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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Aired 2/11/03

Bob Warner

By Carrie

A stretcher is wheeled into the mosque.  Jack wants Kate to remain by his side until Syed Ali is positively identified.  Jack asks around about Ali.  The imam at the mosque asks to speak to Ali once he is found.  An agent alerts Jack to a trap door.  Jack comments that heíll be going down alone.  Jack searches underneath and shines his flashlight around the basement.

Marie is driving.  Ali calls to say there is a problem and that Marie should head to the meeting point.  Ali realizes that he is trapped in the mosque.  Jack is able to find Ali.  The agents pin Ali down on the floor while Jack retrieves a cyanide capsule from Syedís mouth.

In the CTU Interrogation room, Mason tells Bob Warner that Marie is responsible for Rezaís death.  Bob talks about Marie and her overseas travels.  Mason asks if Marie changed after her trips.  Bob says that he could see a difference.  Michelle interrupts.  Michelle tells George that they found a burnt paper fragment in Aliís pants pocket.  Michelle explains that a computer expert named Murdoch will scan the fragment.  Murdoch introduces himself to George.  Murdoch is confident that heíll find something.

Roger is in bad shape.  Mike updates David on Ali.  David is still watching as Roger is being tortured by Agent Simmons.

Tony is making phone calls about Kimís whereabouts.  George is mad that Tony isnít concentrating on work.  George makes a big to-do about the whole thing which is witnessed by the entire CTU staff.

Kim is shivering while she tries to get the trap off her ankle.  Kim hears a noise and hides behind a rock.  A man appears and calls out.  Kim stands and asks the man why he is out in the woods.  The man, who is named McRae, questions why Kim is in the forest herself.  Kim mentions that she was in a car accident.  McRae is leery of Kimís explanations.  McRae frees Kim from the trap.  Kim thanks him.

Aliís interrogation begins.  Ali doesnít respond to Jackís questions.  Jack punches Ali in the face.  Kate is watching from a distance.

McRae suggests going to the ranger station but Kim says no.  McRae offers to bring Kim to his cabin and explains that Kim can stay the night.

The imam from the mosque pleads with Ali to talk.  The imam thinks that Ali is misguided.  The man realizes that Syed wonít be swayed.  The imam tells Jack that he will try to talk to Ali a second time.  An agent alerts Jack to a number found on Ali.  Kate recognizes it as Marieís cell phone number.  Kate is confused.  Jack admits that Marie killed Reza and two CTU agents.  Kate is horrified and thinks they are mistaken.  Jack suggests to Kate that she should call her sister.  Jack asks an agent to run a trace.  Jack tells Kate that it will appear as if she is calling from her own cell.  Jack insists that Kate make the call.  Marie answers.  Kate explains that she canít get a hold of Bob.  Marie comments that she is just taking a car ride to clear her head.  Marie thinks something is wrong.  Marie brings up Reza.  Kate realizes that her sister is a killer.  Kate tries to reason with Marie, but her sister hangs up.  Marie throws the phone out the car window.  Kate still wants to believe Marie was coerced.

Murdoch tells Tony and Michelle that he found a partial with ďN34Ē.  Jack asks Ali what N34 means.  Jack lies and says that Marie has been arrested.  Jack shows Ali a live feed showing Syedís family being held hostage.

David is told that Jack gave the word for Syedís family to be held hostage.  David canít believe it.  David is having a hard time with the situation.  Mike reminds David that millions of lives will be saved if the bomb is found.  Nevertheless, David feels torn.

Jack tries to reason with Ali.  Jack gets a call from President Palmer.  David is adamant that he isnít supporting Jackís means of interrogation.  David doesnít want Syedís family hurt or killed.  David gives a direct order for Jack to stop with the threats.

Mike makes some calls.  Lynne tells Mike in confidence that she doesnít trust Sherry.  Lynne explains that a source alerted her to correspondence between Sherry and Roger Stanton.  Mike is mortified.  Mike still canít believe that Sherry would betray her country.  Lynne maintains that she doesnít know who the source is but is planning on meeting him or her later tonight.  Mike tells Lynne to be careful.

Jack approaches Ali again.  Jack threatens to kill Aliís oldest son.  Ali watches on the live feed as his son is shot.   Syed screams.

Lynne goes to meet her source.  Sherry is waiting in the shadows.  Sherry tells Lynne that she isnít in cahoots with Roger.  Sherry says that Lynneís source isnít credible.  Lynne wonders why Sherry didnít come to her sooner.  Lynne warns Sherry to back off.

Jack threatens to kill Aliís second son.  Ali finally agrees to talk.  Ali gives a location: Norton Airfield.  Jack calls Michelle with the information.  Mason talks to his staff and wants FAA to be alerted.

Jack tells Kate to stay out of the way.  As Ali is escorted out, he yells at Jack for killing his son.  Kate is disgusted.  Kate checks out the feeds and realizes that Syedís son wasnít really killed.  Jack wants to bring Kate to Norton Airfield to speak to Marie.  They leave in a vehicle.

Marie brings Omar the trigger.  Omar attaches it to the bombing device.  Everything appears to be set.

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