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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 4:00 AM - 5:00 AM
Aired 12/11/01

Teri Bauer

By Carrie

The doctors are looking at x-rays of Janetís internal injuries. Janet is brought into the OR. Teri rushes into the hospital. Alan is right behind her. The doctor doesnít disclose any specific information on Janetís condition. The receptionist tells Teri that the girl is listed as Jane Doe. Teri and Alan run into a restricted area. Alan looks through the window into the OR and identifies the girl as Janet. Teri calls Jack and says that Janet was in a car accident. Teri doesnít know where Kim is. Jack insists that it is urgent that he finds Kim. Jack continues to drive.

Dan and Rick put Kim in Gainesí car. Rick doesnít trust Ira. Dan reminds Rick that they need the money.

David looks over his itinerary. Patty says that she is going home for the night. Sherry is worried that Maureen is going to run with the story. David comments that Carl is working on it. David is concerned about Nicole. Nicole is excited about the Primary and tells David that she has friends flying in for the event.

Jack calls Nina. Jack is at the Van Nuys police station. Jack wants access to Penticoff, the suspect. Jack asks Nina to contact Ryan Sealey. Nina asks for Tonyís help. Nina comments that Jack will never trust Tony again. Tony gives her Sealeyís number.

Jack wants to speak to Penticoff, but the police arenít cooperating. Jack explains the situation and is given a few minutes to speak to Penticoff. Mason shows up. Jack is irritated.

Rick is having second thoughts about the meet. Dan says that they need to focus on getting their money, not Kimís safety.

Mason talks to Jack in private. Mason inquires about Walsh. Mason says that he was only following orders. Jack maintains that he needs to talk to Penticoff.

Kim bangs her feet on the backseat window of Iraís car. Gaines threatens to shoot her. Ira pulls over and puts Kim in the trunk.

David calls Maureen. David wants to speak to her in person.

A policeman asks Alan and Teri some questions. Jack calls Teri. Teri explains that Janet is out of surgery. Jack fills Teri in on the connection with Kim and the suspect at the police station. Mason clears Jack to interrogate Penticoff.

Mason and some officers are watching from another room. Penticoff lunges at Jack. Jack manages to hand Penticoff his cell phone number without anyone noticing. Officers break up Jack and Penticoff. Jack goes into a private room. Penticoff calls Jack and says that he is working with the men who have Kim. Penticoff explains that he is expecting a call in twenty minutes from a specific pay phone. Jack calls Nina and asks her to set up a trace at the pay phoneís location. Phillips, Jessie Hamptonís partner, tells Jack that Penticoff is going to pay for killing the policewoman. Jack asks Penticoff some questions. Jack causes a diversion, so he can hand Penticoff the key card he swiped off Phillips.

Alan and Teri wait in the hospital lobby. Alan tells Teri that it looks like Janet will make a full recovery.

Maureen arrives at Davidís suite. Maureen refuses to give up her source at first. Finally, Maureen confides that she has two credible sources: Keithís therapist and Lyle Gibson, Nicoleís attacker. Maureen explains that Keith showed up at a hospital with injuries an hour after Gibsonís death. Maureen adds that the handwriting on the hospital forms was verified as Keithís. David threatens Maureen to back off.

David wakes up his son. David inquires about Keithís whereabouts the night of Gibsonís death. Keith refuses to comment. David is mad. David storms out of the room.

Mason apologizes to the police for Jackís behavior. The officers realize that Penticoff escaped custody.

Teri talks to Alan about Kim. Alan says that Janet will be able to supply them with answers once she wakes up. Teri starts to cry.

Mason knows that Jack helped Penticoff escape. He checks surveillance video from the hospital parking garage and sees that Jack and Penticoff drove away together.

Jack and Penticoff show up at the pay phone. The phone rings, but it isnít coming from the pay phone itself. Gaines has left a cell phone beside the pay phone. Nina is unable to trace the call. Over the phone, Ira tells Penticoff to grab the car keys taped behind the pay phone. Gaines tells Penticoff where to find the car. Ira adds that there is a dead body in the trunk. Jack and Penticoff run to the carís location. Jack checks in the trunk. There is a dead man inside. Mason shows up. Penticoff is arrested. Jack shows Mason the dead body. Mason wants to know whatís going on. Jack fills him in on everything. Jack says that they need to keep a close eye on Palmer. Jack wants to bring the dead body back to CTU for an ID.

Jack calls Nina. Jack says that he is bringing a body to CTU. Jack calls Teri. Jack says that he needs to speak to Janet.

Dan and Rick meet with Gaines. Dan says that he wants his money. Ira inquires about Janet. Ira knows that Janet is at the hospital. Dan finally admits that he lied. Gaines shoots Dan. Kim starts to yell, but the tape around her mouth muffles her screams. Rick canít believe it.

In the OR, Janet starts to code.

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