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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Aired 4/23/02


By Carrie

News stations are reporting that Senator Palmer has won the Primary.

Melanie is brought into the jail cell.  Melanie tells Kim to move.  Kim stands and walks away from Melanie because she doesnít want to cause a scene.

Mike congratulates David on his accomplishment.  David addresses his supporters.  David thanks everyone in the room.  The people cheer.  David wants everybody to celebrate.

Jack calls George, who is at CTU.  Jack says that Victor Drazen is alive.  George is shocked.  Jack wants Victor to be moved.  Nina inquires about Jack, but George doesnít answer her.  George comments that Nina is too attached to Jack.  Tony and Teri walk up to George and ask about Jack.  Nina tells Teri that Jack is still on assignment.  Nina wants Teri to go over everything again.

DeSalvo and Jack begin to transport Victor.  They realize they are completely surrounded by Drazenís men.

George tries to get in touch with Ryan Chappelle.  Teri speaks to Mason.  Teri asks about Jack.  George reassures Teri that Kim will be found.  George gets a call from Nina.  Nina tells George that a team will be sent to Jackís location.  George makes a call and asks for someone to keep an eye on Teri.

David speaks to Patty in private.  David looks over some documents.  Patty praises him on his victory.  Patty admits that she looks up to the Senator.  David is touched by the compliment.

George calls the tactical team.  The agent says that they are near the site.

Jack and Victor are walking through the halls of the detention facility when Drazenís men ambush them.  Andre shows up and threatens to shoot DeSalvo.  Jack gives up his gun to save DeSalvo.  Andre shoots DeSalvo anyway.  Victor asks about Alexis.  Victor wants to shoot Jack, but Andre insists that they can use Jack to their advantage.  Jack is escorted out of the area.  A man blows up the interior tunnel.  Jack thinks that there is no way out.

Melanie continues to glare at Kim from across the jail cell.  Melanie stands and approaches Kim.  Kim pleads that she is innocent regarding the drug deal.  Melanie badmouths Rick.  Kim has had enough of Melanieís rants and tells her to back off.

Victorís men drill a hole into the wall.  Victor screams at Jack.  Jack thinks that Victor is insane.  George speaks to Victor through Jackís cell phone.  George maintains that the US government doesnít negotiate with terrorists.  Jack speaks into the phone.

Nina is concerned about Jack and vents to George.  Nina is resolute that she can do her job.  Tony looks in on Nina.

In the cell, Kim patiently waits.  The women gang up on Melanie.  The female officer asks what happened.  Kim defends Melanie.  The women push Kim to the ground.  The officers break up the fight.  Melanie announces that she wants to speak to the undercover cop.

Jack questions Victor about the Kosovo mission.  Jack brings up that Drazen was aware of the ambush and used a double that night.  Jack comments that Drazenís wife and daughter were casualties due solely to Victorís actions.  Victor punches Jack.  Victor says that Jack needs to pay.  Andre kicks Jack.

Patty checks in on David.  Patty shows him a draft of the speech.  The Senator says that he will be speaking in twenty minutes.  Patty is acting strange.  David asks what is wrong.  Patty feels bad about the cloud that hangs over the victory.  Patty begins to rub Davidís back.  David implies that he isnít interested in Patty.  Patty quickly states that sheíll leave.

Mason speaks to Chappelle over the phone.  Ryan is mad that George didnít keep a tighter leash around Jack.  Ryan thinks that they should keep quiet about Victor Drazen.  George tells Nina that the tactical team will be taking out Drazen.

Tony tells Teri that Kim is safe.  Nina is acting anxious.  Nina explains to Teri that Jack was probably captured but a team will find him.  Nina is resolute that Jack will be okay.  Teri starts to cry.

The agents arrive on site.  George alerts Nina.  George tells the men to find Drazen.  Suddenly, there is an explosion.

Kim continues to wait.  The undercover cop appears and tells Kim that she is being released.  The cop says that Melanie confessed and that Teri is patiently waiting at CTU.

Mike tells David that he should be happy with the victory.  David admits that he is still concerned about Keith.  Mike says that David needs to do his job to the best of his ability.

The agents find a dead body within the debris, but it isnít Victor Drazen.  They realize it is Warden DeSalvo.  Mason inquires about Jack.  The agents find that Victor and his people broke through the wall into an old tunnel leading out.  The agents notice that the whole area is booby-trapped.

Andre, Victor,  Jack, and the other men make it out of the building through the tunnel.  Jack yells that Alexis is alive to buy him some more time.  They drive away in a vehicle.

In the car, Kim asks to use the copís phone.  Kim speaks to Teri.  Teri says that Jack is still out working.  Kim tells her mom that she is on her way to CTU.  Out of nowhere, a car broadsides their vehicle.  Masked men grab Kim.

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