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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Aired 1/22/02


By Carrie

At the power plant, Aaron tells David that they are going to sweep the area as a precautionary measure.

Teri and Kim return to the shed.

The Secret Service is confident that the area is secure. The Palmers leave the banquet.

An agent asks Jack some questions. The agent brings up that Jack got clearance to bring a gun into the breakfast. Jack explains that he was trying to stop the assassination. Jack is told that Tony Almeida alerted the Secret Service. Jack insists that the man they are looking for is posing as a photographer. Jack is handcuffed to a pole.

Jamey tells Nina and Tony that the man responsible is Ira Gaines.

Gaines’ computers begin to shut down. While Nina listens in, Jamey calls Ira. Jamey explains that Milo is growing suspicious. Ira believes Jamey’s story. Ira wants to get in touch with Jack.

Nina changes clothes and returns to the CTU floor. Milo asks what happened. Nina informs Milo that Jamey won’t be returning.

During the car ride, David tells Sherry that a government agent is in custody for the assassination attempt. Sherry appears concerned.

Jack pleads with the agent, but he won’t listen. Jack is told that he will be speaking to the Feds. The plan is for Jack to be debriefed by the FBI. Jack explains his situation and asks the agent to check out his story. Jack is escorted out. Jack causes a diversion and gets away from the agents. Jack runs outside. Jack jumps over a fence. Jack makes it to the road, stops a car, and orders the woman to drive. Jack instructs the waitress where to turn. Jack asks the woman to get out of the car. They are at a construction site. Jack breaks an office window.

Jamey explains to Tony that Gaines wasn’t supposed to hurt anyone. Jamey mentions that she was to be paid $300,000 for her assistance. Jamey tries to justify her actions. Tony appears disappointed. Nina returns. Jamey wants immunity before she’ll talk. Jack calls Nina. Jack apologizes for shooting her. Jack says that he got away from the Secret Service agents. Jack is told that Jamey is the mole. Jack is stunned. Jack talks to Jamey. Jack reassures Jamey that he’ll help her if she gives him Gaines. Jamey says that there is no deal without immunity.

Jack tells Nina to bring in Jamey’s son, Kyle. Jack asks for a vehicle to be brought to him.

Lauren, the waitress, inquires about Jack’s situation. Jack promises that he won’t shoot her. Lauren wants to leave, but Jack aims a gun at her.

David and Sherry return to the suite. Sherry asks where Keith is. An aide mentions that Keith left in a hurry. Sherry stops David. Sherry says that it isn’t the right time to expose the cover-up. David refuses to comply.

Jack calls Nina. Tony answers. Jack says that Tony made the right call by alerting the Secret Service. Jack asks Lauren to retrieve the bolt cutters outside. Lauren uses the bolt cutters to get Jack’s handcuffs off.

Mike Novick talks to David about Jack Bauer. David says that he recognizes Jack from somewhere. Mike says that Jack escaped custody.

Eli checks in on Teri and Kim. Eli grabs Kim. Kim kicks Eli. Teri tries to reason with Eli. Teri decides to leave with Eli so Kim will be safe.

Sherry gets a phone call from Maureen. Sherry tells Maureen to kill the story about Keith. Sherry brings up the assassination attempt. Sherry says that a government agent is responsible for the attempt. Sherry explains that she’ll give Maureen exclusive access if she delays the story on Keith.

Teri returns to the shed. Teri produces a phone, which she swiped off of Eli. Teri tries to contact Nina, but is disconnected. Teri hides the phone behind her back.

Keith returns to the suite. Mike tells David that Maureen is going to postpone the story. David confronts Sherry. Sherry swears that she didn’t know anything about it. David wants to speak to Maureen himself.

Jack and Lauren make small talk in the office. Lauren asks to be let go. Jack is waiting for his car from CTU. Jack admits that he is scared. Jack closes his eyes. Lauren stands up but Jack scares her by waking suddenly.

Tony tells Jamey that Kyle is being brought to CTU. Jamey realizes that she is in a lot of trouble. Jamey begins to cry. Jamey asks for some time alone to think.

The police show up at the construction site. Jack asks Lauren to pick up the CTU vehicle. Lauren goes outside. Instead of getting Jack’s car, Lauren alerts the officers. Jack jumps out of the office window. Jack manages to get away from the police. Jack runs through traffic to find the CTU vehicle.

Nina tells Milo to let her know when Kyle shows up at CTU. Milo inquires about the situation, but Tony remains silent. Nina and Tony find that Jamey has severely cut her arm. Tony tries to stop the bleeding. Milo calls Nina to say that Kyle has arrived. Jamey is unresponsive.

Gaines calls Jamey. Nina and Tony both look at Jamey’s phone while it continues to ring.

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