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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Aired 1/15/02


By Carrie

Nina walks through the abandoned industrial area.

Voting places begin to open for the Primary.

Ira calls Jonathon and says that Jack is on his way to the breakfast banquet.

At his Campaign Headquarters, David tells Sherry that he is going to tell the truth about Keithís role in Gibsonís accidental death. Sherry hopes that Keith doesnít have to serve time. Keith tells them that Nicole went to the airport to pick up her friends. Keith thinks that the media will label him as a murderer.

Jonathon, posing as Martin Belkin, walks into the power plant where the banquet will be held. Aaron checks out his credentials.

Gainesí goons lead Teri into a basement.

Jack pulls over to a bus stop. A man hands Jack a briefcase. Jack tells Ira that he wants to speak to Teri. Teri is only able to say a few words. Teri asks about Kim, but Ira doesnít respond.

At CTU, Jamey bumps into Milo. Milo asks Jamey where Nina is. Milo feels like his hands are tied concerning the key card. Jamey goes to the restroom and uses a handheld device to contact Gaines. It is revealed that Jamey is the mole in CTU. Ira tells Jamey to make up a story about Ninaís absence.

Teri and Kim reunite. They hug. Teri says that Jack is aware that they are in trouble. Kim explains how she met Rick and Dan. Kim is scared.

Nina continues walking and finds a rundown building. She kicks in the door. Nina manages to find a phone inside and calls CTU. No one answers. Nina calls Tony. Nina explains that no one at CTU can know that sheís alive. Nina wants to speak to Jamey. Tony hears Jamey tell Milo that she just spoke to Nina. Tony realizes that Jamey is lying. Tony tells Nina about Jamey. Nina says that Jamey canít be trusted. Nina instructs Tony to act like everything is normal. Tony informs Nina that heíll have someone pick her up.

David and Sherry arrive at the power plant. Jack enters through the backdoor carrying the briefcase. Aaron asks Jack to open the case. Inside the briefcase is a laptop. Jack appears nervous. Jack turns on the laptop. Aaron clears him to proceed.

A former classmate stops Jack. Jessica, Palmerís Press assistant, speaks to Jack for a few minutes before Gaines tells him to hurry it along. Ira orders Jack to stand by the buffet table. David and Sherry enter the room. There is applause. Jack makes his way through the room. David notices Jack. Jonathon is introduced to Senator Palmer.

Kim falls asleep. Teri looks for a way out of the shed. Rick brings them food. Teri yells at Rick for putting Kim in harmís way. Eli walks in and tells Rick to stop talking to Teri.

Gaines tells Jack to start walking. Jack gets distracted for a few minutes by Jessica. Jack walks to a secluded area. Gaines tells Jack to enter a private room.

Nina returns to CTU through a back door. Tony kisses Nina. Tony pays the cab driver. Tony canít believe that Nina didnít tell him the truth sooner. Tony wants to call Secret Service. Nina thinks they should wait, but finally concurs with Tony.

Jonathon enters the private room and looks at the briefcase. Hidden under the laptop is a gun, which Jonathon tells Jack to assemble. Jack loads the gun. Jack thinks that no one will believe he would shoot Senator Palmer. Jonathon doesnít answer. Jonathon is only concerned with getting Jackís fingerprints on the gun and bullet. Jack aims his gun at Jonathon, but Jack knows that he canít shoot him. Jonathon leaves the room.

Tony tells Milo that he was right about the key card being switched. Jamey is eavesdropping on their conversation. Nina begins to track Jameyís moves using a CTU camera. Tony calls Aaron and says that Jack Bauer poses a threat to Senator Palmer. Nina informs Tony that Jamey is headed to the restroom. Tony follows Jamey. Tony takes Jamey by surprise. Tony quickly escorts Jamey out of the restroom without Gainesí knowledge.

Aaron tells David that he is in trouble. Aaron explains that David and Sherry need to leave the breakfast immediately. Aaron says that the Intel came directly from CTU. Aaron alerts the other Secret Service agents to look for Agent Bauer.

Jamey is led in to speak to Nina. Jamey is uncooperative. Nina is mad. Jamey explains that she didnít think that things would escalate like they have. Nina wants the names of the people involved. Jamey still refuses to talk. Tony handcuffs Jamey.

Teri continues to look for a way to escape. Kim wakes up. Kim says that she isnít mad at her mom anymore. Teri and Kim both begin to cry.

David addresses the crowd at the breakfast. Gaines tells Jack to leave the secluded area. Gaines instructs Jack to go stand by Jonathon. Ira explains that Jonathon will shoot the Senator and he will hand the gun to Jack. Jack thinks that Ira is crazy. Ira reassures Jack that he needs to trust him. Jonathon sets his sights on Palmer. A Secret Service agent recognizes Jack. Jack causes a diversion. Gaines is furious that the assassination attempt failed. Jack is arrested. Jack notices the earpiece has fallen to the ground. Jack yells into the earpiece that Gaines canít kill Teri or Kim.

Ira calls Jamey. Ira is worried that their plan is falling apart. Kim and Teri are led outside. Eli plans on shooting the two. Kim and Teri begin pleading with Eli. Ira radios in to Eli that he canít kill the women yet. Rick is watching.

Jack is escorted out of the breakfast banquet.

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