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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM
Aired 11/20/01

Sherry Palmer

By Carrie

Jack is driving. Jack calls a CTU technician. Using a device in his car, Jack is able to scan the print off the manís finger and send the info to the tech.

Teri calls Jack. Teri tells him that Kim went to a party. Teri discloses that Kim acted strangely over the phone. Jack asks if Teri is still with Alan. Jack wants to speak to Alan. Jack insists that Teri and Alan remain at the furniture store in case Kim and Janet come back.

Mandyís associates are mad because Bridgit wants two million dollars instead of one million for the ID. Ira gets a phone call.

At Campaign Headquarters, Sherry is mad that Aaron allowed David to leave. Keith says he will go find his father. Aaron tells him to stay put.

Ira calls Dan, who is keeping an eye on Kim and Janet. Kim yells that Janet needs to go to the hospital. Rick gives Janet some drugs to lessen her pain. Janet passes out.

Senator Palmer goes to meet with Carl. David pulls up inside an underground parking lot. Two young men start heckling David. One man breaks the back window of Davidís SUV.

Jack returns to CTU. Jack calls Nina and asks her to go check on something. Jack is watching as Nina walks away from her desk. Undetected by Nina, Jack goes to see Jamey. Jamey is confused. Jack explains that there is a corrupt agent in CTU. Jack wants Jamey to check out the key card. Nina notices that Jack is back at CTU. Jack tells Jamey that he has to find out if Nina is dirty.

Jack tells Nina that he met with Walsh. Nina thinks that Jack is being evasive. Jack asks for Ninaís opinion regarding corruption in the Agency. Jack doesnít tell her about his suspicions. Jack asks Nina if she is seeing Tony. Jack gets a call from Jamey. Jamey confirms that the key card came from Ninaís computer. Jack lies and tells Nina that Division called.

Bauer receives a call about the fingerprint. There is no match found in the database.

Bridgit and Mandy discuss what they are going to do about Ira. Mandy wants the ID, but Bridgit insists that they split the two million dollars. Mandy agrees to do things Bridgitís way. They kiss.

In the van, Kim covers Janet with a blanket. Janet asks about Dan. Janet is feeling the effects of the drugs. Dan pulls over by an airfield. Kim tells Janet that they have been kidnapped, but Janet appears disoriented. Kim tells Janet that they need to get away from the van. Kim and Janet slowly walk away from the vehicle. Dan and Rick realize the girls have fled. A plane almost hits Janet and Kim as they run across the runway.

Jamey goes to Jackís office. Jack asks for the data on the key card. Jack admits that he was seeing Nina when he was separated from his wife. Jamey maintains that she will keep her mouth shut about the situation.

Kim and Janet run through an alley and hide. Dan and Rick find a teenage prostitute in the alley. The prostitute covers for the girls and says that they headed in another direction. Once Dan and Rick leave, the prostitute asks for Kimís money and takes Janetís necklace. The prostitute leaves. Kim and Janet enter an abandoned building.

David meets with Carl. David is mad about Maureenís accusations. Maureen is saying that Keith threw a man out of a window for what he did to Keithís sister, Nicole. David is outraged because Maureenís story is unfounded. Carl reassures David that heíll take care of the situation. Secret Service agents arrive on the scene.

Kim and Janet run through the building. They can hear Dan and Rickís voices. The prostitute is there and suddenly turns on the light. Kim asks for his help. Kim explains that Janetís arm is broken. The prostitute tells them to leave immediately.

Jack is growing suspicious of Nina. Jack confronts Nina about the key card. Nina is baffled and says she doesnít know what Jack is talking about. Nina is offended and storms out of the room.

Ira puts the money into Mandyís account. Mandy and Bridgit agree to give Ira the ID.

Kim and Janet continue to hide. Dan is close by. Dan yells out. Kim runs into a pimp. Kim says that two guys are after them. Kim asks to use the pimpís phone. The pimp refuses. The teen prostitute appears and punches the pimp so the girls can get away. Kim is able to retrieve the pimpís cell phone. Dan and Rick show up.

Tony finds a memorandum about Walshís death on his computer. Tony tells Jamey. Jamey canít believe it, but confirms it is true. Jack calls Jamey about the info on the key card.

Ira, Mandy, and Bridgit drive out to the desert. Bridgit retrieves the ID, which is hidden in the sand. Bridgit hands the ID to Ira. A sniper takes out Bridgit. Mandy starts to cry. Mandy realizes that she needs to cooperate with Ira. They leave Bridgitís dead body in the desert.

Jamey walks into Jackís office, where Jack and Nina are talking. Jamey has a list of dates from when the key card was being created on Ninaís CTU computer. Nina looks over the list. Nina says that one date was from January when her and Jack were in Santa Barbara. Jack realizes that Nina is innocent. Jack apologizes, but Nina hurries to her desk. Across the room, Tony makes a call to have Jack relieved of his commands.

Kim calls her mother. Kim tells Teri the truth. Suddenly, a car hits Janet. The driver speeds away. Kim starts to cry. Rick and Dan grab Kim. Lying in the street, Janet suddenly opens her eyes.

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