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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Aired 11/12/02

Tony and someone on phone

By Carrie

Kim calls out to Megan.  Nearby, Gary is being checked out by paramedics.  Gary tells the police that Kim Bauer kidnapped his daughter.

Tony calls Mason and asks him to check up on a lead before heading to Bakersfield.

At the Operations Complex, Lynne presents David with some new Intel.

Kim almost gets hit by a car while she searches for Megan.  Kim spots Megan across the street.  Kim is mad at Megan for not staying put, but is relieved that she is okay.

Jack doesnít think that Eddie will be able to take down CTU.  Jack asks too many questions and Eddie becomes suspicious of him.  Jack gets a call from Kim.  Kim says that sheís in trouble.  Kim asks Jack for a ride.  Jack maintains that he doesnít have time to talk.  Jack instructs Kim to go to Aunt Carolís house.  Kim is surprised by Jackís evasiveness.  Eddie asks about the phone call.  Jack lies and says that Kim is his girlfriend.

Kim calls CTU.  Tony tells her that Jack is working.  Tony canít hear Kim very well through the phone.  Kim replies that she will take a bus to CTU.

Michelle questions why CTUís phone system is full of static.

Eddie and his men are messing with CTUís phone lines.   In private, Jack calls CTU but canít get through.  Jack makes a call to the President.  Lynne answers for David.  Lynne explains that David is unavailable.  Jack explains that Wald is planning on bombing CTU.  Jack asks for CTU to be notified of the situation and presses for an immediate evacuation of the building.

Lynne tells Eric about Jackís tip.  Rayburn thinks that Wald wants to cause a diversion from the major attack planned.  Rayburn doesnít want to intervene because Jackís cover will be compromised.  Lynne is mortified that Eric would allow the bombing at CTU to occur.  Eric maintains that they should keep quiet and not tell David.  Lynne decides to call David about the matter.

Eddie, Jack, and the other men pull up to a fenced area where two technicians are standing.  Eddie shoots one of them dead.  The other tech is taken by gunpoint.  Eddie wants the tech to call his boss to get access to the CTU building.

Rayburn calls Tony and instructs him to send all info about the nuclear bomb to the NSA servers.  Tony says that he canít get it done until noon but Rayburn wants it sooner.  Tony tells Paula to send the info to NSA.  Michelle thinks that something is wrong.

Mason arrives at a garage where some LAPD officers are waiting.  They open a garage door and walk inside.  Men with guns are waiting inside.  Mason asks if anyone is there.  They find an area inside with radioactive materials.  Someone shoots at Mason.  Mason realizes that the garage is contaminated.  Mason tells a cop to contact Hazmat immediately.  Mason starts coughing.

Kim and Megan are on the bus.  Kim asks Megan how she is doing.  Megan asks about Kimís mom.  Kim reveals that her mom passed away.  Kim reassures Megan that everything is going to be okay.

Eddieís men pull up to CTU.  The tech tells the security guard that he is doing a system check on the phone lines.  The guard checks out the info, but insists that he check the back of the van.  The guard seems reluctant to let them in, but finally relents.  Once inside, the tech inquires about Eddieís plan.

Marie tells Kate that someone named Burton wants to speak to her.  Kate takes the phone call inside.  Burton confirms that Reza has been in contact with Ali.  Burton is going to contact Homeland Security but wants Kate to keep quiet about the situation.  Rezaís cousin arrives at the house.  Reza and Marie want to introduce Kate to the cousin but she bluntly says no.  Marie confronts her sister.  Marie wants Kate to be supportive of her marriage to Reza.  They hug.

Jenny, Davidís Press Secretary, shows up at the Operations Complex.  Lynne is irritated that David didnít show up himself.  Lynne thinks that Rayburn talked to Jenny.

In the back of the van, the tech tries to get free from the tape around his hands.  Jack is sitting in the van as a lookout.  Eddie and his men go up on the elevator.  They enter CTU.  Tony walks right by Eddie and his men who are posing as technicians.

Mason is being quarantined in the garage.  Mason calls Tony.  Mason says that radioactive material was found at the site.  Tony asks Mason if it is procedure for NSA to ask for information sent to their servers.  Mason explains that it is protocol.  Tony isnít convinced.  Mason says that he needs to go.  Once off the phone, Mason takes off his clothes and is hosed down by the Hazmat workers.

Michelle asks Paula if she has finished sending the files to NSA.  Paula is worried.  Paula is concerned since all of her family and friends live in the Los Angeles area.  Michelle tells Paula that everything will be alright.

One of Eddieís men is planting bombs in a CTU room.  It is twelve minutes until detonation.

From the van, Jack sees a couple walk by in the parking garage.  Jack lets the tech go.  The tech blames Jack for allowing his co-worker to die.  Jack asks the man to take a note to Tony Almeida.  The tech agrees and hides under a vehicle.

Eddie and the others return to the van.  Jack has cut himself to thwart suspicion.  Eddie wants to know where the tech is.  Jack lies and says that he passed out and doesnít know where the tech ran off to.  Eddie comments that they need to leave CTU because there are only seven minutes left until the explosion.  The van leaves the garage.  The tech gets up from under the nearby vehicle and heads toward the CTU entrance.

Kim and Megan show up at CTU.  Kim tells the guard that Tony is expecting them.

In the van, Eddie announces that they have four minutes until detonation.

Lynne is mad that David never called her back.  Rayburn admits that he talked to Jenny.  Lynne and Rayburn argue just as David walks into the O.C.  Lynne tells David about the situation.  David is mad at Rayburn.

Michelle tells Tony about the tech who has a note for him saying that CTU will be bombed soon.  Tony instructs Michelle to have everyone evacuated from the premises.  Lynne calls and speaks to Tony.  Tony is mad that CTU wasnít given a headís up a half hour earlier.  Kim and Megan are told to leave the CTU building.

The van pulls up in an alley.  They wait for the detonation.

Paula wants to work on the files for NSA but Tony insists that they need to leave now.  Suddenly there is an explosion.

Jack and the men watch from a distance.  Jack shakes Eddieís hand.

At CTU, it is chaos.  Kim and Megan donít know what to do.

Rayburn notifies David that CTU has been hit.

A technician tells George that he has been exposed to a lethal amount of radiation.  The tech sadly informs Mason that he only has a day to a week to live.

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