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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM
Aired 11/13/01


By Carrie

Mandy parachutes to safety in the desert.

At CTU, Jack asks Tony about the planeís passenger list. Tony inquires about George Mason. Jack isnít giving him a straight answer.

In the desert, Mandy burns her parachuting outfit. Mandy buries Martinís ID pass in the sand. A car suddenly pulls up. Ira Gaines asks if she got the ID. They drive away. Seconds later, a motorcyclist shows up. Using a sensor, the motorcyclist is able to find where the ID was left in the sand.

Tony tells Nina that she is lying about what happened with Jack and Mason. Nina reminds him that there are more pressing matters to attend to.

Teri and Alan pull up outside of the furniture store. Janetís car is parked outside, but there is no sign of the girls. Inside the store, Alan finds an empty condom wrapper.

In the van, Janet is starting to feel sick. Kim tells Rick that she lied about her father. Kim says that her father is a government agent and is indeed alive.

Walsh meets with Scott, his source, at Dunlop Plaza. Scott gives Walsh a key card filled with information on Palmer. Walsh wants to contact Scott again, but Scott wants to stay out of it. Someone begins shooting at them. Scott is killed.

Jack calls Senator Palmerís people and asks for them to tighten security. Walsh calls Jack and says that people are shooting at him and his source. Jack says that he will be there in ten minutes.

Jack calls Teri. Teri says that Kim isnít at the furniture store. Teri adds that Dan works at the store. Jack is preoccupied and apologizes for not being much help.

Janet is passed out. Rick tells Kim to go along with them. Rick comments that they need to follow orders. Kim wants to know what Rick is implying, but Janet starts choking.

David and Sherry are watching a newscast of the airplane crash. David apologizes for being distant. David and Sherry hug. Sherry says good night.

At Iraís house in the desert, Mandy counts her money. Gaines says that he wants to work with Mandy again. Ira asks for the ID.

Jack calls Nina. Jack wants the entry code for the garage at Dunlop Plaza. Tony is listening in on their conversation.

Once inside, Jack rushes up the stairwell to look for Walsh. Jack finds Walsh on the rooftop. Walsh states that there are three or four shooters.

Tony inquires about Ninaís phone conversation with Jack. Nina lies, but Tony is already suspicious.

Walsh and Jack walk down the stairwell. They look around for shooters. Walsh is injured. Jack wraps Walshís tie around the wound. Walsh says that he and Scott were sitting ducks. Jack tells him that he shouldnít apologize. Jack maintains that they need to get to the service exit, which is near Jackís car. Jack and Walsh continue to walk around the plaza. They enter an office. Jack notices one of the shooters. The man shoots at Jack and Walsh, who are hiding behind a wall. Glass is lying on the floor. Jack shoots at two men. Jack checks to see if one of the guys is dead. Jack cuts off the dead manís finger for identification purposes.

The motorcyclist arrives at Gainesí house. Bridgit, the motorcyclist, shows Gaines a picture of the ID. Bridgit announces that she didnít bring the real ID. Gaines is angry and threatens to shoot her.

Teri calls Jack at CTU, but Nina answers. Teri wants Ninaís help. Teri asks Nina to check out a furniture store. Nina is reluctant, but tells Teri that she will call her back.

Davidís kids, Keith and Nicole, return to the suite. David gets a phone call and leaves the room. David tells Carl, one of his aides, to take care of the Maureen Kingsley problem.

Teri tells Alan that her and Jack have been separated. Nina calls Teri. Nina has the furniture storeownerís name and phone number. Teri leaves a message with the owner to call her back.

Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce shows up to speak with Senator Palmer. David is missing. Pierce alerts Security. Aaron tells Sherry that Davidís life is in danger.

David has already left the suite and is pulling away in a vehicle.

Jack and Richard get outside, but Walsh is shot from behind. Walsh hands Jack the key card. Walsh comments that Jamey needs to check it out. Jack quickly leaves and jumps in his car. Jack runs a red light and speeds away. Jack starts to cry. Jack calls Jamey. Jack tells Jamey to get the authorities to Dunlop Plaza. Jamey asks Jack to send the key card info to her through his phone.

The van stops. Kim is worried. Rick asks Kim to call her mom. Dan reminds Kim that he will hurt Janet if she doesnít cooperate. Kim tells Teri that she is at a party.

Once off the phone, Teri tells Alan that she doesnít think that Kim is safe.

Jamey sends the info back to Jack. The key card was made using Ninaís CTU computer. Nina Myers appears to be the agent who is dirty. Jack is shocked.

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