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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Aired 5/21/02

Jack holds his dead wife

By Carrie

Jack is in the car driving to the Los Angeles dock.

Kim continues to hide from Drazenís men.  A man receives a phone call that they should split up to find Kim.  Andre isnít worried but thinks that Kim drowned.  Kim jumps over a fence and almost gets hit by a semi.

Sherry is furious with David.  Sherry is worried about what the media is going to think.  Sherry wants Mike to talk David out of this.  Sherry thinks that David is crazy for going along with the story.  David brings up that Jack saved his life twice today.

George asks Nina if she has recently heard from Jack.  Tony alerts George that Kim has escaped.  Nina is concerned.

At the port, tactical teams are showing up.  Everyone agrees that Kim needs to get to CTU as soon as possible.  George insists that Jack needs to be alerted to Kimís condition.

Nina makes a call regarding the situation.

Jack arrives at the dock.  Jack grabs his gun from the car.  Andre calls Jack and asks where he is.  Jack wants to speak to Kim.  Andre is acting strange and refuses to put Kim on the phone.  Andre doesnít think that Jack will show up at the dock.

Nina talks to Jack.  Jack senses that there is a traitor within CTU.  Jack asks Nina to find out who it is.  Jack stresses that Nina canít trust anyone at CTU.

Mike advises David to tell the truth about the hotel explosion.  David and Mike watch as news reports are saying that David is alive.  David accuses Sherry of leaking the story.  David is irate.  Mike pulls David away from Sherry.  David is worried that Kim Bauer will die now because of the leak.

Nina calls Andre.  Nina explains that Kim was found and is on her way to CTU.  Andre tells Victor that they need to leave the city now.  Victor wants Nina to tell Jack that Kim is dead.

Nina calls Jack.  Nina informs Jack that Kimís body was found in the harbor.  Jack is devastated.  Jack begins to cry.  Jack wants vengeance.  Jack walks to his car.  Jack takes some ammo from the vehicle and approaches the dock.  Using a truck found on site, Jack plows right into the building where Andre and Victor are standing.  Gunfire erupts.  Jack goes after the Drazens.  There is more shooting.  Andre gets shot in the chest by Jack.  Victor shoots at Jack but he runs out of bullets.  Jack shoots Victor multiple times.  Victorís body falls in the water.  Jack stares at the Drazensí lifeless bodies.

David makes a statement to the press.  David insists that his reported death was a misunderstanding.  David apologizes for the mistake.  Mike believes that Sherry did the right thing by leaking the story.  Mike tells David that he needs to decide what to do next.  Mike says to Sherry that she needs to apologize to David for what sheís done.

George tells Tony that Jack is alive.  Nina canít believe it.  Teri is relieved by the news, but is still worried about her husband.

Nina leaves the CTU floor and heads to the computer room.  Nina grabs a hidden briefcase.  Teri is looking for Nina.  Nina shoots a janitor.  Nina makes a call.  Teri overhears Nina speaking in Russian.  Nina lies and tells Teri that she is working.  Nina swears that Jack and Kim are on their way to CTU.  Nina gets a call.  Teri senses that something is wrong.  Nina pulls a gun on Teri.  Nina pushes Teri further into the room.  Nina has Teri face the wall.

Jack shows up at the harbor.  He asks a police officer about the recovery of Kimís body.  The man says that no bodies were found in the water.  Jack realizes that Nina lied. 

Nina puts tape around Teriís mouth.  Nina wants to erase incriminating evidence showing her involvement in the dayís events.

Jack calls George.  Jack asks about Kim.  George reassures Jack that Kim is on her way to CTU.  Jack announces that Nina is the mole.  George is stunned.  Jack is adamant that Nina cannot leave the CTU building.

Jack calls CTU Analyst Paul Wilson who works in Archives.  Jack wants Paul to check out the surveillance from when Jamey Farrell committed suicide.  Paul says that the tape was erased.  Jack gives Paul clearance to find the missing video feed.

Sherry meets with David.  Sherry asks if they can talk after a good nightís sleep.  Sherry stresses that she was only looking out for David.  David announces that he and Sherry are over.  David isnít worried about the Presidential campaign.  Sherry warns that she wonít leave without putting up a fight.  Sherry canít believe that David is standing up to her.  Secret Service agents advise Sherry to back off.  David walks away.

Jack watches the video feed.  Jack sees Nina kill Jamey.  Jack sends George the feed.  Jack insists that George needs to find Nina pronto.

Nina canít get into the database.  Nina takes the CD and puts it into her pocket.  Someone calls Nina and says that she should leave immediately.  Nina tells Teri that she is going to lock her in the room.

The guards begin to check CTU.  An alarm goes off.  Nina shoots a guard.  On the elevator, Nina shoots another guard.  Nina takes a key off of the guard and runs to the parking garage.  Nina gets in the car and begins to drive away.  Jack shows up in the parking garage and notices Nina trying to escape.  Nina shoots at him.  They both shoot at each other until their cars collide.  Nina appears injured.  Nina tells Jack that if he kills her, then he will never find out who else she was working for.  Jack is furious that Nina betrayed him.  George shows up.  George tells Jack that Kim is just arriving at CTU.  Jack doesnít shoot Nina.  The guards put handcuffs on Nina.  Tony canít believe that the traitor is Nina.

Kim reunites with Jack.  Jack is injured.  They both wonder where Teri is.

Jack looks around for Teri.  Jack checks out some rooms at CTU, but Teri is nowhere.  Jack notices the wounded guards.  Jack runs into the computer room, where he finds Teri unconscious.  Teri has blood all over the front of her shirt.  Jack holds Teri in his arms, worried that she isnít going to survive.

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