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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 2: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Aired 1/14/04


By Carrie

The President speaks to the Press and mentions the possibility of a terrorist attack.  David says that he hasnít been forthcoming because he has been protecting American lives.  After the speech, Mike tells David that Nina is still keeping Jack hostage.

In the woods, Nina continues to aim her gun at Jack.  Jack says that Nina is responsible for the lives lost at CTU.  Nina tells Jack to shut up.  Jack has had enough and stands up.  Jack notices the CTU SWAT team has arrived to rescue him.  Nina is unprepared.  The agents shoot at Nina.  Nina is arrested.

Miguel and Kim are put in a SUV by police.

Mike updates David on Nina Myers.  David still intends on pardoning Nina for the info on Faheen.

Jack whispers in Ninaís ear.  Jack stops to look at one of the dead soldiers.  The soldier has a snake tattoo.

Reza brings two agents to Warner Enterprises.  Agent Richards handcuffs Reza to a chair.  Reza feels torn because of Marie.  Agent Richards isnít sympathetic.

Syed tells Mohsen that Kate doesnít know anything.  Kate looks at Paulís body which is laying in the bathtub.  Kate swears that she doesnít know a thing.

Jack calls David from the chopper.  Jack says that the soldiers are from the United States.  Jack explains that he recognized the tattoo as a coral snake, which is a symbol for a Special Ops unit that Jack is familiar with.  Jack says that Colonel Samuels is their leader.  David doesnít recognize the name.  Jack adds that Coral Snake has connections to NSA.  Jack is on his way to Syed Aliís location.

Michelle tells George that Jack is going to Aliís location.  George is getting worse.  Michelle apologizes for Georgeís failing health.  George confides that he wanted to be a teacher at one time.  George gives some sage advice to Michelle.

Roger meets with David.  David asks about Coral Snake.  Roger swears he doesnít know anything.  Roger thinks that Coral Snake is an extreme unit.  David is growing weary of Roger.

David tells Sherry about his suspicions.  David wants Roger arrested.  Sherry thinks that he is jumping to conclusions.  David suggests firing Stanton instead but Sherry reminds him that a bomb still needs to be found.  Sherry says that David needs proof before he has Roger arrested.  David asks Sherry to find the necessary evidence.

Officer Brown radios in that he is transporting two prisoners Ė Kim and Miguel.  Miguel wants to escape.  Kim points out that itís not a good idea.  Miguel suggests setting a fire.  Miguel manages to give Kim his lighter.  Kim grabs the bandanna from Miguelís back pocket.  Kim starts a little fire which makes Officer Brown swerve.  The SUV flips over.  Kim climbs over the vehicle.  Kim radios in that they need an ambulance right away.  Miguel and Officer Brown are injured.  Miguelís bleeding from his nose.

Mohsen is holding a scalpel and threatens Kateís life.

Jack contacts George and says that the team is ready to enter the building.

Reza and Agent Richards are interrupted by a visit from Marie.  Marie hugs Reza and says she feels bad about before.  Agent Richards insists that they need to retrieve the data.  Marie leaves.

Mohsen nicks Kateís ear.  Kate is terrified.  Jack and the team enter the building.  Mohsen is going to shoot Kate in the head when he hears noises.  Mohsen threatens to kill Kate.  Jack approaches the door.  The agents enter and Jack shoots Mohsen in the arm.  Kate is rescued.  Jack reassures Kate that sheís safe.  Mohsen takes a capsule of cyanide before the agents can get to him.

Miguel tells Kim to leave.  Kim is reluctant at first but decides running is the best solution.  Kim thanks Miguel for his help.  Kim kisses Miguel and runs away before the ambulance arrives.  Kim hides behind a tree.

Jack gives Kate a glass of water.  Jack introduces himself.  Kate explains how she got there.  Kate says that she saw Syed Ali and describes his clothing.  Jack radios in for an APB on Ali.  Kate is worried about her family.

Sherry digs up some info on OPCOM which is an old network that NSA has recently reinstated.  David asks Sherry to look for a connection to Roger Stanton.

Jack calls CTU.  Tony says that Kate Warnerís father is being questioned.  Tony adds that the Warners are not cooperating.  Tony reveals that Bob is a consultant for the CIA.  Jack insists that Tony look into it.  Jack radios in and instructs the agent to bring Kate back to the bathroom.

Mike says that the OPCOM files are pass-code protected.  Sherry reveals that a former Deputy Director has an active pass-code which they can use.  David tells Mike to check it out.  David is impressed by Sherryís tenacity.  David thanks Sherry for her help.

Michelle tells Tony that the agents are still at Warner Enterprises.  Tony wonders what the connection is between Ali and the Warners.  Michelle suggests going out sometime.  Tony is hesitant to answer because of his disastrous relationship with Nina.  They both agree to go on a date after the bomb situation is over.

Kate goes over what happened in the bathroom.  Jack asks some questions.  Kate says that the men spoke in Arabic.  Kate recognized an Arabic word for prayer.  Jack thinks that Ali is headed for a mosque.  Jack says that Kate should go back to CTU but needs her to identify Ali first.

Roger gets a call that he takes in private.  It is Sherry.  Sherry discloses that she told David about OPCOM.  Sherry warns Roger that he could be arrested soon.  It is revealed that Sherry and Roger are  working together.

Reza finds a suspicious shipping order but is confused because it is when he and Bob were out of the country.  It is traced back to Rezaís personal computer.  The door opens and Marie walks in.  Marie shoots Agent Richards.  Reza canít believe it.  Reza feels betrayed.  Marie shoots Reza twice in the chest.

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