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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 3:00 AM - 4:00 AM
Aired 4/22/03

Ronnie Stark

By Carrie

News reports are confirming that there was a nuclear attack in Los Angeles.

Two of Peter’s men storm into an urgent care demanding a supply of epinephrine.

Ronnie tries to shock Jack back to life.  Peter calls for an update.  O’Hara, one of the henchmen, speaks to Peter about a progress report on Jack.  The men return with the doctor so he can administer the drug.  Jack still isn’t responding.  Ronnie yells for the doctor to try again.  Jack wakes up dazed.  Ronnie asks O’Hara what Peter said on the phone.  O’Hara comments that he’s being promoted and shoots Ronnie in the head.

By phone, Vice President Jim Prescott and Mike talk about the situation with David.  Prescott stresses that he didn’t want to take this route with the President but felt he had no choice.  Mike is worried about the outcome.  Prescott thanks Mike for his help.  David walks in.  Mike appears flustered.  David reminds Mike that they are doing the right thing by delaying an attack.  Mike tells David that Lynne isn’t feeling good so she’s resting.

Lynne bangs on the door and yells for Isberg to let her go.  Lynne manages to get the lock off a storage cabinet.

The men rob Auda.  They take his money and the valuable memory chip.  Kate asks for the chip.  The men want something in return.  Kate offers to give them lots of money which is located at her residence.  A man points a gun at Auda’s head but there are no bullets.  Kate and the men drive away.  Auda crawls to a nearby payphone.  Auda is unable to get through to CTU.

O’Hara asks the doc to give Jack more epinephrine.  The doctor advises against it but has no choice.  O’Hara asks Jack about the chip.  Jack doesn’t know where it is.  Peter calls.  In private, Jack begs the doc to help him.  The doctor is reluctant but finally begins to undo the knots around Jack’s wrists.  The men walk back into the room.  The doctor administers more drugs.

Chappelle arrives at CTU.  Chappelle speaks to Michelle.  Ryan thanks Tony for not sticking by Jack.  Tony comments that Jack might be right about the recording.  Chappelle doesn’t want to hear it and maintains that he won’t take responsibility for Jack’s actions.

Lynne finds a blowtorch in the cabinet and starts a fire in the storage room.  The fire alarm goes off.  Isberg opens the door.  Lynne hits him with a fire extinguisher.  Lynne runs down the stairwell.  Isberg catches up with her and Lynne falls down a few stories.

David speaks to Agent Pierce in private.  David is concerned that he is unable to get a hold of Prescott.  David asks for Aaron’s advice.  Aaron is concerned that David’s actions regarding the delayed attack aren’t well-liked by the Cabinet.  However, Aaron believes that David is making the right decision.

In Peter’s office, a man named Alexander Trepkos talks about the recording.  Kingsley thinks that David will have to retaliate.  Trepkos is worried about Jack Bauer.

Jack is punched repeatedly because he won’t talk.  O’Hara tells the doc to administer high levels of the drug.  Jack finally agrees to talk.  O’Hara bends down to hear Jack.  The doctor puts the hypodermic needle in O’Hara’s back.  O’Hara can’t breathe and falls to the ground.  Jack shoots the other henchman in the room.  Jack gets dressed and asks O’Hara for the name of the man responsible.  O’Hara manages to say “Peter Kingsley” before Jack kills him.

David tells Mike that he hasn’t heard from Prescott in a while.  Mike doesn’t think it’s strange since the VP is very busy.  Mike says that he’ll call Jim himself.  David wants Lynne to check out Jenny’s rough draft of his statement.  Mike offers to give the draft to Lynne.   Alone, Mike puts the papers in a desk drawer.  Mike calls Prescott.  Mike confides that David is suspicious.  The Vice President wants more time to get the Cabinet on his side.

Jack calls Michelle and says he is on his way to meet Auda and Kate.  Michelle loses the signal.  Michelle alerts Tony.  Tony tells Michelle to check it out.  Tony comments to Chappelle that Jack tried to call CTU.  Ryan doesn’t want Tony to be distracted.

Prescott speaks to David over the phone.  David asks if there is a problem.  Jim is evasive.  David confides to Mike that he doesn’t trust Prescott.  Aaron walks in and informs the two that Lynne suffered a serious fall.  Mike looks worried.

Michelle learns that Jack called from an urgent care center.  Tony is worried about Chappelle finding out.

Jack doesn’t see anyone at the meeting place.  Before he drives off, Jack notices someone laying in the phone booth.  It is Auda and he’s in bad shape.  Auda explains that some men took Kate and the chip and they are headed to Kate’s home.  Yusuf dies.  Jack feels sorry and apologizes to Auda.  Jack gets in the car and speeds away.

Kate and the men arrive at the house.  The security system goes off but Kate gives the man the code.

Lynne is wheeled out on a stretcher.  David wants to talk to her.  Mike advises against it.  Lynne starts to cry.  Lynne tries to speak.  Lynne points in the direction of Mike but David doesn’t notice.  David feels terrible about what happened to Lynne.

Jack can’t get through to CTU.

Carrie walks up to Tony.  Carrie brings up Chappelle.  Carrie says that she’ll keep quiet about Tony and Michelle helping Jack for something in exchange.  Carrie wants Michelle’s job.  Tony isn’t biting.  Tony asks Ryan to come over.  Tony explains the situation to Chappelle.  Carrie admits that Tony and Michelle are working together to aid Jack.  Tony tells Chappelle that he’ll be replaced before he gives up on Jack.  Ryan says that Tony can keep his job for now.

Kate opens the safe in her closet.  There are 20,000 Euros.  The men want American money.  Kate says that they can take everything but the chip.  One man is worried that Kate will tell on them.  Kate suddenly runs out of the room.  She is grabbed.  Jack shows up in the nick of time.  Two guys head to the bedroom and lock themselves in.  Jack yells that he’s a government agent.  The man threatens to destroy the chip if Jack enters the room.

Prescott meets with the Cabinet.  A few members question the grounds for the meeting.  David is excluded from the meeting.  Prescott announces that the President is unfit to continue.

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