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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Aired 2/25/03


By Carrie

At the airfield, Omar is arrested.  Jack asks where the real bomb is located.  Jack realizes he needs a translator.

George is sitting at his desk.  Jack calls George.  Jack wants a reverse-time satellite on the bomb.  Jack advises George that Tony should replace him.  George relays that one Coral Snake soldier is unaccounted for.

Omar speaks in Arabic but Jack doesn’t understand what he’s saying.

Kate calls her dad.  Kate brings up Marie and Reza.  Jack needs Kate’s help with translating.

David tells Mike that Sherry is in on the bomb threat.  David confronts Sherry about Roger’s story.  David says that the bomb is missing.  Sherry appears upset but David doesn’t buy it.  David says that Roger implicated Sherry.  Sherry defends herself.  David reminds Sherry that a war is imminent.  David begs for Sherry to come clean.  Sherry explains that she met with Roger Stanton two months ago.  Sherry says that Roger wanted to recruit her to find out David’s strengths and weaknesses.  Sherry insists that she was trying to protect David in the long run.

Kate translates and mentions that Omar was trying to help his family.  The interpreter arrives and takes over for Kate.  Jack tells Kate that she did an amazing job with Omar.  Omar doesn’t know about a second bomb.  Jack doesn’t believe him.

Kate asks Agent Baker about a group of people entering the hangar.  He comments that their credentials are being checked out.  Kate thinks she sees Marie among the crowd.

Kim is scared. Kim is desperate to contact Jack.  McRae is paranoid about the bomb’s fallout.  McRae puts on headphones and listens to a radio station.  McRae pulls out the cords without Kim knowing.  McRae says he can’t get a signal.

Carrie Turner, a woman from Division, announces that she will be taking over Paula’s role.  Carrie asks George who she reports to.  Carrie admits that she used to work with Michelle.  George collapses in front of Carrie.

Kate looks around at the group of people.  Kate spots Marie.  A guard stops Kate from following her sister.  Kate shows her credentials.  Kate tells the guard to alert Jack Bauer.  Kate walks around the airstrip.  Marie takes her by surprise and points a gun at Kate.  Marie asks for Kate’s badge.  Kate can’t believe that Marie has changed.  Marie divulges that Bob works for the CIA.  Kate thinks that Marie has lost her mind.  Marie slaps Kate’s face.  Kate refuses to hand over the badge.  Kate pleads with her sister.  Marie will not hesitate to shoot Kate.  Suddenly, Marie is shot from behind by Jack.  Marie cries out.  Marie is arrested.  Kate wants Marie to get medical attention but Jack insists on questioning her first.  Jack asks Marie about the bomb.  Jack pushes on Marie’s wound.  Marie still refuses to talk.  Jack doesn’t think that Marie wants to kill millions of people.

Kim and McRae sit in silence.  McRae goes to check the radio.  Kim finds a TV while looking for some sugar for her coffee.  McRae has his headphones on.  Kim turns on the TV and sees nothing about the bomb.  Kim knows that McRae is lying.

Michelle finds info on her computer about Captain Jonathon Wallace, the seventh Coral Snake soldier.  Tony says he will make some calls.

Carrie says hi to Michelle.  Michelle isn’t happy to see Carrie.  Michelle reminds Carrie that she works for her now.

Mason wants to step down.  Mason tells Tony in confidence that he is impressed with the CTU staff.  Mason wants Tony to fill his position.  Tony says he doesn’t have the authority, but Mason informs him that Chappelle okayed it.  Mason wishes Tony good luck.  Mason leaves the building.  Tony makes an announcement to the CTU staff.  Tony admits that George was exposed to plutonium and won’t be returning to work.  Michelle praises Tony on his heart-felt speech.

Jack gives Marie a painkiller.  Jack asks for Kate’s assistance with Marie.  Jack wants Kate to remind Marie of old times.  Kate speaks to her sister.  Marie maintains that she doesn’t need Kate’s help.  Marie confesses to killing Reza.  Kate reassures Marie that she and Bob love her very much.  Kate begs Marie to talk.  Marie starts to cry.  Jack intervenes and asks about the bomb.  Marie mumbles something about a suitcase and a green van.  Marie screams out that the bomb will be detonated downtown in three hours.  Marie insists that she’s telling the truth.  Jack senses that Marie is lying and thinks that the bomb is still on site.  Marie warns that they are all going to die.

David and Mike converse about Sherry.  Through a conference call, Steve Hillenburg, a CIA operative, confirms Sherry’s story about Roger Stanton.  Hillenburg admits what he was doing was illegal.  David asks some questions.  Sherry maintains that she was trying to take down Roger.  David is unsure of who to believe.  David asks Sherry to leave the premises immediately.

McRae hands Kim some blankets.  Kim is worried.  Kim hits McRae in the head.  McRae grabs a knife from Kim.  McRae admits that he is lonely.  Kim wants to leave.  McRae feels offended.  Kim stresses that she doesn’t want to leave because of him.  McRae produces a gun.  Kim is scared.  Surprisingly, McRae hands the gun to Kim.  McRae instructs Kim on what roads to take out of town.  Kim thanks McRae and leaves the cabin.

Jack finds that a person has been shot at the airfield.  Nearby Jack finds the real bomb.  One of the techs confirms it is nuclear.  The trigger is set but no one can tell how much time is left.  Jack alerts everyone.

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