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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Aired 5/14/02


By Carrie

In the van, Andre calls Jack.  Andre wants Jack to drive to the hotel where Senator Palmer is staying.  Andre instructs Jack to have David unfreeze two hundred million dollars of Victorís assets.

Patty checks in on David.  Patty shows him some documents.  David asks Patty to sit by him.  Patty apologizes for coming onto David earlier.  David gives Patty a hotel key card.  David suggests that Patty should meet him later.  Sherry walks in.  Patty leaves in a hurry.  Sherry wants the kids to stay with her for a while.  David reluctantly agrees.

At CTU, George and Nina think that they need to find Alexis in order to locate Jack.  Jack calls George.  Jack tells him that he was released, but canít talk.  Nina wonders what Jack is doing.  George divulges that Jack is trying to protect Kim.  George and Nina both concur that Drazen wants the Senator dead.  George alerts Palmerís people.

At the warehouse, Kim watches while Alexis reunites with Victor and Andre.  Alexis suddenly stops breathing.  The doctor is unable to resuscitate him.  Victor is upset.  Andre wants to kill Kim, but Victor says not right now.

Patty waits by the elevator for her date with David.  Sherry approaches her about the meeting.  Patty doesnít understand why Sherry wants her to sleep with David.  The elevator opens.

Tony finds out that the detention facility holding Victor Drazen was altered in some way.  Tony senses that someone else is involved in helping Drazen.

George wants Nina to hang out with Teri.  Nina admits that Jack is okay.  Nina discloses that Jack is protecting Kim.  Teri is upset that Kim is once again in danger.

Victor keeps staring at Kim.  Kim inquires about her release.  Victor walks out of the room.

David speaks to Jack.  Jack is on his way to the hotel.  Jack relays the message from Drazen.  Jack tells David that Victor will be calling to speak to the Senator.  Jack promises that he has no intentions of hurting David.

David waits for Patty in the hotel room.  David asks Patty if anyone noticed her leave the party.  David suddenly announces that Patty is fired.  Patty is shocked.  David knows that Patty and Sherry were in cahoots together.  Patty apologizes for her behavior, but David orders her to leave immediately.

At CTU, Tony and Nina check out the detention facility archives and realize that George accessed the database four days earlier.  Tony wants to call Ryan about their suspicions, but Nina says to keep an eye on George for now.

David confronts Sherry about Patty.  David says that he is onto Sherry.  Sherry insists that her and Patty were just trying to help.  David is tired of Sherryís games.  Sherry brings up the Presidency.  Sherry explains that David will need her to get through this.  A man alerts David to Jack Bauerís arrival.

Jack tells David that he needs to fully cooperate with Drazenís demands.  David needs to tell Victor that he has clearance for the authorization.  Jack explains that Drazen will want him to kill the Senator.  David stresses that Drazenís money is gone.  Jackís phone rings.  It is Drazen.  David answers the phone.  There is silence.  Jack realizes the cell phone is rigged with a bomb.  Jack quickly throws the phone off the balcony.  There is an explosion.  Kim screams, thinking that Jack is dead.

Jack and Palmer are unhurt.  Jack asks a man to check the phone.  Sherry hurries in, thinking that her husband is dead.  Jack instructs David to let everyone think that he died in the explosion.  Jack tells Sherry that his daughterís life is in danger.  Sherry doesnít want to go along with the story.  David agrees to do what Jack says.  Jack wants the Senator quarantined.  Jack advises that David needs to remain hidden from the press for now.  Jack apologizes for what he has asked the Senator to do.

George asks Tony why he canít access databases.  George wants to call the Secret Service to check when the Senator will be leaving Los Angeles.  In private, Tony tells Nina that he is definitely suspicious of George.

The CTU crew is alerted to Senator Palmerís death.  News broadcasts are reporting the tragedy.  Andre and Victor are happy.  Kim is mortified.

Jack gets a call from Andre.  Andre wants to trade Kim for Jack.  Jack wants to speak to his daughter, but Andre canít make any assurances that Kim is still alive.  Andre asks to meet at a Los Angeles dock.  Andre stresses that Jack canít involve anyone else.  David wishes Jack good luck.

Jack calls Nina.  Nina wants to help, but Jack bluntly says no.  Teri talks to Jack.  Jack says that he is on his way to get Kim.  Teri is worried.  Jack admits that he loves Teri.  Teri blurts out that she is pregnant.  Jack is at a loss for words.  Teri is looking forward to a new beginning for their family.  Jack begins to cry.  Jack swears that everything will be fine.  Teri is optimistic about Jackís return.  Once off the phone, Jack leaves to meet with Drazen.

Andre confides to Kim that he once had a sister.  Andre says that Jack killed his sister.  Kim starts to cry.  Kim sticks up for Jack.

Tony and Nina speak to George.  George discloses that Jack and Senator Palmer are alive.  George instructs Tony and Nina to act like everything is normal.  Tony tells George that he hasnít spoken to Jack in a while.  Nina confides to Tony that she talked to Jack earlier.

Kim asks a guard if she can have some coffee.  She throws the coffee in the guardís face.  Kim escapes.  Andre runs outside.  Kim hides.  Kim manages to get free from the ropes around her wrists.  The men see Kim and begin to chase after her.  Andre threatens to shoot.  Kim glances at the water.  Andre thinks that she will drown.  Kim jumps in the water to the surprise of everyone.

Jack is driving.  He keeps looking at his watch.

Kim comes to the waterís surface.  Kim waits under the pier.  Andre wonders how they will do the exchange without Kim.  Someone from CTU calls Andre.  In a Russian accent, the woman tells Andre that Palmer isnít really dead.  It is revealed that the woman is Nina.

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