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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Aired 2/18/03


By Carrie

From CTU, Tony calls Jack.  Jack relays that he is on his way to Norton Airfield.  Tony still hasnít heard from Kim.  Jack asks Tony to make Kimís return a priority.

McRae and Kim are walking to his home.  Kimís leg hurts.  They arrive at the cabin.

David checks in on Roger.  Roger asks to speak to David in private, so Simmons leaves.  Roger finally admits that he knew about the bomb beforehand.  Roger explains that Coral Snake was trying to take out Second Wave themselves.  David is outraged.

McRae makes a fire so Kim will stay warm.  Kim heads to the bathroom.

Tony tells Michelle that they are having some terrorists picked up in the Los Angeles area.  George tells everyone that the bomb is located at Norton Airfield.  George calls Jack and says that they have a problem.  George says that Coral Snake wants to secure the bomb at the airfield.  Jack tells George that Coral Snake needs to back off but Mason insists that CTU is unable to contact them.  Kate asks if there is a problem.

Omar instructs Marie to head north and that heíll be flying the plane.  Marie is about to leave when the authorities show up.

Jack asks Agent Baker to keep an eye on Kate.  Jack is introduced to Steve Goodrich, another agent who will be helping with the mission.  Jack tells his team that they all need to wear ID tags.  Jack instructs the men on what to do. 

 Mason tells Tony that Division wants to shut down the operation at CTU.  Tony isnít happy.

Kim takes a shower.  McRae asks Kim if she is alright.  Kim canít believe that McRae would want to live in the woods alone.  McRae inquires about the concern in Los Angeles.  Kim talks about the bomb threat.  McRae isnít surprised.  McRae thinks that they are far enough away from the Los Angeles area to be affected.

Lynne tells David that Jack is at the airfield.  Lynne is worried that Jack will butt heads with the Coral Snake unit.  David is confident that CTUís team will prevail.  Mike notifies the two that Stanton is covertly linked to Michigan Senator Gluck.  David knows that Sherry worked with Gluck during the Primary.  Mike and Lynne both raise concerns about alerting Sherry to this information.

Tony asks Murdoch how he is doing.  Michelle is worried what Division is going to say.  Tony admits that heís keeping a close eye on George.

Goodrich finds a fresh bootprint.  Jack and the men enter a building.  They walk up a stairwell.  Jack finds a man on the ground.  When Jack turns the corner, he finds dead Coral Snake soldiers.  Steve questions who is keeping an eye on the bomb.

George gets ready for the Division visit.  Michelle explains to Brad Hammond, the Division representative, that they can handle things at CTU.  George maintains that all the CTU systems are working well.

McRae and Kim walk down a spiral staircase leading to a bomb shelter.  Kim is impressed but a little creeped out.  Kim spots dynamite and grenades on a table.  Kim runs out of the room.  McRae follows her.  Kim is sitting on the living room couch.  McRae is concerned.  Kim is scared of McRae.  Kim apologizes for her agitated state.  Kim decides that she should go to her Aunt Carolís house.

Sherry is brought to the O.C.  and given a clearance card.  Sherry is surprised that David wants to see her.  Lynne makes some comments that Sherry wonít be privy to classified information.  Sherry is mad.  Lynne admits that she doesnít like Sherry.  Sherry appreciates the honesty.

McRae supplies a backpack for Kim.  They hear a noise outside.  McRae thinks it is the park ranger.  McRae speaks to the man.  The ranger inquires about Kim.  The ranger discloses that Kim Bauer is wanted for kidnapping and murder.  McRae swears he hasnít seen anyone.  The ranger leaves.  Kim thanks McRae.  Kim says that she is innocent of the charges.  Kim wants to stay in the cabin until the coast is clear.

David asks Sherry to find proof of a connection between Stanton and Gluck.  Sherry thanks David for his faith in her.  David appreciates Sherryís help.  Mike announces that the six Coral Snake soldiers are dead and the bomb is missing.  David confronts Roger.  Roger is shocked.  David thinks that someone else is involved.  Roger lets slip that there were seven soldiers.

Tony calls Jack with info from the FAA.  Jack and the agents drive to the other end of the airfield.

Marie wishes Omar good luck.  Marie watches as Omarís plane takes off.  Jack tries to cut off the plane.  Jack shoots one of the planeís tires.  The plane slows down.  Jack shoots again, hitting Omar.  The plane comes to a stop.  Jack orders the man to keep his hands up.  Jack confirms that the bomb is inside the plane.

Brad gives the okay for CTU to continue.  Brad suggests that Mason should go to the doctor.

Kim walks in on McRae checking out the radio bands.  McRae thinks that the bomb detonated.  Kim listens in and there is only static.  McRae insists that they need to head for the bomb shelter.

The agents try to disarm the bomb but they are unsuccessful.  The device starts beeping.  The detonation speed is increasing.   An agent realizes that the bomb isnít there and itís only a decoy.  Jack alerts everyone.

David tells Roger that the bomb is missing.  David asks Roger for some info.  Roger drops a bombshell when he tells David to talk to Sherry.

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