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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Aired 11/5/02

Kim Bauer

By Carrie

At the Operations Complex, Lynne and David talk about the nuclear bomb threat.  Lynne explains that NSA is looking for more Intel.

A man drives away from an abandoned warehouse.

Gary makes a call to a business associate.  Gary tells Kim to remain on the bedroom floor.  Kim nods to Megan to get up.  While Gary isn’t looking, Kim and Megan run downstairs.  They almost bump right into Carla who has a huge bruise on her cheek.  Carla hands Kim the car keys and instructs her to leave with Megan.  Gary realizes that the girls are gone, so he runs outside.  Kim is about to drive away when Gary stops her.  Gary pleads with Kim to get out of the car.  Kim speeds away.  Gary calls the car company to get a location on his vehicle.

In the chopper, Michelle tells Jack what to say to Joseph Wald.

Lynne informs David that the Press is getting antsy.  David tells Rayburn to take care of the media.  David is reluctant to break the story about the threat because he doesn’t want mass hysteria.

Once Jack is on the ground, he finds the CTU car.  George calls Jack and says that Kim wasn’t at the Matheson house.  Jack is mad.  George reassures Jack that he’ll locate Kim.  Jack tries calling Kim on her cell.  Kim has left her phone on the nightstand in her bedroom.

At CTU, Paula and Tony talk about the Intel.  Tony inquires about Kim.  Mason brushes him off.

Jack drives to an auto shop to see Wald.  Jack is carrying a bag.  A young man in the shop ignores Jack.  Jack walks into the backroom.  Joe’s guys confront Jack.  Jack says that Goren intends on testifying against Joe.  A man brings Jack’s bag to the backroom.  Inside the bag is Goren’s head.  Eddie, one of Joe’s men, realizes that they can trust Jack.

The President speaks to the Press.  David doesn’t reveal anything about the bomb threat.  David answers a few general questions about his fishing trip.

In the vehicle, Megan tells Kim that her head hurts.  Road construction is making driving slow, so Kim turns into an alley.  Gary pulls up, blocking them.  Kim is trapped.  Gary wants Megan to come home with him.  Kim and Megan get out of the car and run away.  Gary chases after them.  Kim and Megan hide behind a dumpster.  Gary tries to plead with Megan.  Gary comments that Kim will hurt Megan.

Jack is introduced to one of Wald’s men.  Dave is suspicious of Jack.  Jack wants to talk to Joe, but Eddie explains that they need to check out Jack’s background.  Dave tries checking out Jack’s credentials online, but the download is taking a while.  Dave and Eddie are growing suspicious of Jack.  Back at CTU, Paula is alerted to the search.  Paula tells Tony that she needs to send the info on Jack’s cover right away.  Eddie has a gun in his hand and is prepared to use it.  Finally, Jack’s information comes up on the computer screen.  Dave says that Jack is who he says he is.  Jack makes a comment about Dave.  Eddie is mad at Dave for not believing Jack’s story.

David asks Rayburn if they know of any new information regarding the nuclear bomb.  Rayburn stresses that they need a plan of action in case there is a detonation.  Rayburn maintains that the Pentagon is ready if David needs their assistance.

Lynne tells David that a reporter knows that he has been working at the Operations Complex for a few hours.  David wants Lynne to set up a meeting with Ron, the reporter.

Jack asks Dave for a cigarette.  Dave is irritated by Jack and says that he doesn’t smoke.  Jack asks Eddie if he can see Joe.  Eddie is adamant that Joe is busy so Jack can’t talk to him until tomorrow.  Jack relents and leaves the shop.  Jack calls Mason from the vehicle.  Jack explains that he was unable to talk to Wald, but thinks that Joe is involved in the bomb threat.  Suddenly, a van pulls up near Jack’s car.  Jack pretends that his vehicle is stalled.  Jack opens the hood and watches as Joe’s men load up the van.  Dave is intently watching Jack.

On his computer, Mason receives an urgent memo from Division stating that the probability of detonation is 89-93 percent.  Panicked, Mason decides to leave CTU.  Tony stops him before George can leave.  Tony asks where Mason is going.  Mason lies and says that he is checking on a lead in Bakersfield.  Tony implies that Mason wants to get out of Los Angeles due to the bomb.  Mason gets defensive and tells Tony that his accusations are unfounded.  Michelle overhears their heated conversation.

Megan and Kim continue to hide from Gary.  Gary drives away in his car.  Megan’s head is still sore.  Kim wants to call the police, but Megan doesn’t want to move from their hiding place.  Kim agrees to make a phone call and be right back.  Kim hides Megan behind some moving boxes.

Kate calls the PI.  Burton wants Kate to find Reza’s passport.  Kate is hesitant to look for it but finally relents.  Kate runs outside to Reza’s car.  She looks in his jacket and briefcase but can’t find the passport.  Kate locates Reza’s appointment book which contains his passport.  Kate writes down some information.  Reza shows up and wonders what Kate is doing in his car.  Kate makes up a story that she has to move the car so the wedding planners have more room.  Reza seems to believe her and produces his car keys.  Kate lets Reza move the car out of the driveway.

Jack watches as the men continue to load the van.  Dave tells Jack to leave.  Jack makes a comment that Dave isn’t very smart, which angers Dave.  Dave comes after Jack, but Jack is prepared.  Jack hits Dave and breaks his ankle.

Kim runs to a pay phone.  Kim calls 911 and is placed on hold.  Kim eyes Gary’s car.  Gary suddenly appears.  Gary apologizes for his earlier outburst.  Gary wants to apologize to Megan.  Kim suggests that Gary go home and talk to Carla first.  Gary is outraged and tells Kim that she has no right to tell him what to do.  Kim runs away.  Gary catches up to her.  Kim kicks Gary in the leg.  Kim hits her head.  Gary grabs at Kim.  Kim hits Gary causing him to pass out.

Over the phone, Burton explains to Kate that he will check out Reza’s travel dates and see if they correspond with Ali’s.  Marie tells Kate that Reza’s parents will be arriving soon.  Marie thanks Kate for all her help.

Ron, the reporter, meets with David.  Ron brings up that the alert conditions appear to be elevated and wants to know why.  David is hesitant to reveal anything.  Ron won’t cite his sources.  David insists that he will have a briefing tomorrow.  David doesn’t want to cause hysteria amongst Americans.  Ron says that he’ll think it over.  They shake hands.  When Ron leaves, David alerts a Secret Service agent.  The agents escort Ron to another location.

Eddie is mad at Jack.  Eddie says that Jack owes him since Dave is unable to work now.  Jack agrees to help.

Kim runs to where Megan was hiding.  Megan is gone.  Frantic, Kim yells out for Megan.

The van leaves the auto shop.  Eddie explains to Jack that they are driving to West Los Angeles.  Eddie divulges that they are on their way to blow up a government building: CTU.

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