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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Aired 5/13/03


By Carrie

At  CTU, Chappelle is still unconscious.  Michelle tells Jack that the chopper will land in ten minutes.  Brad Hammond calls and wants to speak to Chappelle.  Tony lies to Brad.  Tony tells Michelle that Alex Hewitt is their priority.

Jack goes through the hidden tunnel.  Jack yells out to Alex to stop running.  Jack discloses that Alex can cut a deal.  Alex realizes he is trapped.  Jack tries to reason with him.  Alex breaks through a wall and runs away.  Jack squints at the sun which is beginning to rise in the distance.

Using the speakerphone, Peter talks to Eve, one of his associates.  Eve informs Peter that Hewitt hasnít been found.

Alex climbs to the top of the building using a ladder.  Alex pulls the ladder up so Jack has to climb on a pipe.  Jack appears exhausted.  Jack is grabbing at his chest.  Alex and Jack are on the rooftop.  Alex has a gun.  Jack tells Alex to drop it.  Jack has no choice but to shoot Alex in the leg.  Alex falls down and canít move.  Jack tells him to stay awake.  Jack checks his leg.  Jack reminds Alex that the chopper will be there soon.  Alexís leg hurts.  Jack notices that Alex has a head wound.  Jack is concerned.  Jack makes a call to Tony.  Jack wants medical personnel brought to the scene.  Tony says that CTU is on to him and Jack will need to contact Michelle from now on.

Michelle prepares to leave the CTU building.  Tony gives Michelle some keys.  Carrie stops Michelle.  Carrie inquires about Ryan.  Carrie is suspicious.  Michelle tells Carrie to back off.

Counselor Brian Jacobs arrives to speak to David.  Jacobs tells David that he can appeal but itís a lengthy process.  David needs help proving the tape is fabricated.

In a CTU van, Michelle sets up the computer system.  Michelle realizes that Carrie is going to be a problem.

People from Division show up at CTU.  Hammond demands to speak to Chappelle.  Hammond wants CTU in a lockdown.  Tony is worried.

Jacobs talks to Mike.  Mike says that they need credible evidence to show the tape isnít authentic.  Jacobs stresses that Mike needs to do the right thing.  Jacobs adds that Mike owes David.  Mike agrees to have a computer set up for David.

The Division reps check out the CTU building.  They realize that one of the Holding rooms is locked.  Once the door is opened, Chappelle is found dazed, sitting on the floor.

Alex is confused and disoriented.  The chopper can be heard.  Jack waves for it to land.

Carrie instructs the chopperís pilot to turn around.  Jack is irate.  Jack calls Michelle and wants the chopper brought back.  Alex dies.  Jack calls Michelle again.  Michelle tells Jack to get back to Alexís loft and log on to his computer.

Mike tells David that the Prime Minister wants assurance that they wonít be attacked.  Mike asks David to speak to the Prime Minister as President.  David realizes that the PM hasnít been notified of the changes.

Jack returns to the loft.  Sherryís wound isnít too bad.  Jack says that Alex is dead.  Jack wants Sherryís help.  Jack wants Sherry to bring in Peter Kingsley.  Jack advises Sherry to call Peter and make an exchange:  Alex Hewitt for the incriminating tapes of her and Peter.  Jack grabs at his chest.  Sherry is concerned about Jackís health.

Peter speaks to Max, another associate.  Max is waiting on a yacht.  Peter thinks that the chip isnít in the governmentís hands.  Max wants Alex Hewitt to be found.

Tony sees that Ryan has been located.  Tony is arrested.  Chappelle asks about Michelle.  Carrie tells Ryan that she can lead him to Michelle.  Tony is put in Holding.

Michelle tells Jack to send info from Hewittís computer.  Jack finds the midnight call between Hewitt and Sherry.  Jack and Michelle listen to the conversation.  Michelle notices that agents are outside the van.  Michelle explains to Jack that the template is complete.  An agent spots Michelle in the van.  Michelle is arrested before Jack can speak to her again.

David goes to the conference room.  Prescott speaks to David.  The Prime Minister talks with David.

Kate goes to find Kim.  Kim is holding a gun.  They come face to face.  Kim is paranoid.  Kate explains that Jack called her.  Kim still doesnít trust Kate.  Kate reassures Kim that everything will be okay.

Tony and Michelle are both in the Holding room.  Tony thinks that they will be charged with treason.  Tony says that heíll cover for Michelle.  Michelle bluntly says no.  Michelle grabs Tonyís hand.

Mike thanks David for his help with the PM.  Mike grants David low security access.

Kim is curious as to why Jack called Kate.  Kate explains that they just met yesterday.  Kim wants Jack to be happy.

Jack has Sherry call Peter.  Sherry tells Kingsley that they are on a secure line.  Sherry suggests an exchange.  Kingsley isnít convinced.  Sherry threatens to reveal everything.  A meeting is set up at the Los Angeles Coliseum.  Peter tells Eve that Sherry is saying she has Hewitt.  Peter senses it is a trap but isnít worried since he will have shooters in place.  Peter hugs Eve.  Peter grabs for a knife on his desk.

Sherry thinks that the meeting will be dangerous.  Jack is having problems with his heart.  As Jack drives, he starts to grab at his chest.  Sherry suggests pulling over but Jack says no.  Sherry tries to grab the wheel when Jack starts swerving all over the road.  They crash.

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