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24 Episode Guide

Season One - Day 1: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Aired 4/2/02


By Carrie

 Jack tells the team to be on the lookout for money in Drazenís hotel room.  David confronts Jack about Elizabeth.  Jack wants Palmer to let them do their job.  Medical personnel on the scene are trying to save Alexis.  Nina finds a stack of bearer bonds in the hotel room.   Jack changes his clothes before the meet.

George talks to Tony about the Bauer women.  George says that it is pertinent that they find them.

Melanie is curious about Kimís agenda.  Kim says that Dan might have had a contact number to reach the men responsible for the kidnapping.  Kim is surprised that Rick hasnít told Melanie that Dan is dead.

Dr. Phil Parslow tells Teri about her separation from Jack, her husband.  Teri still canít recall anything about her life.  Dr. Parslow suggests going to the hospital.

David, Sherry, and Mike listen to the tape that Keith made.  Mike doesnít think that the tape will hold up in court.  Sherry wants to concentrate on the election.  Sherry asks for the tape to be destroyed.  David tries to change her mind.  Mike thinks that David should wait until he is elected to come forward.

Jack calls Tony.  Tony gives Jack the number at the safe house.  Tony tells George about the phone call.  Tony doesnít like lying to Jack, but George brushes it off.

Jack asks George for backup.  George says that heíll have a team ready at the plaza.

Jack and Nina talk about Teri.  Jack regrets not telling Teri about Nina.  Nina calls the safe house, but there is no response.

Tony speaks with George.  George implies that Nina is still sleeping with Jack.  Tony is bothered and begins to raise his voice.  Mason is tired of personal relationships getting in the way of work.

David talks to Keith.  David stresses that coming forward now will be life-altering for all of them involved.  Keith wishes he had told the truth sooner.  David apologizes for not always being there for his son.  David affirms that he is standing by Keith now.

Myovic calls Andre.  Myovic canít find Teri or Kim.  Myovic says that heíll drive to the Bauer residence.

Kim tells Rick that she has called everyone but no one has heard from Teri.  Melanie makes it clear that Kim needs to leave.  Kim asks to borrow Rickís car.  Rick gives her cash for a cab instead.  Kim wants Rick to turn himself in.  Rick discloses that he is already on probation.  Kim is concerned about Rick.  They kiss.  Frank, Danís brother, walks in and interrupts them.  Frank is looking for Dan and the money.

Nina and Jack go over the placement of the team at the plaza.  Jack calls George.  George informs Jack that Teddy Hanlin will be in charge of backup.  Jack isnít happy with the news.

Jack calls the safe house.  Jack is alarmed that no one is answering.

Teddy and Jack donít get along.  Jack is weary of Teddyís motives.

Tony tells George that they got a call about a woman matching Teriís description.

Dr. Parslow thinks that Teri was assaulted and she is blocking out the memory.  Teri is upset.  Teri doesnít want to go to the hospital.  Teri feels like it is unsafe to go there.  Dr. Parslow urges her to go, but Teri adamantly says no.  Teri starts to cry in frustration.

Sherry makes a phone call.  Sherry notices Patty go into the safe.  Sherry asks Patty where David went.  Sherry closes the door and opens the safe.  Patty interrupts, but Sherry bluntly tells her to leave.  Sherry opens a manila envelope containing Keithís tape.

David tells Sherry that he feels bad about the situation with Keith.  David checks the safe, but the envelope is missing.  Sherry admits that she destroyed the tape.  David feels betrayed.  Sherry comments that Davidís thinking is clouded these days.  To the surprise of Sherry, David produces a tape.  David admits that he has the real tape and that Sherry destroyed the fake one.  Sherry is shocked.  David explains that he had to test Sherry and she failed miserably.  Sherry discloses that sheíll do anything for her family.  David tells Mike to schedule an immediate press conference.

Jack puts on an earpiece and approaches the plaza.  Jack is holding the briefcase full of bearer bonds.  The agents are watching him.  Teddy and Jack make small talk.  Teddy blames Jack for ruining the lives of his cop friends.  Nina is listening.  Nina calls George and complains about Teddy.  George tells Teddy to quit hassling Jack.

Myovic arrives at the Bauer home.  Myovic looks around for an entrance into the house.  Myovic notices that a man has walked up to the house.  Myovic hides behind a tree.

Teri and Dr. Parslow are in the car driving to the Bauer residence.

Melanie is tired of Kim.  Kim is worried that Frank will find out the truth.  Kim thinks that Rick can do better for himself.  Kim tells Rick that they need a back-up plan to get out of this mess.

Jack looks around and notices the man in the red baseball cap.  The man walks by Jack.  Jack gets his attention.  The man comments that they were supposed to meet indoors.  Jack explains that things have changed.  The man goes over the details of the plan.  The man explains that the power will be shut off at exactly 7:20.  The man grows suspicious of Jack and flees.  Jack instructs Teddy not to shoot at the man.  Teddy doesnít listen and shoots anyway.  The man is shot and falls to the ground.  People begin to scream.  The man appears to be seriously hurt.

Teri returns home with Dr. Parslow.  Unbeknownst to them, Myovic is watching.

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