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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Aired 4/1/03


By Carrie

Jack and Kate run to the parking garage.  Kate wants to know what is happening.  Jack says that Kate needs to trust him.

At CTU, Carrie finds Tony on the floor.

The security guard gets a phone call.  Jack takes off in a vehicle while the guard is distracted.  Jack fills Kate in on the situation.  Kate doesn’t know anything.  Jack warns Kate that this situation is dangerous.

Tony’s ankle hurts.  The doctor informs Tony it is sprained.  Carrie thinks that Michelle helped Jack.  Tony can’t believe it.

Air Force One lands in Los Angeles.  In the limo, David gets a call from Washington D.C.  Vice President Prescott speaks to David about the recording.  The VP wants to go ahead with the declaration of war but David needs more time.  Mike and Lynne both agree that Jack could be wrong.

There is a standoff at the liquor store.  Frank is bleeding profusely.  Garcia starts to cry.  Kim wants Garcia to surrender.  Frank passes out.

Kate doesn’t understand why no one at CTU is assisting Jack.  They are on their way to Studio City.  Jack senses that they are being followed.  Jack pulls over.  The man following them is Yusuf Auda.  Jack wants to make sure that David makes the right decision.  Auda points out that his country wouldn’t support terrorists.

Tony is walking around on crutches.  Tony asks Michelle about Jack.  Michelle is offended.  Michelle denies helping Jack.  Michelle maintains that she is innocent.  Michelle thinks that Carrie wants to make trouble.  Tony dismisses Michelle.

Garcia doesn’t want to turn himself in.  Kim begs Garcia to surrender.  The store phone rings.  Garcia answers.  Garcia tells the police that Frank is dead.  Garcia is worried about the bomb fallout.  Garcia speaks to his wife and admits that he killed the store owner.  His wife starts to cry.  Garcia agrees to surrender once his wife is driven to Monterey.

Jack loads some guns.  Jack tells Kate to stay in the vehicle.  Jack approaches the meeting point.  Jack goes inside the building.  Jonathan Wallace is waiting.  Jonathan makes Jack drop his weapons.  Jack sees Wallace’s tattoo.  Jack thinks that Wallace took out his entire unit.  Jonathan says he did it so the U.S. would go to war with the Middle East.  Jonathan implies that he is working for someone.  Jack asks why Kate needs to be involved.  Wallace explains that Kate can charter a plane for him.  Wallace wants to leave the country.

A man approaches Kate, who is sitting in the vehicle.  He tells Kate to get out.  Auda hits the man on the head.  Jack wants more info regarding the recording.  Auda calls Jack and wants to speak to Wallace.  Jack insists that he still needs to get some answers from Wallace.  Wallace still needs Kate’s help so he tells his goon to walk away.  Jack calls Auda and instructs him to bring Kate inside.

At District Headquarters in Los Angeles, Mike asks Lynne about Jack.  Mike wants to speak to Bauer himself.  Lynne doesn’t like the idea.  Lynne gives Mike the number to CTU.  Tony answers.  Mike asks to speak to Jack.  Tony fills him in on the matter.  Mike wants to get a hold of Bauer.  Mike asks about Kate Warner’s involvement.

Tony asks to see Carrie.  Michelle is watching.  Tony asks about Jack and Kate.  Carrie inquires about Michelle.  Carrie maintains that Jack and Michelle are working together.  Tony wants Carrie to keep an eye on Michelle.

Garcia’s pregnant wife leaves in a police car.  Kim wants to be released.  Garcia blames Kim for everything.  Garcia points the gun at Kim.  Kim is scared.  Kim says that her dad died at the detonation site.  The phone rings.  Garcia answers.  Garcia starts to panic.  The cop wants Kim to be released.  Kim runs to the backroom and locks the door.  Kim is able to get out.  Garcia is worried.

Auda ties up Wallace’s goon.  Jack says that they have five minutes.  Wallace tries to make small talk with Jack.

Michelle is getting errors coming up on her computer.  Michelle calls Carrie.  Michelle explains that she needs to go to the mainframe computer area.  Carrie goes to Michelle’s desk and makes some changes on her computer which will allow Carrie to track Michelle’s communications.

Mike tells David about Jack’s suspicious actions.  Mike wants David to prepare for war.  David is resolute that Jack needs to be found.

Wallace wants to get a plane and then he’ll give Jack the proof.  Kate and Auda walk in.  Jack tells Kate to leave with Wallace.  Kate is mad at Jack.  Kate doesn’t want to go.  Kate can’t believe Jack.

Michelle gets a call from a man named Danny.  Carrie is listening in.  Danny inquires about the bomb.  Danny implies that he has no intentions of calling Carrie.

Garcia is paranoid.  The police want him to surrender.  Kim waits by the cruiser.  The cops enter the liquor store and gunfire erupts.  Kim is scared.

Lynne and Mike talk to Prescott.  The VP is worried about David.  Mike insists that David wants to be sure about the recording.  Mike tells Lynne that he agrees with Prescott.

Wallace puts Kate in the car trunk.  Jack instructs Kate to do what Jonathan says.  Wallace is about to leave when shots are fired at the vehicle.

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