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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 3:00 AM - 4:00 AM
Aired 11/27/01


By Carrie

A car starts honking as it swerves around Janetís body. Janet is awake and tries to get the attention of a pedestrian, but he doesnít notice her.

Kim begins to scream as Rick and Dan escort her back to the van. Kim wants to go get Janet, but Rick refuses.

Jack tells Nina that heís sorry that he accused her. Jack discloses that Walsh died while the source handed over the incriminating key card.

Senator Palmer returns to the suite. David calls Carl. Carl explains that he needs to speak to Maureen in person.

Sherry divulges to David that there is talk about an assassination attempt. David tells her not to worry.

At CTU, Tony shows Jack a discrepancy in the airplaneís passenger list. Jamey shows Jack and Nina something she found on the key card. Jack notices an address listed on the cardís hard drive. Tony is eyeing them suspiciously from his desk. Jack says heíll check out the address himself. Nina tries to use the phone, but there is a lockdown. Jack instructs Nina to hide the key card. Mason arrives with Internal investigators. Mason says that it is normal protocol to have a lockdown when agents are killed. One of the investigators confronts Jack. Jack manages to slip out of the CTU building.

Mason goes over the lockdown process. Nina canít believe that Tony called Mason.

Nina is asked where Jack is. Nina is evasive towards George.

Aaron tells David that the threat is a serious one and shouldnít be taken lightly. Aaron explains that David needs to change his itinerary. David doesnít comply. David maintains that he isnít changing anything on the day of the Primary.

Kim keeps bringing up that they need to get Janet. Dan tells Kim to shut up. Dan pulls over. Dan changes his mind. Dan thinks that they should go back for Janet. Suddenly, Dan produces a gun. Kim realizes that the guys are more dangerous than she first thought. Dan tapes Kimís hands together.

Alan and Teri get pulled over by a police officer. The officer tells Alan that he was speeding. Teri interjects that their daughters are missing, but the officer ignores her. Alan is irate, so he confronts the officer. The officer arrests Alan. The van holding Kim drives by Alan and Teriís car.

At CTU, Nina and Mason have a talk. Nina still maintains that she doesnít know where Jack is. Nina brings up Masonís offshore account. Mason says that Jack is in trouble. Mason implies that Jack is corrupt.

Jack is in the car and driving to the address. Jack calls Teri, but she misses the call. Jack leaves a message that heíll try back later. Jack arrives at the address. Jack looks around for a way in. Jack notices a man inside. The man runs. Jack starts shooting at the man. A police cruiser pulls up. The policewoman tells Jack to stop. The policewoman checks Jackís credentials. The two run after the suspect in the building. Jackís phone starts to ring, which startles Jack and alerts the suspect.

Mason and Nina discuss her relationship with Jack. Mason comments that Nina used to be a good agent, but Jack has clouded her judgment.

Jack and the policewoman continue to follow the suspect. Jack tells the janitor to get down.

Dan drives back to where Janetís body is lying in the street. Rick suggests putting Janet in the back of the van. Kim is crying. All of a sudden, an ambulance appears. Dan speeds away from the scene.

Nina returns to her desk. Jamey wants to know what Nina told Mason. Nina says that George will want to speak to Jamey. Nina insists that Jamey stay quiet about the key card.

Jack and the policewoman walk up a staircase. Jack can hear movement above them. Jack realizes the man is headed to another building.

David calls Carl. David checks in on Sherry. Sherry inquires about Davidís evasiveness. David tells Sherry about the call from Maureen Kingsley. Sherry is furious that lies are being told about her son. Sherry wonders if David believes Keith is a murderer.

Teri tries to convince the officer to let Alan go. The officer gets a call and decides to release Alan.

Jack and the policewoman head in different directions through the building. All of a sudden, a helicopter appears above them. The suspect grabs the policewoman. The woman tells Jack to stay back. Jack drops his gun. The policewoman is accidentally shot by the suspect. Jack and the suspect fight. The policewoman is dead.

Alan and Teri ask a pedestrian if she has seen their daughters. The woman isnít much help.

Dan pulls the van over to the side of the road. A car shows up. Ira Gaines appears and asks about Janet. Dan says that Janet is dead. Ira maintains that Kim will be coming with him. Ira tells Kim that heíll let her go if she cooperates.

Mason interrogates Jamey. Mason says that Jack is manipulating Jamey. Mason gets a call about Jack. Mason tells the CTU staff that Jack has been found, so the lockdown is over.

Police arrive at the scene. Jack asks to question the suspect. The suspect implies to Jack that Kim is in danger. Jack is furious. Jack speeds away in his car.

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