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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Aired 5/20/03

Vice President Prescott and Mike Novick

By Carrie

Jack wakes up and grabs at his chest.  Jack asks Sherry if she is okay.  The SUV wonít start.  Sherry gets out.  Sherry informs Jack that she wonít help him.  Sherry walks away but Jack tries to talk her out of it.  Jack canít get his seat belt undone.  Sherry returns to the car.

Jacobs wants to speak to Mike.  They have Kingsleyís phone records which show Peter called Wallace several times.

The attack on the three countries will take place within the hour.  Prescott is told that civilian casualties are expected.

Mike calls Ryan.  Jack is still working on the tape.  Mike surprises Chappelle by saying that he wants Ryan to assist Jack.  Chappelle is hesitant but Mike stresses that it is a direct order.

Max talk to Peter.  Max wants all loose ends dealt with and Hewitt killed.

Ryan speaks to Tony and Michelle in the Holding room.  Chappelle wants to get a hold of Jack.  Tony suggests that Chappelle drop all charges before he and Michelle will help.  Ryan agrees to it but Tony wants it in writing.

Sherry helps Jack out of the car.  A man asks if they need help.  Jack and Sherry take the manís vehicle.

Kate and Kim show up at CTU.  They talk to Carrie.  Carrie says that Jack is still working.  Tony walks by and comments to Carrie that he and Michelle were released.  Tony asks Kim how she is doing.  Tony tells Kate that Bob is back at CTU to speak to Marie.

Bob tries to reason with Marie but she wonít talk.  Bob canít believe Marieís actions and wants to know why she did what she did.  Marie is quiet.  Kate shows up.  Kate says that Marie wonít explain herself.  Bob and Kate are about to leave when Marie says ďKateĒ.  Shackled, Marie stands up and walks to the glass.  Marie warns Kate that sheíll never be safe.

Tony calls Jack.  Tony relays that Kim is safe at CTU.  Jack is relieved.  Chappelle explains that they are all working together now and Jack has their full support.  Jack informs them that he is meeting with Kingsley.  Ryan wants backup at the Coliseum.  Jack asks for an audio feed sent to the President.

Jack and Sherry arrive at the Coliseum.  Jack puts a wireless transmitter on Sherry.  Jack begins to set up the audio feed.

Mike tells Prescott that there is good evidence that the tape is a fake.  Mike also discloses the connection between Second Wave and Kingsley.  Mike says that Prescott will have a live feed coming from the Coliseum.

Michelle tells Jack that she has copies of Sherry and Peterís voices so they are set to go.  Sherry is worried that sheíll be shot.  Sherry admits that she is doing this for David.  Sherry heads inside the Coliseum.

The feed is ready.  Prescott isnít very optimistic.  David will be listening to the feed as well.  David finds out that Sherry will be speaking directly to Peter.  Mike admits that Peter recruited Sherry.  David canít believe it.

Sherry waits for Peter.  Gunmen are on the roof.  Kingsley and his bodyguards show up.  Jack sets up the audio feed.  Peter checks Sherry for wires.  Sherry pleads with Peter to confess.  Michelle confirms that it is Kingsley speaking.  Peter says enough to confirm that the recording is a fake.  Peter thinks that Sherry is bluffing about Hewitt.  Peter tells Scott to take her out.  Jack starts shooting and tells Sherry to run.  Sherry runs into a secluded area and grabs at her wound.  Jack grabs Sherry.  They run until a man lunges at Jack.  Jack yells for Sherry to leave.  Jack and the man fight.  Jack breaks the manís neck.  Jack isnít in good shape.  Peter is still alive and approaches Jack who is laying next to some bleachers.  Jack grabs a gun but he is out of bullets.  Jack realizes he is out of options.  Peter aims the gun at Jack but the CTU chopper appears overhead.  Peter is shot repeatedly in the chest.  The SWAT team enters the Coliseum.  Jack passes out.

Prescott aborts the planned attack.  David is relieved.

Max receives a call that Peter is dead.  Max realizes that there will be no war.  Max makes a phone call and tells someone that Plan B will have to begin.

Prescott tells David that he will resign as well as the Cabinet members that voted against Palmer.  David brings up that they almost went to war based on limited information.  David surprises them by saying he will not accept the resignations.  Prescott is speechless.

David wants to set up a press conference.  David thanks Mike for calling CTU but announces that he is fired.

Ryan is congratulated by the District Director on a job well done.  Tony is not happy that Chappelle is sitting in his office.  Ryan graciously leaves.  Michelle walks in.  Michelle states that she is going to go home with Danny.  Tony praises Michelle on her hard work today.   Michelle smiles.

Kate and Kim show up outside the Coliseum.  Kim reunites with Jack.  Jack reassures his daughter that everything will be okay.

David makes a statement to the press.  David maintains that America will not be defeated by anyone.  Everyone cheers.  Mandy, one of Ira Gainesí associates, shows up at the press conference.  Mandy shakes Davidís hand.  Mandy leaves.  In private, Mandy pulls off a clear layer on her palm and puts it into a metal container.  Mandy calls Max to say that Plan B is in effect.

David begins to feel disoriented.  David looks down at his burnt palm which is full of blisters.  David falls to the ground and everyone panics.

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