgery, but George maintains that she is the only one who knows the codes to give NSA.  George wants Paula to be woken up.

Lynne speaks to David.  David confronts her about the CTU blast.  Lynne feels guilty that she didn’t try harder to get a hold of the President.  Lynne wants to resign but David says no.

Michelle asks Tony about Paula.  Tony tells her about the situation.  Michelle thinks that Paula will end up dying without surgery.  Tony confides that he was the one who recruited Paula to work for CTU.  Michelle says that she is sorry.

David asks to see Rayburn.  David tells Eric that he is fired.  David says that it is unexcusable that twenty-seven people have died due to the CTU explosion.  Rayburn is escorted out of the Complex.

Jack asks Joe to give himself up.  Joe finally opens the door.  Joe has a envelope containing his source within CTU.  Joe shoots himself.  Jack opens the envelope and looks at photos showing Eddie meeting with Nina Myers.

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