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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Aired 5/7/02


By Carrie

Kim is carried out of the police car and thrown in the back seat of the other vehicle.  The men speed away.  Kimís mouth is taped.  Her captors are speaking in Russian.

The Senator is about to speak.  Sherry is by his side.  Palmer talks about his victory.  The Senator is very humbled by the warm reception of the press.

Jack calls Nina.  Jack admits that he is being held hostage.  Jack doesnít tell her much else.  Victor tells Jack that he needs to contact Alexis.  Tony is able to get the number from the hospital.  Jack hands Victor his phone.  Alexis tells Victor that Elizabeth Nash is responsible for his injuries.  Victor announces that he escaped the detention facility.  Alexis doesnít think that heíll survive.  Victor wants to trade Jack for Alexis.  George is adamant that he doesnít have the authority to permit the trade.

Palmer continues to speak to the nation.

Nina speaks to George.  George says that Chappelle thinks the whole situation is a huge mess.  Nina canít believe that Jack is looked at as collateral damage.  Nina urges George to go through with the trade.  Chappelle makes it clear that he is against the trade.  Nina is mad.

At CTU, Teri waits to hear word about Jack.  Teri wonders why Kim hasnít arrived yet.  Nina says that Jack has indeed been taken hostage.  Nina explains to Teri that George canít authorize the trade.

Victor, Andre, Jack, and Drazenís men arrive at a warehouse.  Victor puts Jack in a corner.  Jack looks around.  Victor asks Jack if he wants something to eat, but Jack refuses.

At CTU, George calls about Jack.  Teri walks in suddenly.  Teri is adamant that Jack canít die.  George reminds Teri that Jack can handle any situation.  George doesnít think that Division will change its mind.  Nina walks in and tells George that she needs to make a call.

David introduces Patty to some supporters.  Nina calls David.  Nina fills him in on the situation with Jack.  Nina talks about Georgeís reluctance to help Jack.  David reassures Nina that heíll try to help in some way.  Nina thanks David.

An agent tells Tony that the car carrying Kim was ambushed.  Nina notices that Tony is upset.  Teri asks about Kim, but Tony lies.  Tony tells Nina in private that Kim was grabbed again.  Nina canít believe it.

David calls George.  Mason doesnít think that Palmer has any authority on the matter.  David promises to help Mason politically if he helps Jack.

Andre and Victor talk while Jack tries to listen.  Jack grabs the waitress.  He threatens to cut the womanís throat.  Jack yells for everyone to drop their weapons.  Without hesitation, Victor shoots the woman in the head.  Victor wants Alexis to be released immediately.

Mason agrees to go through with the trade.  Mason says that the trade will happen in thirty minutes.  Andre gives him an address to meet.  George is on his way to the hospital to transport Alexis.

David makes his way through the crowd.  Sherry tells David that he needs to mingle.  Patty speaks to David about an interview with the Wall Street Journal.  Patty says that she is fully prepared with mock questions and answers.  Patty wants to go over her notes with David.

The father of the waitress is grief-stricken.  He is mad at Victor for killing his daughter.  Victor shoots the man.  Kim is brought to the location.  Jack sees Kim for only a second until he is knocked out.

Nina tells Teri that the trade will take place soon.  Teri wants to speak to Kim.  Nina doesnít tell Teri the truth.  Teri thinks that Nina has been through a lot today.

Nina discloses to Tony that she couldnít tell Teri about Kim.

Jack, Andre, and Victor are on their way to the meet.  Jack wants Kim released immediately, but Victor refuses.  Andre warns Jack to shut up.

David tells Patty that he wants the men to pay for Ferragamoís death.  David canít believe that Patty wrote two speeches.  David pours a drink for Patty and himself.  David makes a toast.  Patty asks David some personal questions.  David tells Patty that he is impressed with her speech writing.

Drazenís van pulls up to a secluded area.  They escort Jack out of the car.  Jack inquires about Kim, but no one answers him.  A man handcuffs Jack to a pole in the middle of nowhere.  They leave.

David and Patty return to the party.  David shakes supportersí hands.

Patty is bummed.  Sherry walks up to Patty.  Sherry implies that Patty and David were alone for some time.  Patty admits that she was doing exactly what Sherry asked of her.  Patty feels bad that she is misleading David.

An ambulance carrying Alexis shows up at the meet.  George radios in for the team to be ready.  Alexis is wheeled out.  Jack is not there.  George calls Andre.  George says that they have a problem.  Andre admits that he has Kim.  George realizes his hands are tied.  George allows Drazenís men to leave with Alexis.  Nina is tracking Alexisí movements with a device.

One of Drazenís men checks for a device on Alexis.  The tracker is located on Alexisí hospital wrist band.  Nina realizes that the tracker has been found.  She loses the signal.

Someone from a distance shoots off Jackís handcuffs.  Jack gets a phone call from Drazen.  Jack is instructed to look for a car on site.  Jack finds the vehicle and speeds away.

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