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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM
Aired 5/6/03


By Carrie

Sherry and her accomplice look for Hewitt in the loft.  The man decides to check out the garage.

Prescott decides to go over the satellite feeds.  The plan for a military strike continues as scheduled.  Mike wants David’s key codes.  David appears to be hurt by Mike’s unfriendliness.

CTU is notified of the announcement that Prescott is now the President.  Tony thinks the whole thing is suspicious.  Ryan doesn’t want to hear it.  Tony doesn’t know how to proceed.

The man returns to the loft.  Sherry comments that Alex is gone.  Jack takes the two by surprise.  Jack punches the man and pushes Sherry to the ground.  Jack orders Sherry to stand.  Jack handcuffs the man to some furniture.  Sherry says that she is at Alex’s loft to help David.  Jack is angry that Sherry is involved.  Sherry explains that the recording was made so the U.S. would start a war.  Jack threatens to shoot Sherry if she doesn’t come clean.  Sherry admits that Hewitt was helping Kingsley since he has oil interests in the Caspian Sea.  Jack shoots at the wall and realizes that there is a hidden room in the loft.  Jack yells for Alex to come out.  Alex appears, obviously scared.  Sherry advises Alex to keep quiet.  Jack explains that Alex is in trouble and wants him to talk.  Alex admits that he just met Sherry today.  Jack asks for Alex’s keys.  Jack starts to call CTU but Sherry agrees to help.  Sherry says that she needs to get rid of the incriminating recordings of her and Kingsley’s conversations.  Sherry will help Jack but wants full immunity.  Jack is hesitant.  Sherry says she wanted revenge on David for turning his back on her.  Jack realizes Sherry is only protecting herself.  Jack knows that he can’t prove Sherry’s wrongdoing.  Sherry tries to reason with Alex.

David wants Aaron’s advice but he is unable to respond.  David says that Jack saved many lives today.  David wants Aaron’s help.  David wants Jack to be called.  David knows that Aaron will do the right thing.

Michelle asks Carrie to take care of something.  Carrie wants to squeal to Chappelle.  Carrie runs to Chappelle with her suspicions.

Jack calls Tony.  Tony informs Jack that Prescott is now the President.  Tony tells Jack that they need the proof ASAP!  Sherry reassures Alex that they need each other.  Sherry tells Alex that he will get full immunity as well.  Alex agrees to testify.  Jack tells them that a chopper is on its way.

Ryan won’t okay the chopper.  Tony is outraged.  Ryan announces that Tony is being reassigned and wants Almeida to leave the CTU building.

Hewitt uploads his computer.  Alex explains that he can show that the recording was a fake by making another fabricated tape from his laptop.  Suddenly, Alex senses something is wrong.  Alex is paranoid.  Sherry defends Alex.  Alex wants to speak to Jack alone.  Alex asks for the truth.

Kim is brought to the Matheson home.  The cop lets her go inside.  Kim stops to look at a family portrait.

Michelle can’t believe that Tony was reassigned.  David calls Tony.  Tony patches the call to Jack.  David asks for an update.  Jack explains that Sherry is at Hewitt’s place.  Jack can’t say much.  David speaks to Sherry.  Sherry admits that the recording is a fake.  David can’t believe that Sherry is helping Jack.  Jack tells Tony that they need the chopper.  Tony needs Michelle’s help.

Gary shows up at the house.

Mike walks in on David using the phone.  Mike takes the phone away.  Mike wants Agent Pierce arrested.  David is disappointed in Mike.  David tells Aaron he is sorry.

Kim starts packing her bags.  Gary goes upstairs to the master bedroom.  Gary grabs a gun and his passport.  Kim hears something and checks it out but no one is in the house.

Michelle calls Ryan and asks him to come to the Holding room.  Michelle waits inside.  Ryan walks in and Tony grabs him.  Tony knocks out Chappelle using chloroform.  Tony instructs Michelle to get the chopper to Jack.

Sherry wants to stay out of the situation.  Jack can’t believe that Sherry is not willing to cooperate all of a sudden.  Jack announces that David is no longer president.  Sherry is stunned.

Tony calls Jack.  Tony says that the Attorney General has been notified.  Sherry is mad at Jack.

Kim sees that the cop is dead.  Kim grabs her bags but spots Gary on the stairs.  Kim locks herself in the bedroom.  Gary manages to get inside.  Gary pulls the handle for the ceiling attic.  Gary pokes his head inside the attic.  Kim kicks Gary.  Gary falls to the ground.  Kim falls through the ceiling and hits her head.  Kim manages to get the gun and calls CTU on her cell.  Michelle answers and sends the call to Jack.  Kim explains that Gary is at the house and tried to kill her.  Jack advises Kim to shoot Gary.  Kim is reluctant but once Gary awakens, she shoots him in the chest.  Kim is frightened.  Jack tells Kim to shoot Gary once more.  Kim listens to her father.  Gary is dead.  Kim is sobbing.  Jack wants Kim to go downstairs and wait for the police.

Jack calls Kate, who is taking a bath.  Jack wants Kate to go pick up Kim and bring her to CTU.  Kate says she’ll help.

Panicked, Alex stabs Sherry.  Alex manages to get away through a hidden hole in the wall.

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