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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM
Aired 12/18/01

The Palmers

By Carrie

Janetís blood pressure is dropping. The OR team tries to resuscitate Janet.

Jack calls Teri. Jack warns Teri that no one should get near Janet.

Jack shows up at CTU. Nina is waiting outside for him. Jack says that Kimís kidnapping is connected to the dead body. Jack leaves in a helicopter. Tony is outraged that Jack is using CTU resources for personal use.

Gaines, Rick and Kim are standing outside. Ira tells the two not to lie to him again. Gaines walks away. Rick starts to dig a hole to bury Danís body. Rick doesnít want to listen to Kim.

Sherry is not happy to see Carl waiting in the suite. Sherry tells David that he needs to get ready for his big day. David and Carl speak in private. David is mad that Carl tried to cover up Keithís involvement in Gibsonís murder. Carl says that Keith came to him and said it was self-defense. David canít believe that he was kept in the dark all this time. David tells Carl to stay away from him and his family. Carl implies that Sherry knew about it all along. David looks devastated.

Kim helps Rick dig the hole. Rick stops to light up a cigarette. Rick explains that no one was supposed to get hurt. Kim says that they need an escape plan.

Jack arrives at the hospital. Teri hugs Jack. Jack reassures her that Kim will be okay. They kiss. Teri says that Janet is stable. Teri introduces Alan to Jack. Alan swears that he doesnít know Rick or Dan. Jack is suspicious of Alan.

A strange man shows up at the hospital. Jack grabs him, but the man insists he is there to see a family member. Jack apologizes to Teri for being paranoid.

David confronts Sherry about Keith. Sherry apologizes for not telling David the truth right away. Sherry explains that she was looking out for David and their family. David asks if Nicole knows the truth. Sherry is adamant that the truth canít come out. Sherry warns David that he could lose everything if he comes clean about the murder. David walks out of the room.

Kim and Rick continue to dig. Kim says that her mother is probably worried about her. Gaines walks up to them. He tells Kim that they are leaving.

Jack calls Nina. Nina says that the John Doe died between eleven and midnight. Nina promises to have the manís name soon. Nina inquires about Janet.

Teri and Alan talk about Jack. Teri says that Jack is very worried about their daughter.

Jack and Teri talk in private. Jack tells her about the David Palmer situation and how it is connected to Kimís kidnapping. Teri starts to sob. Jack apologizes for everything. They hug. Jack doesnít think that Kim will be killed. Jack promises his wife that he will find Kim.

Nina asks Jamey to come to Forensics. Jamey wants to work on the key card, but Nina insists that she will have someone else handle it.

David goes to speak to Mike Novick, his Chief-of-Staff.

Alan tells Jack that Janet is being moved to her own room. Nina calls Jack and says that sheíll have a name soon for the John Doe.

Mike tells David that Maureen will try to bury him. David is frustrated. Mike points out that David is making history today. David is disgusted that his family knew about the cover-up. Mike says that David should break the story first. David is torn about what to do.

The doctor talks to Alan about Janetís prognosis. Jack asks to speak to Janet. Alan wants to speak to his daughter first. Teri and Jack discuss taking a summer trip. Jack gets a call from Ira Gaines. Ira advises Jack to tell Teri that he needs to leave. Ira says that he is watching Jack through the hospital cameras. Gaines tells Jack to head for the north entrance.

Alan is brought in to see his daughter. Janet wakes up. Janet doesnít recognize Alan. Suddenly, Alan cuts off Janetís oxygen supply. Janet flat lines. Alan leaves the room.

Jack walks out to the parking garage. Jack is instructed to get into a silver car. Kim is able to speak to Jack. Kim reassures her father that she is okay. Ira tells Jack to put in the earpiece, which is sitting in the glove compartment. Jack is ordered to throw out his cell phone. Jack starts up the engine. Ira instructs Jack to go to CTU.

Teri calls Jack, but heís not answering. Alan startles Teri. Alan says he spoke to Janet. Alan produces an address where Kim is being held. Teri leaves a message for Jack. Teri and Alan leave the hospital to go check out the address.

Rick puts Danís body in the hole. Ira and Kim appear. Rick apologizes to Dan and starts throwing dirt on him. Kim mentions to Rick that she spoke to Jack. Kim is resolute that Jack will find them.

Milo Pressman shows up at CTU to work on the key card. Jamey is irritated by Miloís presence.

Teri and Alan are driving in the car. Nina calls Teri. Nina gives her a message to relay to Jack: the dead man was identified as Alan York. Teri canít believe what she is hearing. Teri is shocked. Once off the phone, Alan asks who called. Teri lies to Alan. Teri knows that she is in danger.

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