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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Aired 3/4/03


By Carrie

The bomb is wheeled into Hangar 12.  The techs check out the bomb.  They think they are making good progress on it.  Mason shows up on site.  Jack is shocked to see him.  George asks about the bomb.  Mason is experiencing more symptoms from plutonium exposure.  A tech relays to Jack that the bombís trigger is tamper-proof.  Jack canít believe that the bomb canít be disarmed.  Jack talks to Goodrich about getting the bomb out of the area.  The tech tells Jack that they have fifty-five minutes until detonation.

Kim is walking near the highway.  Two motorcyclists speed by.  A man stops and asks Kim if she needs a ride.  Kim changes her mind about accepting the strangerís offer.  The man wonít take no for an answer.  Kim points the gun at the guyís car.  Kim shoots at the car window so the man speeds away.

Jack tells David about the situation.  David meets with his staff about having the bomb detonate over the Pacific Ocean.  Mike isnít sure of the fallout ramifications.  Mike maintains that the ecological system would be affected dramatically.  Lynne thinks that detonating the bomb in the desert might work.  Mike discloses that the pilot will have to die during the detonation.  David is upset but makes the call for the detonation in the desert.  Jack tells David that a few volunteers have offered to fly the plane.  Once off the phone, Mason tells Jack that heíll make the sacrifice.  Jack isnít sure that Mason can handle it.  Jack tells the agents to get ready.

Tony makes some calls from his CTU desk.  An agent tells Tony that Yusuf Auda, a visiting intelligence liaison, wants to speak to him.  Tony tells Michelle that Auda will have limited clearance.  Michelle briefs Carrie and insists that she will be keeping an eye on Auda.  Carrie comments that Michelle has been acting distant.

In a conference room, an agent informs Tony that a device was found in Aliís apartment, one that Syed was trying to hide.  The device needs to be decrypted.

Jack calls Tony.  Jack asks about Kim.  Tony admits that he hasnít found her yet.  Jack implies that heíll be flying the plane for the detonation.  Jack wants Tony to get his will which is located at Jackís apartment.

A vehicle pulls up next to Kim.  A woman named Anna is surprised to see Kim walking on the side of the road.  Kim gets in the car.  Kim tells Anna that she needs to go to San Jose.  Kim asks to use Annaís cell.

Jack gets on the plane.  Only thirty-five minutes remain until detonation.  Agent Baker tells Kate that Jack will be flying the plane.  Kate yells out to Jack.  Jack closes the door and begins to take off.  Kate watches in horror as the plane ascends.

Lynne gives David a rough copy of his statement to the media.  David asks about the bomb.  David wants to go to Los Angeles.  Mike doesnít think itís a good idea.  Lynne asks David to reconsider.  David wants to calm down the fears of Los Angeles residents.  Mike announces that Jack is the pilot.  David is stunned by the news.

Tony radios in to Jack.  Kim is on the other line.  Kim talks to Jack.  Kim asks where her father is.  Jack informs her of the situation.  Kim starts to cry.  Kim wants someone else to fly the plane.  Kim apologizes for her distant behavior.  Jack says he loves Kim.  Kim is sobbing.  Jack instructs Kim to go on with her life and be happy.  Jack gets teary-eyed.  Kim says that she is proud of Jack and loves him.  After the phone call, Kim tells Anna that she needs to get out of the car.

Tony is upset and tells Michelle that Jack said goodbye to Kim.  Michelle produces a recorded conversation between Ali and high government officials from three Middle Eastern countries.  Tony and Michelle both concur that these countries were assisting Ali and helping pay for the bomb.  Tony wants more Intel and thinks they need to contact Division.  Tony makes a call to the President.

From Air Force One, David speaks to Tony about Syed Ali.  David wonders why Ali would record the call.  David updates Mike.  David is worried about the nationís future.

Jack radios in to see if everything is still set with the detonation.  Jack hears a noise in the back of the plane.   George is sitting in the back seat.  Jack is irritated that Mason managed to get on board.  George wants Jack to parachute out and then heíll finish the job.  Jack is hesitant.  George brings up Teri.  George insists that Jack and Kim need time to work on their relationship.  Twelve minutes remain until detonation.  Jack asks George if heís sure.  Jack instructs Mason on how to maintain the plane.  Jack thanks George for his sacrifice.  Mason tells Jack to leave.  Jack talks to Tony and requests a chopper to pick him up.  Jack relays that George will be taking over.

Tony tells Michelle to get a helicopter to pick up Jack.  Auda stops Tony and asks for the latest intel.  Auda makes a comment about Americans which rubs Tony the wrong way.

General Bowden, who is aboard Air Force One, talks to David about the bomb and retaliation.  Bowden brings up Second Wave.  The General proposes invading the three responsible countries.  David says heíll think about it.

Jack asks if there is anything he can do for George.  George says no but admits that he was able to see his son one last time.  Jack parachutes out of the plane.

Mike tells David that the detonation will be happening soon.

George stares at the clock Ė one minute remaining.

Jack lets off a flare so the chopper can find him.  Jack lands on the ground.  Jack watches as the bomb detonates.  Kim can see a light in the distance and fears the worst about her father.  David watches from Air Force One as a mushroom cloud appears.

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