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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM
Aired 4/8/03


By Carrie

Shots continue to be fired upon Wallace’s vehicle.  Jack and Auda fire back.  Jack asks Wallace for the car keys.  They manage to get Kate out of the trunk and run inside.  Auda is still outside shooting.  Jack barricades the building.  Auda reloads his gun.  Auda radios to Jack.  Auda thinks there are still three more shooters.  Wallace wants to leave but Jack says no.  Jack wants to call for help but Wallace is hesitant at first.  Jack calls Michelle on her cell.  Jack says that the tape is a fake.  Jack wants satellite on the gunmen.  Michelle logs into her computer while Jack and the others wait.

The deputy asks for Kim’s statement.  Kim explains that the gun is hers.  Kim admits that she is a fugitive.

David and his staff are watching news reports about the terrorist attack.  David wants to call Jack.

Michelle pinpoints Jack’s location but Carrie walks up to her desk.  Michelle resumes her satellite search.  Carrie relays the info to Tony.  Tony asks Carrie to look into it.

Jack asks Auda if he sees anything outside.  Jack reassures everyone that they are waiting on the satellite.  Jack tells Kate that she will be safe.  Kate is worried nevertheless.  Jack promises that Kate will not get on the plane with Wallace.

Carrie watches a feed of Michelle accessing satellite info.

Kim asks the police if she can speak to Miguel.  The officer tells Kim to be quiet.  Kim divulges that her dad is dead.

Carrie calls Tony.  Tony wants coordinates but Carrie says that Michelle is being careful.  Michelle heads to the restroom to speak to Jack using her PDA.  Michelle sends Jack the info.  Michelle says that Tony is becoming suspicious.  Michelle leaves and Tony is waiting in the hallway.  Michelle is evasive about Jack.  Michelle comments that Jack needs to finish his mission.  Tony grabs Michelle’s arm.

Jack looks at the satellite feed.  Jack instructs Kate to stay behind him.  There are nine soldiers in all.

Lynne asks David how much time he wants to give Bauer.  Lynne wants David to make a decision.  Mike says people are starting to riot.  They watch a man talk about the civil unrest in Georgia.  Mike stresses that they don’t have enough men to cover the riots.  David wants to make a stand.

Auda throws a gas can in the area.  Auda radios to Jack that he is ready.  Gunfire erupts.  Kate is panicked.  Smoke is everywhere.  Kate crouches in a corner.  Kate spots a sniper.  The man turns and Kate shoots at him.  Jack tells Kate to run.  Kate gets in the vehicle.  Jack continues to shoot.  Everyone gets in the SUV.  They drive away.  Wallace has been shot.  Jack wants to head to a medical center.  Kate grabs a first aid kit from the glove compartment.

There is continued uprising in Georgia.  David wants arrests to be made.  Mike insists that David speak to the residents of Georgia.

Tony tells Carrie about a call from Studio City.  Tony senses that the coordinates will match Jack’s location.  Michelle tells Tony that Jack has to work without CTU’s help.

Tony calls Jack.  Jack wants Tony to leave the matter alone.  Tony wants Wallace to be brought to CTU.  Jack says no.

Kim is brought into the police station.  An officer uncuffs her.  The cop goes over the day’s timeline.  He announces that Gary Matheson is wanted for Carla’s murder.  Kim is free to leave.

Kate makes a call to Warner Enterprises.  Wallace wants to go to Indonesia.  His alias is William Patterson.  Wallace starts to choke.  Jack tells Auda to head to a medical center.

Tony makes a call.  Kim calls CTU.  Tony tells Kim that he’ll call the DEA’s office.  Tony admits that Jack is alive which stuns Kim.

Auda pulls up to a medical center.  Jack tells the nurse to let him into the ER.  Jack yells that Wallace has a gunshot wound that needs to be checked out.  Jack tries to stop the bleeding.

Kim calls Miguel’s hospital room.  Miguel answers.  Kim says that she is okay.  Kim adds that the police dropped the charges against them.  Miguel sounds strange.  Miguel tells Kim that he is done with her.  Kim can’t believe it.  Miguel doesn’t admit that his legs have been amputated.

Michelle apologizes to Tony.  Tony still wonders where the evidence is to confirm Ali’s statement.  Michelle leaves Tony’s office.

Bowden speaks to David about the military operation.  Mike says that the National Guard has a problem in Georgia.  Mike admits that two people died there and one was a Middle Eastern boy.  David’s plan isn’t working so he feels bad about it.

The doctor tells Jack and Auda that the bullet missed Wallace’s jugular.  Jack wants the man to operate without any sedatives.  Wallace’s plane is scheduled to depart in two hours.  The doctor tells Wallace to calm down.  Wallace says that the evidence is on a memory chip.  Jack is unable to get the exact location before Wallace flat lines.  Jack is unsure of how to proceed.  Jack notices something on Wallace’s x-ray.  Jack makes an incision under Wallace’s ribs.  Jack pulls out the memory chip.

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