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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 4:00 AM - 5:00 AM
Aired 4/29/03


By Carrie

At Kate’s house, Jack tries to reason with the two men.  Jack explains why he needs the chip.  Kate can’t believe that Jack is talking to them.  The men argue about opening the door.  There is a struggle.  Jack gets through the door and grabs the memory chip.

Mike asks David to go to the conference room.  David senses something is wrong.  David won’t leave his office without some explanation.  Mike says that some members of the Cabinet doubt David can still lead as President.  David is angry.  They head to the conference room where David sees Prescott via a live video feed.  Prescott apologizes for the situation.  Prescott points out that many feel that David can’t do his job anymore.  Prescott thinks that David is overwhelmed by the situation at hand.  David maintains that the tape hasn’t been proven authentic and he’s still waiting to hear from Jack.  David wants to be sure.  David asks for the meeting to be over.  Prescott stresses that David should make a statement to the Cabinet.  Prescott says that David appears to be irrational and unstable.  David tries to convince the Cabinet that he is confident in his decision making.  Prescott says that they are not interested in his demeanor only his actions.  David makes a suggestion: Prescott will resign if the vote is in David’s favor.

Tony asks Chappelle about David’s latest action to stop the military strike.  Chappelle implies that David will be changing his mind soon.  Michelle says that Jack called from Kate’s home.  Jack uploads the chip on the Warner’s computer.  Jack asks Michelle to run a background check on Peter Kingsley.  Tony thinks the President’s order will be reversed.

Ron Wieland is brought in to the Cabinet meeting.  Ron explains that he was illegally detained by the President.  Ron admits that he wasn’t hurt or threatened.  David makes some good points but Ron maintains his rights were violated.

Michelle goes through the process with Jack on how to send the chip’s data.  Jack finds that the chip has been compromised.  Michelle wants Jack to send her as much data as possible.

Kim calls CTU.  Kim wants to talk to Jack.

Michelle gets the data from Jack.  Tony tells Jack that Kim is on the line.  The police are in the process of bringing Kim to the Matheson house to get her things.  Kim is happy to hear from Jack.  They both say “I love you” to one another.

David realizes that Mike knew in advance about the Vice President’s emergency meeting.  David feels betrayed by his friend.  Mike wants David to reconsider his stance.

Roger Stanton walks in to the meeting apparently in grave condition.  Roger discloses that he was tortured under Palmer’s order.  David shakes his head in disbelief.  Roger bends the truth so he looks less guilty.

Ryan confronts Tony.  Tony says that they have info that the tape is fabricated.  Michelle promises to have the needed evidence soon.  Ryan makes a call to Prescott.

The Cabinet watches in horror as the tape of Roger’s torture plays out.  David says that Stanton knew about the bomb.  Roger excuses it away.  David wants the rest of the tape played but Prescott says that he doesn’t have anymore video.  David realizes he is being underminded by many.  David asks Mike to back him up.  Mike doesn’t defend David.  David points out Roger’s guilt in the attack.  David pleads his case.  The Vice President gets a note from Chappelle that Bauer has proof that is being checked out.  David is relieved.

Nothing incriminating has been found on the memory chip.  Chappelle isn’t pleased.

The men at Kate’s home are arrested.  Kate is emotional.  Kate blames herself.  Jack reassures Kate that she helped them find the bomb.  Jack hugs Kate.  It appears they are about to kiss when Jack gets a phone call.  Tony says that there is no audio file on the memory chip.  Tony adds that they found a trace of who made the original recording – a hacker named Alex Hewitt.  Jack writes down Hewitt’s address.  Jack says he has to go check out a lead.  Kate tells Jack to be careful.

Prescott wants to speed up the meeting and start the voting process.  David advises against it.  David manages to talk to Jack over the phone.  Jack explains that he was tortured by Peter Kingsley’s men.  Jack adds that Kingsley has oil interests in the Middle East so he wants the U.S. to go to war with the three countries overseas.  Jack swears that the tape is a fake.  The Cabinet asks for a time frame.  The Vice President wants to vote.  Mike tells David to give up on Jack.  The voting begins.

Jack calls Tony to say that he’s on his way to Hewitt’s loft.  Tony goes over Alex’s bio.

The voting is tied 7-7 with only the Secretary of Defense’s vote remaining.  Unfortunately, he votes against the President.

Prescott tells David that he will be escorted to a holding room.  Aaron enters and escorts David out of the conference room.  Aaron feels sorry for David.

Jack knocks on Hewitt’s door and enters holding a gun.  The place is ransacked with videotapes strewn across the floor.

Prescott is sworn in as President.

Jack hears a noise in the loft so he hides.  A man walks in.  Behind the man, Sherry appears and calls out to Alex Hewitt.

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