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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Aired 4/16/02


By Carrie

The sun is setting.  George and Jack, using flashlights, look around outside at the Saugus address.  Jack thinks that the chopper went by for a reason.  Jack senses that Alexis wants to shut down the power, but doesnít know why.  George receives a call about Alexisí status.  George tells Jack that Alexis just got through with surgery.  George suggests leaving, but Jack says that he needs to remain there.  Jack reminds George that at 7:20 something is supposed to happen.  George decides to leave anyway, leaving Jack on his own.

Tony consoles Teri.  Tony helps Teri and Phil to his vehicle.  Teri starts mumbling about a car explosion.  Tony discloses that Kim called and she is alright.  Teri doesnít believe him.  Tony urges Teri to get in the car.  Teri wants to speak to her husband, but Tony states that Jack is out in the field.  Tony calls Nina in the vehicle.  Tony admits that he found Teri and her doctor friend.  Tony implies that Teri and Dr. Parslow are very close.  Nina wants Phil brought to the clinic to be checked out.  Nina insists on Teri being brought to CTU.

Kim is brought into jail.  Melanie yells to the undercover cop that Kim canít be trusted.  Rick is injured.  Kim and Rick talk about the situation.  Kim doesnít know whom she can trust.  Rick reassures her that he has Kimís back.  Rick divulges that he plans on telling the truth.  The cop uncuffs Kim and leads her to a different area of the jail.

David checks on Nicole.  Nicole says that she is relieved that the truth is finally out.  David thinks their family needs to stick together.  They hug.  Sherry walks in.  Sherry apologizes for her behavior.  Sherry thinks that Davidís career is pretty much over due to his announcement.  Sherry comments that David risked everything just to play hero.  David wonders if his marriage is over.  Sherry doesnít respond.

Jack continues to check out the empty field.  Jack jumps over a fence to search the area.  Jack finds an entrance into an underground section.  Jack is looking around inside when a guard uses a stun gun on him.  Jack wakes up five minutes later.  Jack throws up in a sink.  Jack doesnít know where he is.  Mark DeSalvo, the warden, walks in.  Jack thinks that something is going to happen at 7:20.  DeSalvo explains that a prisoner is being delivered soon.  Jack asks what kind of security DeSalvo has at the site.  Jack is concerned that they donít have enough men for a possible ambush.

Andre and his men are waiting nearby the site.  Andre is worried that he hasnít heard from Alexis.  Andreís right-hand man says that they need to get ready for action.  Andre sees the chopper above.  Jack also notices the chopper approach the site.  Jack wants the men to form a line and get ready.  Andre counts eight guards and Jack Bauer.  Andre isnít worried.  The prisoner is escorted out of the helicopter.  The prisonerís face is covered.   Jack looks around for any movement in the area.  Andreís goon suggests standing down.  Andre is stubborn and wants to do things his way.  The chopper leaves.

Kim is ordered to sit in the interrogation room with the undercover cop.  Kim explains that her father is Jack Bauer, a government agent.  The cop isnít impressed and doesnít recognize Bauerís name.  The cop wants information on Frank and the drug deal.  Kim insists that she has only known Frank for a few hours.  Kim states that she and her mom were kidnapped by some men.  The cop thinks that Kim is stretching the truth.  The cop says that Melanie warned him that Kim was a liar.  Kim is offended and says that Melanie isnít a friend of hers.  Kim writes down a number and tells the cop to call CTU.

DeSalvo tells Jack that he didnít see Andre Drazen or his men at the site.  DeSalvo thinks that Jack is wrong about the whole thing.  Jack wants to see the prisoner, but DeSalvo says he canít help him.  Jack asks to borrow DeSalvoís phone.

To the surprise of everyone, Davidís numbers are increasing after his announcement.  David and Mike are amazed by the nationís reaction to the news.  Jack calls David.  Jack explains that he needs access to a prisoner.  Jack wants permission so DeSalvo can give the okay.  David promises to look into it.

Jack notices pipes above him.  Jack follows them to a control room.  Jack looks at the surveillance cameras.  Jack finds the feed from where the prisoner is being held.  Jack hears voices in the distance.  DeSalvo walks in and is outraged that Jack is in the control room.  The prisonerís face suddenly comes into view.  Jack canít believe that he is staring at Victor Drazen, the man he killed two years prior.  Jack explains the situation to DeSalvo.  Jack realizes that Victorís sons want to break him out of the complex.  Jack is adamant that Victor needs to be evacuated ASAP.

Andre suggests cutting the power, but his right-hand man is hesitant.  Andre thinks that Alexis is dead since he hasnít called.  One of Drazenís men suggests going to a substation not far away from the site.

At CTU, Nina asks George about Jack.  George explains that Jack wanted to stay at the site.  George mentions that he went to the hospital but couldnít get anything out of Alexis.  George maintains that Nina needs to get back to work pronto.

Campaign Headquarters is abuzz with excitement.  Sherry asks David to come celebrate with the others.  In private, David confronts Sherry about their earlier chat.  David doesnít think that Sherry loves him anymore.  Sherry denies it.  David admits that he doesnít trust his wife.  Sherry acts cold and says that David will never leave her.  Sherry adds that she will be standing by David when he is sworn in as President.  Sherry wants David to greet everyone that helped with his campaign.

Kim is taken through the jail area.  Kim is placed into a female cell.  Kim sits down on a bench away from the other women.

David speaks with his campaign supporters.   Sherry watches in admiration.  David notices Sherry is staring at him, so he quickly turns away.

Jack tells DeSalvo that Victorís death was apparently faked, but wonders who helped Drazen with the cover-up.  DeSalvo gets the okay for Jack to interrogate Victor.  DeSalvo reminds Jack that he only has five minutes with the prisoner.  Jack introduces himself to Victor.  Jack pleads with Drazen to leave Teri and Kim alone.  Victor isnít saying much.  DeSalvo wants to move Victor right away.  Jack orders Victor to stand.  The evacuation process begins.  Jack, DeSalvo, Victor, and the guards start to walk down the underground tunnel.  Suddenly, the lights go out.  Victor warns that his men are already there.

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