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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Aired 3/25/03


By Carrie

A mushroom cloud can be seen in the distance.  Everyone at CTU watches their monitors in disbelief.  David is at a loss for words.  Kim thinks her dad is dead.  Kim sits on the curb, obviously grief-stricken.  Kim starts to cry.

Jack lets off a few more flares so the helicopter can find him.  The chopper lands and Jack hops inside.  Jack wants Tony to be alerted and Kim notified.

Tony addresses the CTU staff and thanks them for their hard work.  Tony says that they still need to work on the recording.  Auda confronts Tony and wants info to report back to his country.  Tony is evasive.  Tony requests that Carrie work on the recordingís authenticity.

Syed Ali is being questioned by Michelle.  Michelle asks about the recording.  Syed is silent.  Syed finally speaks and maintains that the meeting never took place.  Syed does admit that the bomb was created solely by Second Wave.

Tony meets with techs about the recording.  The techs confirm it is Aliís voice on the recording.  Tony thinks it could have been doctored but the tech says it is highly unlikely.  Michelle updates them about Aliís story.  Tony thinks that Ali is trying to save his family and will say anything.  Carrie pipes in that Michelle isnít very good at interrogating.  Michelle takes offense.  Carrie storms out.

Mike tells David that no casualties are expected due to the detonation.  David wants to speak to Kim about Jack but Mike discloses that Bauer is alive.  Lynne says that the recording is real.  David asks for a meeting with his staff.  David wants to make a statement about the bomb.  David asks for a meeting with Congress and is contemplating a declaration of war.

Michelle is giving Tony the cold shoulder.  Tony says that Michelle has no experience with interrogating.

General Bowden talks about a war strategy.  David will be addressing the nation in six hours.  Lynne says that the Prime Minister is waiting to speak to him.  The Deputy PM speaks in his place.  David says that they have evidence against Ali.  The Deputy PM maintains that his country is against Second Wave.  He insists that David shouldnít try to retaliate.

Syed Ali is being escorted out when Jack walks by.  Ali starts to curse in Arabic.  Tony is relieved to see Jack.  Tony says that he called Kimís aunt and she will contact them when Kim arrives.  Jack makes a call to the Sheriffís Department.  Jack inquires about Kim.  Michelle is worried about the recording.  Michelle tells Jack about her doubts but he doesnít want to get involved.  Michelle insists and promises to call the Sergeant if Jack will help her.

Jack follows Ali out to the transport van.  Jack admits to Syed that his son is alive.  Ali says that the tape is a fake.  From afar, someone shoots Ali.

Tony wants to know who knew Ali was being moved.  Jack thinks that Ali wasnít lying.  Tony doesnít agree.  Jack wants to make sure that the recording is real before the President declares war.  Tony is stubborn and wonít back down.  Jack walks away.

Kim walks up to a liquor store but itís closed.  A man approaches Kim.  It is Frank Davies the store owner.  Kim asks to use the restroom.  Frank locks the door behind them.

Bowden talks about casualty numbers if David decides to go to war.  Jack calls and says Ali was killed by a sniper.  Jack thinks that the recording was fabricated but David isnít sure.  David needs proof.  Jack only has one hour to prove the tape is a fake.  Jack calls Michelle and insists that they need evidence.  Michelle says that Auda is at CTU and found the tape in Aliís apartment.  Kate sees Jack.  Kate is shocked to see him.  Agent Baker says that Kate needs to be debriefed.

David is hesitant to make an announcement.  Mike asks what is wrong.  David doesnít want to rush to a decision.  David respects Jackís concern.  Mike tells David that they canít back down.

Jack confronts Auda in the restroom.  Jack asks about the recording.  Jack says he canít tell Auda about the situation.  Auda leaves the restroom.  Someone calls Jack and admits that the recording isnít real.  The man asks for Jack to bring Kate to him.  Jack is curious but the man doesnít say much.  The man wants to meet in thirty minutes.  The man has a Coral Snake tattoo.

Kim hears arguing in the store.  Frank tells a man named Garcia to leave immediately.  Garcia keeps knocking on the front door.  Frank calls 911.  Garcia throws a chair through the door.  Kim points the gun at Garcia.  Kim tells Garcia to leave but he grabs the gun and steals some supplies.

Jack calls Michelle.  Jack needs Michelleís help.

Garcia says that heíll pay for the supplies.  Frank puts on the TV.  The cops show up at the liquor store.  Frank tries to grab the gun but is shot instead.  Garcia grabs Kim.

Kate is being debriefed by Agent Baker when Michelle interrupts.  Agent Baker leaves.  Jack walks in and instructs Kate to come with him.  Carrie is watching and alerts Tony.

Kim tries to stop the bleeding from Frankís gunshot wound.

Kate and Jack are stopped by Tony who pulls out a gun.  Jack canít say why they need to leave CTU.  Jack manages to get the gun away from Tony.  Tony falls to the ground.  Kate and Jack run out of the building.

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