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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Aired 1/8/02


By Carrie

It is sunrise. Jonathon, an assassin who has had plastic surgery to look like Martin Belkin, stares in the mirror. Jonathon puts on contact lenses. Gaines tells Jonathon that he will be meeting with Senator Palmer in one hour.

Jack is being followed by one of Gainesí men. Ira warns Jack to stay on course. Gaines tells Jack to take the key card out from under the carís visor.

At CTU, Milo tells Nina that he has found something on the key card. Nina wants a name.

David instructs his driver to pull over. David walks up to Keith, who is jogging. David tells Keith that he needs to come forward with the truth. David promises that heíll support Keith. Keith doesnít believe him.

At Gainesí desert compound, Kim tells Rick that they need to escape. Rick says he will be free once he buries Dan. Kim knows that Gaines wonít let Rick go.

Jack arrives at CTU. Gaines wants Jack to switch the key cards. Nina confronts Jack. Jack lies and says that Kim is okay. Nina tells Jack that the dead manís name is Alan York. Once alone, Jack speaks to Gaines about the man posing as Janetís father. Jack is worried that Teri is in trouble. Gaines says that Jack needs to follow directions or else.

Gaines calls Kevin (the man posing as Alan York) and leaves a message on his voicemail.

Teri tells Kevin to pull over. Teri says that she is feeling sick. Teri walks up a hill and disappears. Kevin checks his messages. Kevin hears Iraís message and steps out of the car. Kevin calls out to Teri, but she doesnít answer. Teri hits Kevin on the head using a rock. Teri ties Kevin to a tree. Teri runs to the car, but her cell canít find a signal.

Danís body is buried. Rick wants to leave the compound. Gaines explains to Rick that he isnít finished with him.

Jack tells Gaines that he canít switch the cards. Ira maintains that Jack doesnít have a choice. Ira lets Jack know that he is watching him using the CTU cameras. Nina updates Jack about the key card. Jack replies that he will check out the key card in a few minutes.

David visits with Nicole. Nicole wants to know if Keith will be arrested. Nicole says that sheíll be at her fatherís breakfast banquet. Nicole discloses that she wants to get past the rape. David says that she doesnít have to make comments to the media.

Jack talks to Milo. Jack causes a distraction so he can switch the key cards while Milo isnít looking. Milo canít believe the files arenít coming up on the computer. Jamey comes over to assist him.

Teri tries to flag down a car, but Kevin says that she needs to trust him.

Jack calls Frank Miller to get security clearance. Ira tells Jack that he is going to attend the Senatorís breakfast banquet.

Rick tells Kim that he canít leave. Rick says that people are watching them from all sides of the compound. Rick tells Kim to meet him outside.

Milo is having problems with the key card. Milo is adamant that he is not working with the same card. Nina doesnít think it could have been switched. Milo realizes it was Jack. Nina confronts Jack. Jack plays stupid. Jack finally admits that he changed it. Gaines reminds Jack to take care of the situation. Jack takes Nina by surprise when he holds a gun to her head. Jack says that he and Nina are going to leave CTU. Tony walks up to them. Jack lies and says they are headed to a meeting with Division. Once in the car, Jack instructs Nina to drive.

Teri calls Jack. A hospital employee picks up Jackís cell phone. The man speaks to Teri. Teri calls CTU. Jamey answers. Teri is concerned about Jack. Teri admits that Kim was kidnapped. Jamey informs Teri that an agent will come and pick her up.

David gets dressed for the breakfast banquet. Sherry brings up that they could blackmail Maureen. David says that it isnít a good idea.

Rick and Eli, one of Gainesí men, talk about Ira. Rick asks Eli if he will get paid. Eli comments that Kim is pretty. Rick and Eli walk away from the shed. Rick has left the shed door open so Kim can escape. Rick tells Eli that he left his keys in the shed. Rick meets up with Kim.

Two men show up at Teriís location. The men let Kevin go. Teri realizes the men are not from CTU.

Tony asks Jamey about Nina. Tony thinks that something is wrong.

Nina and Jack are in the car. Nina brings up the key card. Jack tells Nina to keep her eyes on the road. They pull up to an abandoned area. Ira instructs Jack to shoot Nina. Jack grabs Nina and pulls her out of the vehicle. Jack shoots Nina. Nina falls to the ground. Ira tells Jack to get back in the car. Jack leaves the scene.

Rick and Kim dig under the property fence. Kim notices that men have arrived with her mother. Kim tells Rick that she is staying at the compound. Rick insists that Kim escape with him.

Tony watches video from the CTU cameras. Tony notices that Jack grabbed Nina and handed her a bulletproof vest.

Nina stands and looks at her vest, which is marked with bullets. Nina walks away.

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