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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM
Aired 4/15/03


By Carrie

General Bowden talks about his war strategy.  David praises his staff for their help.  Through a conference call, Vice President Prescott speaks about the bomb.  David maintains that Agent Bauer believes the recording is a fake.

Jack tries to get through to the President.  Jack calls Tony.  Jack relays that Wallace is dead but he has a memory chip.  Jack wants to get a hold of David.  Auda needs Jackís help.  There is a problem with the memory chip.  There is a tracker inside which is how the shooters found Wallace.

Danny calls Michelle again.  He hangs up on her.  The phones arenít working very well.  Tony doesnít want to alert the President yet.  Michelle insists that Tony call David right away.

Shooters show up at the medical center.  Jack wants to divert the men from the chip.  Auda is able to extract the tracker from the chip.  Jack wants to get the chip to CTU.  Jack explains that he will stay so Kate and Auda can leave.  The men come inside the building.  One man notices Wallace in one of the rooms.  He realizes that the memory chip is gone.  Auda and Kate hide in the corner until they are able to get away.

Tony calls the President.  Tony informs David that theyíll be getting the memory chip within the hour.  Tony defends Jackís actions.  David says heíll think about it.  David decides to stop the attack.  Mike tries to talk him out of it.  David is mad at Mike.  David stresses that the three countries are innocent.  Mike says to reconsider but David is resolute in his decision.

Tony tells Michelle that he took her advice and called the President.  Tony wants Michelle to check out the chip once it arrives.

Kate and Auda are on their way to CTU.  Kate is relieved that there wonít be a war.  Auda pulls over to wait for Jack to show up.

The men radio to each other while they search for the chip.  They find the tracker but no chip.  The men spot Jack running from the building.  Jack gets tasered.  Jack goes down in the parking lot.

Bowden isnít happy with Davidís decision.  Lynne inquires about a meeting that Prescott scheduled.  Mike swears he doesnít know anything about it.

Jack is in a rundown room.  Jack is naked.  Jack starts to vomit.  The men are mad that the memory chip isnít on Jack.  Peter Kingsley calls Ronnie Stark, the man torturing Jack.  Ronnie says that they are unable to find the chip.  Peter speaks to Jack.  Peter offers money in exchange for the memory chip.  Jack is outraged.  Peter is irritated and tells Ronnie to get answers out of Jack.  Jack is gagged while Ronnie pours ammonia into a pan.  Ronnie cuts Jack using a scalpel.

Michelle needs Carrieís help.  They get into an argument.  Tony asks Michelle to come to his office.  Tony asks about Michelleís problem with Carrie.  Michelle explains that her brother Danny was dating Carrie while he was still married.  Michelle adds that Carrie dumped Danny and he lost everything.  Tony wants Michelle to put her problems with Carrie aside for the time being.

Danny shows up at CTU.  Danny hugs Michelle.  Danny apologizes for his behavior.  Danny notices Carrie.  Danny makes a scene.  Danny confronts Carrie and starts to choke her.  Tony intervenes.

VP Prescott is setting up a meeting.  Lynne is suspicious.  Mike says that he is meeting with someone.  Lynne wants to be there.

Carrie is checked out.  Michelle is upset.  Tony checks to see if Michelle is okay.  Michelle blames herself for the mess with Danny.  Michelle cries.  Tony hugs Michelle.  They kiss.  Carrie interrupts.

Jack is endlessly tortured.  Jack wonít talk.  One of the goons tells Ronnie to stop.  Ronnie gets a phone call from Peter.  Peter wants the chip ASAP.

Mike and Lynne wait at the meeting place, a supply room at Division Headquarters.  Mike hints that the President should be removed and is unfit for duty.  Isberg walks in and Mike closes the door.  Lynne is adamant that Prescott is wrong about David.  Mike leaves and Lynne realizes that he is working with Prescott.  Lynne is shocked.  Isberg locks Lynne in the storage room.

Kate and Auda wait in the car but there is still no sign of Jack.  Auda wants to head to CTU.  Suddenly, a man grabs Auda because he is Middle Eastern.  The man pulls a gun on Auda.  Auda gets hit in the head by a brick.  Auda continues to be beaten up by the mob of men.  Kate falls to the ground.

Tony calls Chappelle.  Chappelle announces that heís on his way to CTU.  Tony calls Michelle and asks about her brother.

Jack is tortured some more.  Ronnie wants Jack awake.  Ronnie brings up Kim but Jack isnít responding.  Someone suggests that Jack is dead.  Ronnie panics.  Ronnie does CPR on Jack.  Jack isnít moving.

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