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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Aired 2/4/03


By Carrie

Kim runs from the scene.  A chopper flies overhead.  Kim hides behind a tree.

Reza is dead.  Marie is able to extract the hard drive from her fatherís computer.  Marie gets a call from Syed Ali.  Ali explains that Marie needs to pick up the trigger which is in a locker at Markoís workplace.  Ali instructs Marie to bring it to Omar.  Marie says that sheíll take care of it.

Ali arrives at the mosque.

Kate and Jack are in a vehicle.  Jack says that all Kate needs to do is make an ID and she will be free to leave.  Kate inquires about the situation.  Jack is reluctant to talk but finally spills the beans about the bomb threat.  George calls Jack and says they are setting up a perimeter around the mosque.  George relays that there was an accident with the transport vehicle and Kim is missing.  Jack is furious and begs George to find Kim.  Kate is curious about Jackís call.  Jack says he is worried about his daughter.

At the O.C., Mike says that they still donít have enough proof to arrest Roger.  David realizes that Sherry was right.  Mike thinks it is imperative that they get info out of Roger pronto.

Sherry feels like she isnít being updated enough.  Lynne is evasive.  Sherry points out that she was the one who alerted David to Roger.  Lynne agrees to find out some new info to pass on to Sherry.

Jack and Kate arrive at a parking garage across from the mosque.  Jack wants to wait until the prayer service is over so Kate can make the ID.  Kate suggests going in undercover.  Jack doesnít want to risk it.  Kate is resolute that she wonít be caught.  Jack finally relents.

Roger finds he has been denied access to his computer.  Mike enters Rogerís office.  A military figure and some guards appear to arrest Roger.  Roger is told he is being charged with treason.  Roger is escorted out.  Roger glares at David.  Lynne tells David that Sherry wants to talk to him.  David takes Sherryís phone call.  David tells Sherry that Roger hasnít admitted to anything.  David stresses that he is running the shots so Sherry has no say.  Sherry is mad.

Michelle says to Tony that the FBI called and wants an agent at the mosque.  Michelle brings up their earlier conversation.  Tony admits that he feels a connection to Michelle.  Tony is about to say more but Michelle gets a call that Bob Warner is out of control in the Interrogation room.

Tony checks in on Bob.  Bob says that Reza is wrong about him.  Bob asks about his daughters.  Tony discloses that Kate is helping CTU.

Jack goes through the plan with Kate.  Kate is wearing a hijab over her face.  Jack asks if Kate still wants to go through with it.  Jack hands Kate a device to push if she feels in danger.  Kate enters the mosque.  Once inside, Kate speaks to the greeter.  He allows her to enter the worshipping area.  Kate watches as the men pray.  Kate recognizes Syed Ali.  Ali looks up but doesnít recognize Kate.  Kate slowly goes outside.  Kate is grabbed by Jack.  Kate says that Ali is definitely in the mosque.

Roger is being detained.  David brings up OPCOM and Colonel Samuels.  David waits for Roger to answer.  David says that Roger will spend life in prison if he doesnít cooperate.  David promises that Roger will be free to retire if he talks.  Roger plays stupid and says he doesnít know anything.

The tactical team begins to set up outside of the mosque.  Jack instructs his men on what to do.  There are men on the roof across the street ready with guns.  Jack gives Kate a pair of binoculars.  Jack thanks Kate for her help with identifying Ali.

Kim is walking through the woods when she hears a noise from behind.  It is a cougar.  Kim starts climbing rocks.  Kimís foot gets caught in an animal trap.  The cougar is staring at her.

David is in a vehicle on his way to meet with someone.  David meets with Simmons, an agent who worked at the Secret Service and has experience in Special Ops.  David explains that Roger Stanton was arrested.  David wants Simmons to get info out of Stanton by whatever means necessary.

Michelle alerts Tony that the agents and Reza are dead.  Michelle says that Marie Warner was the last one to leave the building.  Tony calls Jack.  Tony fills Jack in on the situation.  Tony thinks that Kate might be working with Marie.  Jack disagrees.  Kate asks about Bob and Marie.  Jack lies.

Marie, wearing a brunette wig, goes to Markoís workplace.  Marie talks to the foreman and says she needs to get something out of Markoís locker.  Marie pleads with him but the foreman says no.  Marie begins to flirt and suggests they go into the foremanís office.

In the detaining room, Simmons tells Stanton that he is going to shock him if he doesnít comply.  Roger wonít talk so he is shocked.  David is watching the feed from his office.

Tony tells Bob that Reza is dead.  Tony admits that Marie killed Reza and the agents.  Bob thinks that CTU is trying to mislead him.

The men begin to leave the mosque.  Kate is unable to identify Ali.  Jack thinks that Kate might be sabotaging the mission.  Kate is adamant that she didnít see Ali leave the mosque.  The team decides to enter the building.  Jack finds a body covered in fire.  The agents put out the fire.  Jack and the others believe that the dead man is Ali.  Kate canít believe it.  Jack makes a call to CTU.

Marie gets the trigger out of the locker.

Jack notices that the pants on the dead man are too short.  Jack realizes that Ali is still in the mosque.

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